Love makes relationships….[epi 8]


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Episode 8
Scene starts in the kitchen.
Swara:what????(widely open her mouth)
Ragini:Han true….sanskar was always pampering her…and you too.
Swara:(holds ragini’s ear)hello madam….don’t forgot she is your daughter, so she behaves like you…especially she is exactly like her father… That naughty laksh.and what you said???we are pampering her….don’t forget what you both did for swathi????(with fake anger)??
Ragini:what we did???(confusingly)?
Swara:hmmm.. You may not remember.. Let me tell you. .you and your lovely husband always used to pamper swathi when she was young as raksh , so this is tit for tat…(teases ragini)?
All the three laughs..?
Now in dining table.
All were gathered for the dinner.
Swaragini and pari served the food.
Dp: today is a big day for me… Because after long time, uttara is here with us?.
Ap:Han ji.
Everyone gave a agreeing smile.
Ram:bhaiya!! Tomorrow is also a big day for us.

All the ladies and kids looked confused.
Dp:Han ram . I know….is everything ready for the meeting.????
Sanskar: Han bade papa..of course. All the papers are ready.
Ap:what is that jii??
Ram:bhabhi , tomorrow we are going to sign a big deal with the top most company in India…
Adarsh:Han chachi..
Ap:then early morning, we will do ganesh Pooja..
Dp: Han you are right.
Ap:sujata..after eating , come to Pooja room we have to prepare..
Dp: all go to your beds early , so that you can wake up early morning.
Dp stood and kissed uttara’s forehead?. (Moved to his room)
Swara:okay… Pradeep, anjali and swathi go to ur room , I will bring the milk.
They all moves.
Adarsh , sanskar and laksh went to their rooms.
Pari took uttara to her room and gave her milk.
After the dinner.
Swara moved up with milk (along with sangeeth)
Ragini moved up carrying raksh.
All went to their rooms. Ap switched off the lights.
In the kids room.
Swara:all complete your glass and go to sleep .
She made sangeeth to sleep.and switched off the light after checking the kids.
Ragini made raksh to sleep on the bed., beside laksh..and she slept beside them

Early morning, all the couples were seated in the Pooja and uttara were not disturbed from sleep.ragini made raksh to sleep with anjali.
After the Pooja, Dp blessed everyone.
Ladies went to prepare breakfast.
At 7:00am , swara went upstairs to wake up the kids.
As usual everyone woke up except pradeep.
Swara struggled with him and finally won.
At the dining table.
Everyone completed the breakfast.
Ap , sujata and pari went to the temple.
Laksh:ragini!!!today just drop raksh ..pls
Ragini:its OK laksh..I will.
Sanlak , ram and adarsh left.
Swara went inside to give medicines to Dp.
Uttara moved to the hall to watch TV.
At 11:00am.
Swaragini,pari and uttara was watching TV.
Swara phone rings.
Swara:Han sanskar!!!
Sanky: swara!!!switch on the TV.?. See news channel.
He hangs up.
Swara:ragini…keep news channel.
The great maheshwari construction had merged with the top most XYZ company.. Today morning..
The most talented young business tycoons Mr adarsh maheshwari , Mr . sanskar maheshwari and Mr laksh maheshwari had signed the papers.
Ragini:young?????(wide opens her mouth)
Pari calls adarsh.
Pari: congrats adarsh…and too everyone.
(In speaker)swaragini, and uttara:congrats….
Sanlak and adarsh: thank you!!
Pari hangs up.
Girl : its really a big deal for maheshwari Company. Today evening, at 5:00pm -a hot interview segment with Mr adarsh maheshwari , Mr . sanskar maheshwari and Mr laksh maheshwari..the young business tycoons.
Pari:how mean???? How can this girl lie like this in public channel…????
Pari:Han uttara…do you think your bhai is going now. At least I can accept sanlak as young.
Swara:bhabhi….never.laksh is young not sanskar..
Ragini: no swara… people (she laughs)?
Girl:we are going to session of personal questions with a young heros…i hope many girls of Kolkata city eagerly waiting for this.
Other girl anchor: of course Tina…in fb and twitter , there are many followers for Mr laksh maheshwari and Mr sanskar maheshwari.
Girl: people are eager to know their relationship status.
Other girl:whether single or not???.?
Girl:even me too
Ragini:oh..oh..these girls even don’t have a good taste..
All laughs.
Uttara:leave that bhabhi…because those don’t know..
Uttara:Han don’t know that my brothers are always behind my bhabhi’s pallu.?
All laughs..
Pari: uttara!!!!
Again swara phone rings
Sanskar: we will be…
Swara(interrupts):you will be late today because you all have an interview.. I already saw that TV
Sanskar:oh fine….so you are jealous now..
Swara:for what??
Sanky:girls…are eager to marry me…
Swara:oh..oh.. Stop it…do you think ???you are young now..
Sanky:of course…do you disagree??
Swara:okay!!!let sangeeth come back home..let us check it…fine???
Sanky:OK maatha!! ??Don’t scare me with your son.I have swathi on my side.
Swara:yeah that is what I am saying.. You are having 2kids now…she laughs..
Sanky:OK fine… (In fake anger)?
He hangs up.
On the other side.ragini phone rings.
Laksh:I hope …my sweetheart is angry now.
Ragini:no way….I feel bad for those girls… (In mocking tone)?
Ragini:yes…what a bad taste for that girls…following you???
Laksh:then what about you ???
Ragini:yes me too.. A fool…made a blunder long back.
Laksh:achaa ok then….today I will say that I am single still now…to the reporters.
Ragini:OK fine… But I hope bachelor boys will not have a kid (at the age of 4)..she laughed?.
Laksh:that’s OK…I will get a new mom to my daughter..
Ragini:OK fine just try..let me see that one more fool like me..
Both laughs…
Laksh:I love you my wify….?
Ragini:me too….? Say this to that girl also…
Laksh:you idiot….
Ragini:you stupid…
Laksh:OK bye

Scene freezes..
Precap:not yet decided…..
Bye take care keep smiling

Guys..I have a question..
Am I boring??? Say yes or no
Plssssss tell me….

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