In Love With My Man ( Birthday Special ) ( 3 shots)( mmz) shot -2

Hello everyone …Shri dear …i am glad you love it but guys pairs will be Ardhika , Nesam and Our Vihan ( VIdya+roHAN) . Honestly my favourite. ..all of you know …it will be always Arhaan …as window love is my favorite plot. And my readers favourite is Samarth. You guys love lost story . Thanks for supporting lost story. I never expected that all of you will love the plot based on ( Ardhika Nesam )’s kids. Rohan’s character is little different from Arhaan and Samarth. He can’t live a single day without throwing his attitude. It’s in his blood . That’s why the name ‘ The Royal Rathore’ . I gave him. And about birthday. .my birthday was celebrated for a week on TU i will celebrate my hubby’s birthday more than one day. Shri hubby love you so much.
Shot-2 ( Vidya , Vidya , Vidya)
“Vidya ….Vidya” . Arjun called vidya after entering in her room in morning.

Neil entered after that. He found Arjun disturbed.

“What’s wrong ???…. where is Vidya ???? …in washroom” .

Neil asked Arjun and opened the door of washroom. He found it empty.

Suddenly Neil’s phone buzzed. He looked at the name flashed on the screen. Rohan. Neil picked up the call.

“Where is Vidya ???? .. ..her phone is switched off ..” . Rohan asked quickly .

He tried to lower his voice but his anger was at peak.

Neil put the phone on speaker.

“I am asking about My girlfriend …where is she ????” . Rohan shouted this time.

Arjun’s nostrils flared on hearing the word ‘girlfriend’ . Neil gritted his teeths.

They both were stabbing Rohan in their mind .

“Mr Royal Rathore ….i know Vidya is with you only …..tell her that her would be husband is coming to take her away back … and don’t you dare call her as your girlfriend again” . Arjun warned Rohan . He was trying to control his anger.

Neil glared Arjun . ” what was the need to call himself as her would be husband” . He muttered.

“Have you lost it …Mehra …Vidya is not with me …wait a min ..that’s means ..she is not with you .. where is she then???? Arjun….i will rip you if i found a single scratch on my vidya ” . Rohan shouted at the top of his voice .

His forhead was covered with sweat droplets. He was breathing heavily and was worried too.

Neil was baffled. ” wait Rohan …we locked Vidya here her room ….but now she is not here anymore ….her room is devoid of any balcony …we thought she ran away with the help of some maid ….but she is not with you … then….” .

Neil stopped and looked at Arjun . They both frowned and said unanimously ” then where is vidya???” .

Rohan throw his phone . It break the glass window. ” Vidya ” .

He shouted and pulled his hair. Rohan took out his gun from the cupboard.

” i am sorry vidya ….i left you …with those two bastards … i will kill them now …i had already enough of them ” .

Saral was standing in some room . His back was attached to the wall. He was sipping his coffee.

Vidya was on the bed . She was sleeping peacefully.

Saral was admiring her beauty. He was dressed in white t-shirt , black pants and grey jacket. His hair was gelled up.

The wide specs was making him look devilishly handsome. He waiting for Vidya to wake up.

Vidya muttered something in sleep and turned her face. Few hair strands were falling on her cheeks now.

Saral smiled and took a sip from his mug.
He was lost in dream world. He coming back from office . Vidya cooking for him . Vidya and their some cute pillow fights .

” i love you so much vidya ….i will not crush you under my feet ….i will make you my queen ” . He mumbled and looked at his wrist watch. It was 10:00 A.M.

Vidya moved little. ” Aruuu … Eelll ……where is my black coffee” . She said in her sleepy tone.

Vidya , Arjun and Neil were best friends from their childhood. Vidya had a crush on Arjun but things changed when Rohan entered in her life .

She then understood that she always liked Arjun as a best friend.

For Vidya Neil was the keeper. She used to call Neil as eel and Arjun as Aru to tease them.

She had even shared her deep secrets too with Neil . She and Neil were the pranksters in school.

But at the end the punishment was bore by Arjun. Poor guy used to stand in sun for a whole day because of the pranks pulled by Vidya and Neil.

