In Love With My Man ( Birthday Special ) ( 3 shots)( mmz)

These three shots are dedicated to my hubby Sv (Shri Vidya)
Today is her birthday. Happy birthday dear. May god shower you with lots of happiness. We all really love you .

Vidya :- played by my hubby Shri Vidya
Arjun :- as usual Arjun from Manmarziyan. Best friend of Vidya .
Neil:- as usual Neil from Manmarziyan. Best friend of Vidya.
Rohan Rathore :- love interest of Vidya . Taken from my ff My Marred Beauty . The RR guy . Rai is excluded.
Radhika :- as usual Radhika from Manmarziyan. Sister of Rohan.
Samaira :- as usual Sam from Manmarziyan. Sister of Rohan.
Nandini:- as usual Nandini from Manmarziyan. Mother of Rohan.
” Stop it” . Vidya shouted.
” i said stop it …both of you” . She shouted again and pulled one boy .
“Neil ..pls take Vidya away from here” . Arjun scowled.
“Vidya ….go away from here right now” . Neil ordered.
Vidya had enough of both of them. She saw something . Quickly she picked a stone and throw it on her leg.
“Ouch ….Aru ….Eel …..”. She screamed.
Both of them looked towards her when they heard her scream.
“Shit …vidya …” . Arjun shouted and rushed towards her .
“Oh jesus .. vidya …. it’s bleeding too much” . Neil shouted . He was panicked too.
Vidya saw something again and smiled little . Her plan worked. The guy run away when Arjun and Neil went far from him. Arjun lifted her in his arms and they all moved towards Arjun’s car.
( In the room )
Neil was dressing vidya’s foot with bandage.
Arjun was glaring her. Vidya gulped and smiled meekly. She saw Neil . He too was glaring her.
” Okay ..stop glaring me …both of you” . She raised her arms in defense.
Neil and Arjun looked at each other. They again glared Vidya.
“Guys you both were beating the shit out of that Saral … i don’t wanted his death .. and moreove …i will not be happy if you guys land up in prison for killing some guy….especially boy’s like Saral Joshi” . Vidya said softly.
She continued ” okay ..i know he tried to touch me …but that doesn’t mean ….you both go and kill him” .
” i will kill that bastard because …he tried to touch my best friend” . Arjun snapped.
” yeah ….today what we both left inco
mplete. ..tomorrow we both will end it …beacause you are my best friend” . Neil snapped.
Vidya’s lips parted. Her jaw dropped.
” pls guys … i am not a baby anymore … stop behaving like my body guards” . Vidya snapped and make a pout face.
” yeah ..we can see that… a day’s you are getting so much attention from boys in college” Neil teased her. Arjun glared Neil.
” Answer me … who asked you to wear shorts” . Arjun asked Vidya.
Vidya gulped . Arjun was shifted in his typical ‘ Arjun Mehra’ mode. She stammered ” Raaddhhikkaaa” .
Arjun stiffened. Vidya covered her face with her palms. Neil glared her and then looked at Arjun.

” only Radhika ???” . Neil asked Vidya.
Vidya blinked and again gulped. She understood that Neil is also shifted in his typical ‘Neil Malhotra Mode’ .
” Saaaammmm tooo” . Vidya stammered again.
” i told you to stay away from both of them” . Arjun shouted.
” Yeah …because we hate both of them ….they are the sisters of that Rohan Rathore ….he is our enemy” . Neil shouted too.
Vidya’s eyes widened little. She remembered something suddenly.
” i love you …. and i will make you mine” . Her trance was broken by Neil.
He shook her. ” ahh bbbb…Rohan and her sisters are not bad …they all are good from heart” . Vidya snapped and looked at Arjun.
His fist was clenched. She saw Neil . His jaw was clenched.
“Vidya” . Arjun and Neil shouted together.
” Stay away from …that bastard .. douchebag …Rathore …” . Arjun said while grabbing Vidya’s arm tightly.

Neil also grabbed Vidya’s another arm . He too said in dangerous voice . “Stay away from that F**kard” .
Vidya glared both of them.
” Arjun .. Neil …. what’s wrong with both of you ….i had enough of you both …. i told you ..that i am not a toddler any more .. i can take care of myself ….” . She said and found both of them glaring her. Vidya gave up.
“Fine ..i will stay away from both of them” . She sighed and saw Arjun smiling.
Arjun moved towards her and hugged her. “You are my everything Vidya … My best friend … my small family … i just want your good only” .He said sofly caressing her hair. Vidya smiled too.
Neil also joined them and hugged both of them tightly.
Vidya was tensed now . She was thinking about only one thing . Rohan Rathore.
” Mr Royal Rathore … …” said Mr Verma. He was the Dean of imperial college where Vidya was studying.
Vidya knocked on the door of his cabin.
“Vidya come in” . Dean ordered.
Rohan turned and saw vidya. She was wearing Red kurti and white jeggings with a small multicoloured stole wrapped around her neck.
Her hair were clipped. Few hair strands were touching her cheeks.
Rohan as usual was staring Vidya. He only know how he badly wanted to wrap his arms around her . His fist got clenched. He wanted her now . Right here. Rohan averted his gaze to control himself.
Vidya entered inside and wished Dean . She looked at Rohan and remembered his love confession.
‘Dean you called me ???” . Vidya asked curiously. She looked at Rohan who was staring her . His gaze were on her lips . She felt goosebumps on her whole body.
” yeah Vidya ….Mr Rathore …is taking full responsibility of the event organised on the annual day …as you know he is one of the excellent alumini ..of our prestigious college … we need you to assist him” . Dean told her all smiling .
Vidya was shocked and saw Rohan smirking .

