Love makes relationships….[epi 24]

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Episode 24
A busy Kolkata road
Mishka on the phone .
Mi: Han di .I am already reached there.only few more minutes.
Rag: good. All the brave like swara di….answer with full confidence.
Mi: di….I know na
Rag: no don’t one thing that adarsh jiju is very strict person professionally….
Mi: OK OK…I got it..
Rag: then….
While speaking , she was about cross the road…
On the other side., a handsome boy of age 25 riding a two wheeler approches the same road fastly…
He also speaks on the phone.
Boy: yes sir ..few more minutes I will be there.
Lak: did you brought that construction file..and presentation with you.???
Boy: yes…sir.
Lak: then….
(Both happens simultaneously)

Suddenly the boy about to hit mishka…he applies the break.
Sound zzzzzz….
Mishka turns….he also removes his helmet.
Boy: can’t you see….idiot.(shouted)
Mi: I think you don’t have eyes..(with same anger)
Raglak: what happened???
Mi : nothing di…I will call you back.
Boy: nothing sir ….I will there on time..
Both hangs up the call.
Mi: hey….. Mr.don’t you have eyes…or else you have a problem in sight.
Boy: hey…Ms.attitude ..its ur mistake didn’t see the signal… And busy on your phone…
Mi: hello Mr.over smart…don’t blame me..even you too busy speaking with your girlfriend…
Boy: oh really… But I don’t have anytime to argue with pls..move away from my way .
Mi: do you think I have enough time to do these silly fights…
Boy: then get lost…
He moved with high speed..
Mi: go to the hell…
She shouted and left that place…

In maheshwari industries…
Interview got over…as we all know mishka is selected….
Adarsh: Ms .mishka !! First three months you should work under the asst.manager Mr.Arun khanna.
Mi: yes sir.
Ad: all the go and meet the manager.
Mi: okay ..
She left .
Mishka called the attender..
Mi: bhaiya..manager sir room???
Att: is there…(he pointed towards the right)
Mi: thank you bhaiya.
She moved and suddenly dashed with same person .
Both:(unknowingly) sorry.
They collected the files which are lying Down.

She gave to him and then noticed his face.
Mi: you!!!
Boy; you!!!
Mi: oh god…..
Boy: Ms.attitude..stop disturbing least he can be at peace..
Mi: Mr os… You shut up…
Boy: os???
Mi: over smart….
Suddenly attender: sir…adarsh sir is calling you..
Boy: I am coming.
Mi : go….
He left ….with an attitude .
Mi(in mind): oh god. Save me. .he is working here…
Then she went to manager room.
Mi: may I come in sir???
Lak: yes..
Lak: take your seat…
He then saw her.
Lak:hey princess are here..
Mi: yes sir..
Lak: so got your job…

Mi: yes (she smiled)
Lak’: what next??
Mi: adarsh sir told to meet you….
Lak: for what???
Mi: to meet Mr.arun khanna.
Lak: so your going to work under arun for the next project.
Mi: yes…
Lak: okay….raju bhaiya…call arun to my cabin.(via phone)
Raju(attender): ji sab.
Arun : may I come in sir…
Lak: yes come in….so Ms.miskha ,meet Mr arun khanna..,asst .manager of maheshwari industries..
Arun: hello.
Mi: hello..
Then realized.
Mi: you!!!!
Arun: you!!!
That boy is none other that our arun…
Lak: what ?? You both know each other already..
Arun: yes bhai….sorry sir…morning I told you about one…. Here she is..
(Arun has a brother bond with all maheshwari sons..they share all the things with each other . ..arun is a good young handsome ..companion for all the three ..and he also very much pampered by pari and swaragini he was an orphan)

Lak: so your That Ms attitude ah??
Mi: but sir….mistake lies on both sides…(she argued)
Lak: okay…but there is no other both should work together in this project..
Arun: what.?!
Lak: OK guys….try become friends…you may go now…
Mi&arun: yes sir.
Suddenly mishka phone rings..
Mi: hello di..
Rag: is your jij there near you…??(in angry tone)
Mi: yes..
Rag: he is not picking up the give the phone to him..
Mi: okay…but Mr.arun is here .
Rag: that’s give.
Mishka gives to him.
Mi: my di wants to talk with you…
Lak grabs the phone immediately…
Arun (to mishka): what the hell …why should he wants to speak with your sister??
Mi: Mr.os.keep quiet and watch the scene…
He gave confuses look

Lak: sorry..sorry…sorry..I don’t see
Rag: this is thousandth time …I am warning you..
Lak: sorry yaar..
Rag: you come home. Let us talk.
She hangs up.
Lak: oh shit…(sadly)
Arun: sir..what happened???who is she???
Lak: arrey chotu…its ur bhahi man!!!
Arun: what???
Mi: yah.he is my jiju..
Arun: bhaiya really….
Lak nods yes
Arun: don’t worry bhaiya …as usual I will speak to bhabi…
Lak;(happily) really??
Arun: yes…
San: what’s going on here???(sanskar entered)
Lak looked at him sadly…
San: oh…as usual ah???
Arun: Han bhaiya…
San: don’t worry..lucky.when arun is here why fear..
They both transfers the HiFi..

San noticed mishka
San : hey only adarsh bhai told me.
Mi: thank you jiju…
San: okay now its work time.go back to your cabins…and need to share your cabin with arun…
Mi: oh no….
San: what happened…???
Mi: that boy….morning..
San: oh..he is Mr os.ah which swara told me this morning???
Mi: yes…
Arun: bhai…!!!
San: OK OK arguments…try to patch up soon..
They both left..
Sanlak smiled and continues their works ..

At mm
Swara: u know what??? Did laksh said something to you??
Rag: no…he did pick my call…
Swa: as usual ah..??? Again arun wants to come here.
Rag: no way.. This time no forgiveness.okay tell me what’s the news??
Swa: today morning mishka told about Mr os… That is none other than our arun only..
Rag: oh really…I know thus will happen one day…he drives very fast you know.???
Swa: Han exactly..let him come..
Rag: Han …
They both smiled..
Swa: because of arun only, we didn’t miss ayush much these days..
Rag: u r correct…

Scene freezes…

Precap: episode 25

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