Love makes relationships….[epi 23]

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Episode 23
At MM, morning.
Swara alone working in the kitchen.sanskar came inside& hugged swara from backside.
Swa: sanskar!!!! This is kitchen… Anytime ragini/bhabhi will come.
San: I very well know this is kitchen and they all very well know that we are husband and wife.
Swa: really…
San: how is swathi now???
Swa: hmm fine…. I am tension free because ragini is always with her.
San: hmm u r correct… Ragini is there for that you can spend time with me.
Swara pushed back sanskar.
Swa: hello Mr.!!!sangeeth is there always for my safety from you…
San: oh really…

He kisses swara in her cheeks and ran out…swara was standing in a shock without any movement.
While running out , sanky dashed with ragini and mishka..
San: oops…sorry..
Mi: kya jiju!!!?? U r jogging inside the kitchen…
San: vo….o..actually..
Rag: kya….o ..o..???(they giggled)
San: enough girls… Stop pulling my leg.
He went with smiling face..
Mi: jiju…WAIT ..stop…
She followed him.

Rag went inside the kitchen..
Rag: swara….
No response…
Rag: swara…(she shouted)
Swa: Han ragini…(she came to sense)
Rag: what happened… U r daydreaming???
Swa: no. No. Actually…
Rag: actually san kissed you right? For this y r u stammering??
Swa: ragini….(she pouts)
Rag: achaa baba…okay.I won’t tease you.but kitchen romance ..that too morning.. This is too much.
Swa: rago….(like a child)
Rag:rago…(she imitated)
Swathi entered the kitchen.
Swathi: ma….!!!
Swaragini ran & hugged her .tightly.
Swathi: ma..let me breathe…
Swarag: sorry…
Rag: r u fine now???
Swa: r u feeling good now..???
Rag: what do you want to eat now???
Swa: can I prepare your fav pasta???
Swathi: arrey meri mathas take a breathe and ask questions.. So that I can answer..(she smiled)
Rag: Han.
Swathi: I am perfectly alright now.
Swaragini smiled and hugged her.

On the other side.
Sanky was running and mishka was chasing him
They both stopped …by adarsh and lucky.
Lak: what happened bro??
Ad: y r u jogging inside the house sanky???
Mi: exactly the same question I asked him..
San glared at mishka.
Lak: arrey open your mouth…
Mi: tell na …..
Ad: come on…sanky.
San: I kissed swara…. (He shouted closing his ears)
Sangeeth came behind adarsh’s leg.
Sang: what??? You kissed my mama…(shockingly)
Everyone looked at him.
Sang: how dare you touch my mama…???
San: hey… She is my wife I have all the rights…okay???
Sang: hello..Mr.she is my mom now… Did you get that….dare to touch her???
He. Warned him and ran downstairs…
San: hey monster!!!
Adarsh,lak and mishka laughed at him.
San: enough guys….
Lak : Han Han enough mishka…(he giggled)
Raksh came to them by running..
Raksh: papa!!!
Suddenly she falls….
San: raksh!!!
All ran to her.(tensedly)
Adarsh carried her.
Lak: r u okay baby???
San: did you get any hurt???
Mi: I will bring first aid…she was about go.
Raksh:: massi… Stop…I am fine.
Everyone looked at her.
Raksh: bade papa…leave me down(to adarsh)
He does..

She hand symbolized everyone to kneel down. Everyone does.
Raksh: listen everyone (in commanding tone)…papa..sanskar pa…bade papa..!!!!…ragini ma called you three down..and maasi !!!! Sharmista nani called you down.
Saying this she moved down with attitude.
San: she must be learnt this attitude from her bade mama….
All gave an unbelievable look at her.
They went down.
All were standing in the hall.
Ay: ma..I am ready
He. Came to hall.
Chirag and uttara also came there.
Chi: ma….we are leaving now(to sujata)
Sujata: Han beta…
Shekar:okay dp ji…we are also leaving thank you for everything.
Dp: arrey… No thank’s our duty.
They all hugged each other….
San: mishka !!!! Don’t forget today is the interview…
Mi: Han jiju…I will be there on time.
They all left….rest all gathered for breakfast.
Swa: champ!!! Y r u looking tensed?(to sang)
Sang: ma..I am angry with your husband…
Swa: sangeeth he is your papa…(strictly)
Sang: Han OK …
Rag: but y???
Ap: what happened sangeeth???
San: all pls live that topic…
He tried to divert but in vain.
Sang: dadi…he had kisses my mama..
Everyone giggled… Swasa was really embarrassed.
Lak: OK OK…enough of anger.. Eat now.
Sang: but before that…you three listen to me….(to adsanlak)don’t ever try to touch my ma…bade ma…and chachi…okay???(he ordered)
Lak: I think he must have learn this attitude from his chachi….(to adsan)
Everyone smiled.

Adsanlak gives a death glare to their
Raksh: sang bhaiya…y r u taunting my fathers…
Sang: y ur fathers are always at the back of my mothers
Raksh: don’t forget …that my fathers are always handsome…
Lak: that’s like my daughter…. Super princess!!!
He gives HiFi to her .
Sang: hey motti…my mothers are always beautiful…
They continued their argument…
Pra: enough…. Champ…doll…stop this now..(shouted)
Sang& raksh;: ji bhaiya….(like innocent child)
Pra: completed ur bf???
Sang& raksh: Han bhaiya…
Pra: anju!! Swathi!!?..
Anju& swathi: completed bhaiya…
PRA: anju!!! Swathi!!!! Take raksh and sangeeth to the study room.
All four went quietly.
Pradeep followed them .
Rest all were hell shocked looking at pradeep..
Then all smiled .
Ap: pradeep, now proved his brotherhood…with his siblings.
Suja: Han jiji….u r correct.
Rag: laksh! Did you notice how quietly all the four obeyed his words . .???
Lak: han ragini..i saw.
San: pradeep had become Lil responsible now…
Swa: Han sanskar…but at times,all 5 make entire fun here.. Later… Fight here….then get over attached with love…and now..they all obey each others words…
Ad: I really can’t understand this kids.
Pari: whatever.. They all should together every time… Thats enough….
All smiled.seeing them.
Scene freezes.

Precap: interview… New entry….

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  1. Ahaana

    This is really good and I think raglak should hav another child nw and plz focus on raglak aswell they’ve hardy had any other together

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