” Aruuu coffee” . Vidya rubbed her eyes.
She opened her eyes. Vidya was confused . It was not her room . Her gaze then rested on Saral .

“Saral ….” . Vidya shouted and jumped out of the bed.

Saral smirked and took a sip from his mug.
Vidya was scared.

Saral was stalking her for last ten days. She gulped and looked here and there.

She saw a paperweight and throw it towards Saral. Saral caught the paperweight .

Vidya’s eyes widened. He kissed on the paperweight .

” Woman ….you are magical” . He said . Vidya covered herself with her stole.

Tears started brimming in her eyes.
“Look Saral …let me go …i don’t love you” . She tried to make him understand that she and him can’t have a future together.

“Rohan ..Rohan .. Rohan …….enough is enough ….” . Saral shouted and break the cup .

He moved towards Vidya. Saral pinned her to the wall.

“I told you ..i love you … and why are you not understanding. ….i hate it when you take his or Arjun’s or Neil’s name from your mouth … you are mine dammit …i will ruin you for someone else” . Saral said in his hoarse voice . His grip was getting more tightened on her arms.

A tear fall on vidya’s cheek . It was painful. Saral’s eyes softened.

“Vidya …pls don’t cry” . Saral said and tried to wipe her tears.

But Vidya was hell angry now . She pushed him with all her strength.

She looked here and there and saw a vase. Vidya broke it and put it on her neck.

Saral was shocked. He got panicked and pulled his hair.

“Vidya no ….” . Saral shouted and took a step towards her.

“Stay right there Mr Saral Joshi …or i will kill myself. ….vidya will be only be Rohan’s … take a step ahead ….Mr Joshi ….and you will watch me slitting my own throat” . Vidya warned Saral.

“You are kidding. ..right will not harm yourself ” . Saral took one more step.

“Try me “. She snapped.

Saral stopped . He moved back . He raised his hands. ” okay …calm down ..Vidya …..see i am moving back …..” He said softly .

Vidya bite her lower lip . She didn’t throw the vase down.
“Call Rohan ..or i will kill myself ” . She threatened him again.

Saral sighed . He nodded.

“Show me your phone ..i don’t trust you” . She said and Saral showed her the screen of his phone.

Unknowingly vidya moved her hand down. Saral smirked .

Her gaze was on the phone. Saral quickly used the opportunity and locked vidya’ a arm behind her.

Vidya got startled.

“Leave me ” . She screamed .

” listen to me …Miss Vidya Iyer …..i can do a lot of things with you now ….but i can wait till tomorrow night .. we will first get married and then you will be mine forever” . Saral said in a low dangerous voice.

Vidya’s lips parted . She saw the determination in Saral’s eyes. She gulped.

He bend down to plant a kiss on her right cheek . Vidya closed her eyes tightly moving her head back. Saral’s gaze then shifted on her lips .

She was in his arms wriggling. He scanned her face. “Beautiful” . He mumbled.

Soon few servants come . Maids hold vidya.
” make sure this room should not contain any type of sharp things ..not even hair clips” . He ordered.

Vidya glared him.
Saral had a smug smile on his face.
Rohan was in Mehra Mansion.

Arjun , Neil and Rohan’s faces were bruised.

Sam and Radhika were putting deathly glares on three of them.

They all punched each other . Even Arjun punched Neil once when he called both Rohan and Arjun incompatible for Vidya.

” we need to find her …. soon” . Arjun said and kissed on the screen of his phone which had a wallpaper of Vidya.

Radhika rolled her eyes . She always had a crush on Arjun. Sam also had a crush on Neil .

Neil was caressing the picture of vidya in the photoframe which was kept on table.

Sam hold her head seeing Neil broken.
Rohan . He was sitting with some paper and red marker. He was engrossed in it.

“Saral that bastard …Joshi ..abducted Vidya ” . Rohan shouted .

Radhika saw the paper . Rohan was analysing the behaviour of all the person’s whom Vidya met in this month.
Arjun and Neil nodded.

“Pick up your weapons …. i will nail that Joshi” . Rohan said loudly .

Radhika interfered. “Bhai stop it …. this is not a war ..and we are not going on some battlefield.’s about Vidya .. we need to think from brain”.

