Love makes relationships….[epi 6]


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Episode 6

In the hall.
Swara: rakshitha!!!
Rakshitha:han bade ma.i am coming…(ran down the stairs)
swara was standing near the dining table.
Rakshitha came near her.
Swara:hey doll… Where is your mama and papa???
Rakshitha:in the room.
Swara:okay! Go and call your bade papa..
Rakshitha:okay ma .(she runs)
Swara: don’t run…..(she warns)
Then pradeep and sangeeth came to the hall.anjali and swathi was already sitting in the sofa with uttara and parineeta.
Pradeep:chachi. … I am hungry??
Sangeeth:me too ma.
Swara:what do you want to eat now???I will prepare within two minutes.
Parineeta:swara..I had already prepared snacks for them.
Swara:ok bhabhi…. I will give them.

Pradeep and sangeeth sat on the dining table.
Swara: did you wash your hands..???
Sangeeth:han ma..
Swara served them .
Swara(in mind): how long this little sautan will call her bade papa. I will go and check
Swara: you both complete this fully . I will be back.
Swara goes upstairs.
Swara was nearing her room , heard some playful noice inside.
She entered.

The whole room was messed up.. and sanskar and rakshitha was lying on the bed cuddling each other..and fighting playfully..
Swara:(shocked)what is this ???
Sanskar and rakshitha frightenedly looked swara .
Both of them got up.

Rakshitha:bade ma. I didn’t do anything… It’s all because of bade papa.(with a pouting face)
Sanskar: arrey….. This little girl telling lies now… swara don’t believe her.
Swara goes near to them and catch on to their ears.
Both:ahhhh(in pain)
Swara:you both are biggest problem for me…. Always making me tired of cleaning this room.. this is not first time.
Sanskar:but as usual this all was because of this little sautan.
Rakshitha:bade ma….but.
Swara:(interrupts)shhh!!!!shut up both of you.this Time , you both should clean up this mess.
Sanskar raised his eyebrows and signals rakshitha.
She smiled.

Suddenly sanskar and rakshitha pulled swara on the bed and started to tickle her.
Swara: sanskar…..stop it.raksh!!!!!pls stop it
Both didn’t listen to her
After few minutes,they stopped.
Swara was heavily breathing.
Swara started to beat both playfully.
Swara fall over sanskar and they both had a cute eyelock.
Rakshitha was staring at them.
Rakshitha:bade papa….

Sanskar:(without any sense of the present scenario)han….doll
Rakshitha:bade papa..I am here.
Swara came to her sense , pushed sanskar.
Sanskar also came to his senses.
Swara: you always embrace me in front of her.(she blushed).
Sanskar:hey.. what is wrong in that… Your my wife..and she is my daughter.. so what???(carried rakshitha in his arms).
Rakshitha:you cheater!!!bade papa… You didn’t notice me and playing with bade ma now.. I won’t talk to you?
Rakshitha ran out of the room.
Swara:stop … princess
Sanskar:arrey stop doll!!!
Swara:see sanskar.. it’s all because of you…(angrily)
Sanskar:arrey!!!what did I do???

Swara stands up and about to move.
Sanskar holds her hand.. and hugged her from back..
Sanskar:hey darling!!! now a days, you don’t have any time for me..
Swara: sanskar, we have already two kids and rakshitha too. So behave properly as a father…
Sanskar:if I didn’t behaved like this???then how would you have that two kids(Teasingly)
Sanskar starts to kiss over swara’s neck.???
Swara: sanskar stop it …you shameless.
Sanskar:I really don’t have shame about this…
Swara blushed.?

Swara: sanskar.!!!! rakshitha left the room angrily….
Sanskar: don’t worry.. I know well.. how to get her around..
Swara:you please leave me now…or else somebody may come..
Sanskar:(continued kissing)so what???? please swara!!!
Swara: sanskar!!
Sanskar turned her towards him.he stared at her lips.
Swara: sanskar don’t stare at my lips ..
Sanskar moves closely towards her lips.
Swara slowly closed her eyes.
Sanskar lip locked her for few minutes.
Later Swara pushed him and ran out of the room..he followed her.

On other side.
Rakshitha angrily entered raglak room.
She saw raglak hugging each other.
Rakshitha:papa…..u too cheater!!!??
Rakshitha got more angry and moved down
Ragini: what Happened to her.
Laksh nods his head indicated no..
Ragini:I will go and check her.
Laksh:wait … let me go
Both leaves .

In the hall.
Rakshitha sat on the sofa angrily..
Parineeta: what happened doll????why are you looking tensed?
Rakshitha: don’t talk to me
Uttara:but why????
Rakshitha:I said Na.. don’t!!!!talk.
Swasan and raglak came down.

Everyone looked confused.
Pradeep: what happened rakshitha?? atleast tell to me(he sat behind her)
Laksh(silently): suddenly what happened to this girl??
Swara:(hits sanskar with her elbow)…it’s all because of him.
Sanskar:arrey… What???
Laksh: what happened guys???
Sanskar: actually!!……
Ragini: don’t drag..tell quickly.

Sanskar: actually ragini….I didn’t notice rakshitha while busy romancing with swara..(he looked down with puppy face)
Swara: don’t make your face like that.
Ragini and laksh looked each other and came to know..why rakshitha was angry on them.
Laksh: actually Bhai!!!it’s also because of us.
Ragini:han swara… while rakshitha came to our room.we were hugging each other without noticing her…
Sanskar: arrey….dekho it’s not my mistake.
Laksh:it’s our mistake..
Swara:yeah!!we four made this.
Slowly laksh: princess (to rakshitha)
Rakshitha:papa… Don’t talk to me…
Swasan and raglak were standing mum…
Where as others thinking ….what is the reason behind rakshitha’s anger.
Scene freezes..

Precap:someway sanlak get around rakshitha….

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