Arrogant . Donkey . She muttered.
She blushed when Rohan said something.
“Miss Vidya …i will be honoured. ..if you will work with me ” . He said and winked.
Her jaw dropped. She stumbled . Dean was confused.
” i will leave now ..sir” . She said and hurriedly walked out of the cabin.
She took a deep breath. She headed towards the washroom . She really needed to wash the sweat from her face.
Arjun was in his office . Neil entered in his cabin . Arjun jerked little.
“Sarah told me ..that Rohan had taken the charge of the upcoming event in imperial” . Neil said and banged his fist on the table.

Arjun’s anger was on peak . “That old Dean promised me that the event will be handover to us …how dare he gave that to Rohan”. Arjun shouted.
Neil was angry too. Sarah also told him that vidya is assisting Rohan . Though he didn’t wanted Vidya to roam around Rohan but if interrupt ,then this may make vidya more pissed off. She was excited to organise the event.
“Arjun ….i am already doing MBA from correspondence. ..fron the college ….i will take permission from Dean to let me attend few lectures….for atleast a week this way i will keep my eyes on that Royal Rathore.” . Arjun nodded after hearing Neil’s plan . He was worried about Vidya too.
“My answer is no” . Vidya said and folded her arms to her chest.
“What …i didn’t get it” . Rohan asked her all baffled.
“I said ..i don’t love you … i don’t want you …in my life ” said Vidya clearing Rohan’s confusion.
They both were in basket ball court .
” oh .. ” . Rohan chuckled. Vidya’s eyes widened. He was calm.

But a scream escaped from her mouth when Rohan pinned her to the pillar.
” Rohan …leave me … get off me ” .Vidya shouted and started hitting on his chest.
” Miss Vidya Iyer ……listen to me very clearly …..soon you will become Mrs Vidya Rohan Rathore ….and what you said …you don’t love me ….i don’t care …..whether you love me or not ….i am in love with you ..and that’s enough for me to abduct you and run far away from your family and your two monkey best friends.” . Rohan snapped.
He pushed vidya aside. She stumbled but soon compose herself.

She screamed again. Rohan was punching on the pillar. His knuckles were bleeding.
“Rohan …stop it … are hurting yourself” pleaded vidya . She was crying badly. She moved towards him .
“Stop . Stay right there vidya ….i don’t what i will do ..i will kill you and then i will kill myself … it’s better you watch me dying” . Rohan shouted and jerked his palm to control the pain. His hands were covered with blood now. He didn’t stopped punching the pillar.
Vidya was sweating badly. She saw his red eyes. She wet her lower lip and tucked her hair strands behind her ears . She was nervous again.
“Rohann…..” . Vidya screamed.
” I love you …. I love you too” . She gasped and looked at him . Rohan stopped and looked at her.
He smiled and rushed towards her. Rohan hold her closer by holding her from her waist.
“Say it again babe….say it again Vidya” said Rohan . He saw her blushing.
” I love you Rohan” . She said softly.
Rohan chuckled. ” once more time Vidya ….pls ..say it again” . She looked up and lost herself in his smile.

” I love you .. Rohan ” . She mumbled this time.
Rohan shouted in happiness. He lifted vidya up and shouted at the top of his voice . ” i love you Vidya ..i love you so much” .
“Okay ..put me down Rohan ” . She laughed.
Rohan put her down and cupped her cheeks. Vidya frowned. His palms were covered in blood and some blood got o her cheeks too.
“Rohan …your hand” . Vidya said . She started crying again.
“Babe it’s nothing …” . He said while trying to wipe her tears from his thumb . She glared him.
“Stop staring me ….” . Vidya said while bandaging his wounds.
Rohan smiled. ” you are so beautiful Vidya ….let’s go and get married. …i just can’t wait to make you mine…forever” . Vidya blushed .
She smiled to hide her blush.
“Rohan …pls never hurt yourself again” . She said while caressing his hands.
” then never leave me …Vidya” .Rohan retorted back.
” Arjun and Neil are my life …Rohan ….for me i can live without food and water for a day but without their friendship. .i will die in a second.” Vidya looked at him. He was still smiling.
“I can even beg for you Vidya …..i will make Neil and Arjun understand ….” . Roham assured her.