“Radhika is right” . Arjun said. Radhika smiled little. Arjun averted his gaze.

“But where Saral had kept her ……we really don’t know ” . Rohan agreed with Neil.

” Sir …there is something for you … it was on the gate” . A servant come and handover Arjun a parcel. It had a pendrive . They all were baffled.

Arjun plugged in the pendrive in his laptop . There were two videos on it . They played first one .

” Rohan ..i love you ..i love you” . Vidya said in that video . Further Rohan confessed. It was recorded when Rohan and Vidya were in basketball court.

Arjun’s jaw clenched. He glared Rohan . Neil patted Arjun’s shoulder.

“What ..we loved each other …and i have a right to spend time with My girlfriend ” . Rohan said and glared Arjun back .

Arjun muttered some curses. “Arrogant … Jackass….” .

They played the second video .

When second video started Neil freezed on his place . He was totally numb.

It had his love confession for vidya when he was drunk . Arjun and Rohan both looked at Neil with their eyes popped out .

Neil wiped the sweat from his face and looked here and there . Sam felt bad . She felt miserable. Heartbroken. Radhika raised her eyebrows.

“You too” . Arjun and Rohan asked him unanimously. They then glared each other.

Neil stammered ” from 5th standard …….” .

Radhika took a sigh. Four boys were after that innocent girl .

Infact she was only getting crushed between four of them . Arjun, Neil , Rohan and Saral.

“Guys …oops lover’s Of Vidya ….i want to say … that we really need to find her soon.” Radhika said and the trio looked at her.

Sam was crying . She wiped her tears quickly.

” i can bring Vidya back ….alone ” . Rohan said and stood up. Arjun stood up .

” Then wish Rohan … you get her first ….because if i get her then i will marry her at that moment only” Arjun said challenging Rohan.

Neil looked both of them. His fist was clenched. He punched Arjun and then Rohan .

“You know ..what you both are douchebags … that girl is with some monster …and here both of you is taking her as a challenge …i am ashamed of both of you….and Rohan don’t forget that she is in love with you …try to break her heart …and i will burn your bones” .

Neil moved towards the door . He stopped and turned back . “Girls …will you join me ??” He asked extending his hand .

Sam quickly nodded and hold Neil’s hand. They both looked in each other ‘s eyes. Sam extended her hand towards Radhika .

Radhika smiled and hold it . Neil turned to move but halted when sam didn’t moved . He turned back and saw Radhika extending her hand towards Arjun.

They both too looked in each other’s eyes. After few seconds Neil smiled when Arjun hold Radhika’s hand .

Radhika smiled too. They all were surprised when Arjun extended his hand towards Rohan .

“You told Vidya that you can even beg infront of me for her , now i am asking you to help me for her ….atleast keep your words” . Arjun said softly while looking Rohan intently.

Rohan and Arjun looked each other.

Radhika ‘s pov :-
Bhai was hesitating to find Vidya with Arjun .
He was insecured too . I can feel that .

Offcourse vidya loved him but Arjun and vidya are childhood friends. What if Vidya changed her mind seeing the lover side of Arjun.

Sam’s pov:-
Bro hold Arjun’s hand . Though he doesn’t want to but he did this for Vidya ….and he can even die for her.

“Okay ….let’s find her ……we should start from Saral’s family and friends” . Rohan said.

They all moved towards the door. They saw one woman standing on door.

“Mom …..” Rohan said.
Nandini come and hugged Rohan . She was crying bitterly.

Rohan caressed her back .”Mom …you are scaring me …what’s wrong ????. …. ” . Rohan asked her.

Nandini was looking down . She was sobbing .

“I know where Vidya is ” . Nandini said.
Rohan was shocked. He smiled.

” Mom that’s great ….tell me where she is ….and why are crying then ” .
Rohan cupped Nandini’s face. He saw her smirking .
“Mom ” Rohan mumbled.

Nandini put the gun on the Rohan’s head.

Everyone was shocked.

“Mom ….” . Sam and Radhika shouted unanimously.

“Shut up …..Sam ,Radhika …..come here girls ..”. Arjun and Neil were shocked.

