Love makes relationships….[epi 7]

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Episode 7
Scene starts in the hall.
Rakshitha was sitting angrily.
Laksh goes near to her.
Laksh: princess…. I am won’t forgive your papa(with a puppy face).
Rakshitha turns her face the other side.
Sanskar kneels down in front of rakshitha
Sanskar:doll….I will not do this again.
Rakshitha look at both of them(having sad puppy face)
Rakshitha:okay!!! now I am ready to forgive you. But one condition???
Everyone looked somewhat in shock.
Laksh:what condition???
Rakshitha:for every mistake… there will be a penalty right???
Laksh and sanskar:(shocked) penalty!!!!!!??
Rakshitha:han penalty…first papa you
Rakshitha:you should get me ice cream?? tomorrow…
Ragini(interrupts):no no….
Laksh: ragini…..just for a’s okay.
Ragini:but laksh…
Laksh: ragini…..
Ragini:ok!!!do whatever…
Rakshitha: OK next …you bade papa
Sanskar:yes your honour!!!
Rakshitha:you should get chocolate…,??
Sanskar: ragini……
Ragini kept her on the lips: OK I didn’t say anything…
Sanskar: okay babe .. I will get you.
Rakshitha: that’s my good fathers..
Rakshitha hugged them.
Pradeep:what sweetheart???you forgave them…
Rakshitha:han Bhai…
Swara:what about us????(with sad face)
Rakshitha:you too have penalty…
Rakshitha stood up and moved towards them.
She stood between swaragini.asked them to kneel down .
They does.
Rakshitha pointed her hands towards her cheeks and signaled them to kiss.
So they does together.
Rakshitha:han… This is your penalty.. everyday you both should kiss me like this together…okay???
Swaragini:yes mam..(they kissed again)
Everyone laughed.
Uttara:see this little girl… How she handles situation cutely…
Rakshitha hides her face in ragini’s shoulder.

After an hour.
Everyone was gathered in the hall.(except adarsh and elders)
Swathi was sitting beside sanskar.swaragini was serving something to eat.
Swathi:papa!!!why uttara anuty have such a large belly..???
Laksh coughs (who is having tea in his hand)
All the ladies laughed.
Sangeeth:han chachu…. I too have that doubt.
Sanskar:that… that..
Ragini:you all keep quiet … I will tell them.
Ragini: actually uttara anuty.. has a cute baby in her belly.
Swathi:oh…i see.then mama …,why you, bade ma and chachi doesn’t have a belly???
Sanskar and laksh laughed out loudly
Ragini:stop it… laksh!!!
Rakshitha:(runs to ragini)ma!!!! pls you also get such a big belly that I can get a cute baby..pls
Laksh:han ragini..why not you???
Pradeep laughed silently listening to the entire convo
Ragini:laksh….(in an irritated tone). Rakshitha better you go and ask your swara ma…
Rakshitha moved to swara
Rakshitha and swathi:bade ma… Ma… Pls
Sanskar coughs.swara stands in confusion
Swara:stop stop stop…. You all go and ask parineeta ma.
All moved to parineeta.
Pradeep hugged parineeta from back Side and placed his chin on her shoulder.
Anjali somewhat well known with scene,also ask parineeta Teasingly.
All the kids:pls…pls……bade ma..
Parineeta stands in bug shock… don’t know how to react to the situation.

Adarsh:it’s okay..pari…. U can,……. atleast for the sake of kids.
Everyone was shocked. Swasan . Raglak and uttara started to laugh.
Adarsh:see… Look at the kids.. how they are pleading to you…
Kids:pls…ma…bade ma…
Pradeep:pls ma..
Parineeta:u too pradeep…
Parineeta: adarsh pls…. Help me Na..
Uttara:okay all of you .. come here.
Rakshitha,swathi,anjali,sangeeth and pradeep moved to uttara.
Uttara made all their hands to be placed on her belly.
Uttara:listen…my lovely kids… I have a cute little baby inside my belly for the sake of you all. So you should take care of that baby…you can play.., enjoy,. . with the baby..
Rakshitha: really anuty???
Uttara:han….so now pls don’t trouble your mothers.
Uttara holds pradeep’s ear:u too super hero….
They all hugged uttara.
Rest all smiled seeing the love between them…
Suddenly ram prasad entered the hall.
Everyone settled to their positions back.
Ram:laksh!!!!did you brought that RR construction file..???
Adarsh:chachu… I am having that.
Ram:okay.. bring that to my room.
Adarsh:ok chachu
Ram: laksh…. sanskar… You too also come to my room. We have to discuss about tomorrow’s meeting.
Sanskar: OK papa…
Ram leaves.
Sanskar:swara!!!bring that red file to papa’s room pls.
Swara:ok sanskar.
They both leaves.
Parineeta and rakshitha left (to kitchen).
Pradeep,anjali and swathi also left(to study room)
Uttara and sangeeth sat on the sofa.
Ragini was about to move to the kitchen.
Suddenly laksh pulled her aside.
Ragini:laksh????what is this?? leave me
Laksh: ragini!!!why can’t you think about the kids demand..
Ragini:what demand??
Laksh: about the big belly?
Ragini:laksh!!!(she blushed)??
Ram:(from the room)laksh;!!!!!!
Laksh:(got frightened)han… Chachu…..I am coming
Laksh ran to the room.
Ragini laughed at laksh’s childish behaviour.. And moved to the kitchen.
Swara after giving the file… Came to the kitchen.
Swara:arrey!!!!what my little princess doing here???
Ragini:dekho Na swara… She wants to watch how we are working in the kitchen???
Parineeta:swara… Pls tell her… She may get some burns here..
Rakshitha:bade ma .. don’t worry I won’t get..
Swara:doll!!!!you know something….
Rakshitha(shocked):what bade ma???
Swara:there ….in the hall… uttara anuty and sangeeth Bhai was watching Cinderella movie….
Rakshitha:what??? without me?
Swara:han you go…..
Rakshitha ran outside to the hall.
All the 3 laughed.
Parineeta:swara… You can only control her…..
Ragini:han bhabhi…. U r right. But swara and sanskar was spoiling her the most…
Swara:what?????(in shock)…

Scene freezes..
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