“Now…smile and give me a kiss” . He teased her.
Vidya’s eyes widened. “Only hugs before marriage. … nothing else” . She snapped . Rohan make a pout face . She hugged him.
Somewhere in the corner . A guy was clicking their pictures together. “Vidya …you are mine …and i will get you by hook or by crook ….” . He muttered and smirked.
” Vidya …Vidya” . Arjun called out when he reached home. Vidya ;Arjun And Neil used to stay together. Vidya’s family was in london. She did not wanted to leave Arjun and Neil. Her best friends. So she decided to stay in India.
Vidya rushed downstairs. Neil also reached home.
“Vidya …..we need to talk” . Arjun said.
Vidya nodded.
” Vidya ….our parents wanted us to get married. ..and i have said yes ….i will not get a woman better than you” . Arjun said and Neil smiled meekly.
Vidya who was drinking water spitted it out on Arjun . She started coughing badly.
Neil rubbed her back. Vidya glared Arjun.
“Arjun …you are my friend …i didn’t feel for you in that way” . She said and looked at Arjun and Neil.
“I always thought you loved him ..the way you showed your love for him” . Neil said .
“Neil …for me Arjun and you are same …my best friends .. i can’t even imagine Arjun as my husband” Vidya sighed and hold her head.
“What’s wrong with you Vidya ????.. okay ..i think …it’s time for me to say …….i love you Vidya ….yes dammit ..i love you” .Arjun said and looked at vidya. She was shocked. Two proposals in a single day . She found her heart beating fast .
Neil looked at Vidya . “How to say .. .Vidya ..i love you too…” . He said in his mind.
Vidya felt her head spinning. She will surely faint in a moment. Rohan and Arjun . She thought.
“Arjun …i don’t love you ” . She said curtly.
Arjun felt miserable. He put his hand on his chest. His head was spinning now.
“Do you love someone else????” . Arjun hesitated while asking her the question.
Neil also looked her. “What if she say ..she is in love with me ….god i will die of happiness” . He mumbled.
Vidya nodded slowly. Before she can say anything . Arjun lifted one vase and broke it . He shouted at the top of his voice . He loosened his tie and fall on his knees.
” tell me his name .. vidya …tell me ” . Arjun shouted.
Vidya got startled. She was really scared Arjun’s blood shot red eyes.
” Answer me Vidya …who is that guy???” . Arjun shouted at the top of his voice. Vidya covered her ears with her palms. She shouted.
“Rohan … i love Rohan” . Arjun and Neil were frozen after hearing this . “You mean Rohan Rathore ….” Neil asked and stumbled .

She nodded while crying. That was enough for Neil. He too shouted and punched mirror . Vidya looked his palm covered in blood. Arjun got up . Vidya looked both of her best friends broken. Neil was pulling his hair.
Arjun’ s face was devoid of any emotion.
“Neil locked vidya .. here ..from tomorrow. She will not go to college … we will talk to Mr Iyer .. she will married to me within a week .. in london” . He said and moved out of the room.
Vidya was shocked. She looked at Neil . He was loading his gun. “I will kill that Rathore Vidya ” .He said and moved out of the door . He locked the door from outside.
Vidya didn’t protested. She lost her friendship. She lost her love .
“Rohan ” . She wiped her tears and decided to call him.

“No” . She mumbled to herself.
“Dad ….i can talk to dad” . Vidya was about to call her dad when Neil entered in the room . He took the phone from her.
“Look vidya …..Arjun is thinking for your good only …that Rathore is not good for you ” . Neil cupped vidya’s face. He kissed on her forehead and rushed outsie the room .
Arjun was sitting at Drink’s counter. “Vidya …Vidya ….i want you ” . He said and looked at Neil who was crying too. They both didn’t noticed that the servant who was serving them drinks was not the old one.
Saral smirked. He looked at the locked door of vidya’s room.
Neil and Arjun were till now heavily drunk .
Saral put the camera on the table .
“I love her too ..Arjun ….how badly i wanted her …no one can even imagine” . Neil said while taking a sip.
Arjun chuckled. They both were not in their senses. “She is so good that …everyone ..wants her ” . He said .
After a minute Arjun frowned. ” Neil is ..Rohan is more
handsome ….tell me why she choose him…i thought she will come running to me once i tell her about my feelings. ..but she said that she took me as a friend only ..” . Arjun was continously blabbering and Neil was nodding . Saral smirked when they both slept.
Saral had already unlocked the door. Vidya slept because saral had given her sleeping pill.
“Time for you Vidya …to come with me” . He mumbled and lifted Vidya and put her on his shoulder.

” Bhai …you are looking so happy …what is the reason” . Radhika teased Rohan .
“Radhu …Vidya said yes ..she loves me too” . Rohan lifted Radhika up .
Sam smiled too. “Wao ..bro …that means our cute bhabhi agreed to get married to you ” . Sam teased him too.
Rohan smiled . He was extremely happy.
“Tomorrow……we will talk to Iyers for this relationship ” . Nandini comes in the hall. Rohan hugged her.

Precap :- Lover’s finding our Vidya .
So this one is for my cute hubby …hehe i hope you lije it

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