” i said come here or else i will pull the trigger” . Nandini shouted.

“Mom” . Said Rohan and tried to hold Nandini’s shoulders but she jerked his hand away.

” i hate you Rohan Rathore ……i hate you … are not my son ……you were never my son … son is Saral …..he is not a joshi …..he is a Rathore” . Nandini shouted at the top of her voice .

Sam and Radhika were shocked. That was the reason Saral thrashed a group of boys who once passed lewd comments on them. He was their brother.

” Mom what are you saying ……” . Rohan asked her . Tears started rolling down on his cheeks.

“Your mother …..was Urmilla ….not me….your Dad’s first wife …..she gave birth to you ….i am your step mother …your dad’s second wife” . Nandini shouted .

Rohan was aghast . He was numb.

” me and urmilla were sisters …we both get married to your dad …first urmilla and then me …..and we both also shared the same pregnancy period……your mother gave birth to you ….and i gave birth to Saral …..but one maid who didn’t liked your mother exchanged the babies . One i woke up …you were there infront of me … i was happy at that time that i was blessed with a boy …but when i got to know that urmilla di is also blessed with a boy …i felt jealous … expected your dad decided to make urmilla di’s baby as a king ……i didn’t liked that idea …i wanted my baby to be a king …so i paid one maid to abduct urmilla di’s baby …..she did it too ….and the whole palace become lifeless after that incident. The maid kaira joshi ….brought up that child as her own …..i always paid her so that the baby is provided with all comforts….” Nandini tell everything.

” then what happened to my mom …..and how did you come to know ….that i am not your child” Rohan asked her.

Nandini looked at him.

” Urmilla di died of shock after losing her baby …i felt so guilty of my act……after that i somehow handled your dad …..he lost his one child ..he lost his wife ….things changed slowly and one day i got to know that i am pregnant again ….this time my life was filled with colors …i got twin daughters….sam and Radhika ….things were good but not for long time ” .

Nandini sighed at looked at Sam and Radhika .

“Disgusting ” . Sam and Radhika said unanimously and averted their gaze .

“When Saral turned 15 …doctors tell that he had a hole in his heart ….i was shocked because it was same with me too…..i quickly took a DNA test after which i got to know the truth ……trust me ….it was difficult to hate you Rohan” .

Nandini told further that the old maid after two years told her that she was the one who exchanged babies . Her name was Saroj . She hated my sister Urmilla . The maid never told the reason of her hatred.

“Saral didn’t get the throne ..but Rohan ….i will make sure Saral will get the girl whom he loves….”.
Nandini was spitting out venomous words.
Radhika stiffened.

“Mom…..this Rohan is not our brother ……then me and Sam are with you”.

She said and moved towards Nandini . Nandini caressed her face.

Sam too left Neil’s hand and joined them.

Rohan was broken . In a minute he was orphan .

Arjun and Neil put deathly glares on Radhika and Sam .

“I will kill three of them”. Nandini shouted.

“Mom ..i want to hug my brother …..tell me where is he????” . Radhika said and winked at Sam .

Sam secretly picked the small pointed pin kept on table.

Neil saw that and was perplexed more.
“Honey …he is at our farmhouse …..Rathore’s farmhouse” . Nandini said and smiled.

“Catch the gun” Sam shouted.

She jerked Nandini’s hand and the gun was thrown in air.

Neil jumped to his left and caught the gun.

Radhika quickly locked her mother’s hand from behind.

“Run bhai ….and go and get our bhabi… away ” . Radhika shouted.

Arjun smiled . “What about her .???” . Rohan asked .

” bhai run .. we will handle her” . Sam said and pointed a pin towards her neck .

“Mom if you tried to push Radhika …i will kill myself” . Sam warned.

Radhika rolled her eyes .

“Overacting”. She murmured.

Neil put the gun and while leaving, he kissed on Sam’s cheek .

“I like you .. tigress”. He said and left . Sam blushed. Rohan quickly get in his car .

Arjun and Neil too get in.

“Ready “. Rohan asked. Arjun and nodded.

“Vidya we are coming “.
Precap:- Blood vs Blood .last shot.

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