Love makes relationships….[epi 22]

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Episode 22.
Now swara was 4 month pregnant and ragini 2 months.entire family was very happy.the happiness was even more because they also have anjali, a year old baby…
One fine day.
Phone convo
Swa: ayush try to understand… Tomorrow for sure I will I need to go for hospital..
Ay: but di, you promised me na??
Swa: okay,,I can do one thing ,today I will send ragu di.. Okay???
Ay: Han OK OK…(excited)
She hangs up.
Swa: ragini…ayush is very adamant .can you go to baadi house today???
Rag: of course swara, even I need to see all the kids, especially I will go.what laksh??
Lak: han sure.
They both left.
On the way…. Sudden boom……..

Ultimate silence…
We can see raglak’s car..upside the road . raglak were lying in the pool of blood.

Next hospital.
Entire family is standing outside the OT.
Swara was totally shattered… Sanskar who is trying lot to convince her..
Swa: its my mistake sanskar…I shouldn’t have ask them to go…it’s all because of me….(crying)
San: (with tears) no swara…its not like that…
Swara faints…san taking her to the ward…
After three hours..
Doctors came out…
Rp: what happened doc???
Doc:…both are fine….
Ap: thank God…
Doc: but…
Sujata: but??? What
Doc: lak got leg and hand injury.. He can’t walk for few weeks…and…
Swara from behind holding sanskar .
Swa: and ragini….
Doc: she got head injury…so she is in coma now….
San: what????
Swara was shocked ….
Doc: yeah..but its temporary.. Anytime she may get normal…
Swa: baby???
Doc: we are sorry… .she got aborted..
Swa burst out crying…
Everyone was very sad…especially swasan.
Later laksh waked up.
Sanky was sitting next to him.
Lak: ragini.!!!(slowly getting up)
San: lucky!! Slowly..careful.she is fine you lie down.
Lak: I want to see her.
San: swara is being with her ..don’t worry..
Lak: pls take me to her.
San slowly made him sit in the wheeling chair.
Ragini’s ward.
Lak: swara!! Is she alright??? Ask her to wake up…(with tears).
San explained everything to her…
Laksh was totally shocked and broke down by heart…started to cry
San : lucky..don’t cry should be brave are the only person who can bring back ragini..pls..pls..don’t cry (with tears)
Swara clutched laksh’s shirt…
Sw: why lucky… Why…you told that you will always protect and keep her what happened??? (She yelled at him)
San controlled swa.
San: pls.swara ..he is also hurt too much…
Swa: but y sanskar???
She cried.

Days passed very sorrowfully….
Laksh was getting better.ragini’s health was better but she us still in coma…
After 4 months…
One day, ragini came out of coma..
Entire family was standing around. Laksh was sitting beside her..
Rag: laksh r u okay???(seeing the wound marks)
Lak: I am perfectly alright. R u fine???
Rag: yah…(she smiled)
Ragini gave a look at everyone. Then finally she saw sanskar holding swara…and swara keeping her hands on the 8months baby bump.
Ragini rewinds everything.
Rgaini keeps her hand on her stomach.
Swara gets teary.
Rag: laksh my baby???
Lak(with tears)ragini….
Rag : what ??? My baby is no more ah???(she shouted while crying)
Lak: Ragini..
He hugged her.swara also hugged san …crying.
Lak(in mind)how can I say to her that she can’t become a mother anymore…because of her stomach injury…told by doc…no no…no…I should not say…
After a week…
Everyone decided to send swara to baadi house for the delivery.
Rag: I will also go with that I can be with anjali, pradeep, mishka and ayush..
Ap: okay beta.
Swaragini left to baadi house.
Ragini was relax …being there.two months ran off.everytime swara gets teary seeing ragini…
Ragini was very much caring for swara and the unborn baby…ragini is now aware of her medical reports..that she can’t become a mother.
One day, swara got labour pain.
They took her to the hospital.
Doc: Mr sanskar….she is very weak…so there may be critical situation in the delivery…
San: doc???
Everyone shocked except ragini
Rag: sanskar, don’t worry she will be fine ..along with the baby..I trust God..
Everyone got some hope…as per ragini’ s thought mother& baby was fine.
Doc.: congrats… Its a girl baby..
San: thanks doc…
Lak: oh..oh..princess.!!!
Sanlak hugged
Doc: but swara was Lil weak..take care of her.
Rag: of course doc.
Everyone went In side to see her..
Swaragini hugged ….everyone congrats them.
Lak: thank you on wards…I am chachu…
Ragini smiled..
Nurse bought the baby inside….
Nurse was about to the baby to swara.
Swa: wait..
Lak: what happened swara???
Swa : sanskar !!!
He went near her .
Both of them together got the baby. .and kissed.
Raglak was standing together.
Laksh side hugged ragini . with tears.but ragini was totally happy she was actually eager to hold the baby.
Swa: ragini!! Laksh!!!come here
Both went.

Swasan handed over the baby to raglak.
San: here your baby..
Swa: your princess.
Everyone shocked
Lak: what are you blabbering…???
San: its our duty to hand over the baby….to their parents.
Swa: Han…
Rag: swara…
Swa:(interrupt) no ragini….no..its your baby and that’s final…
Rag: but swara….???
San: no buts …ifs….
Laksh hugged swasan….ragini kissed the baby…
Laksh named the baby as swathi …..
Everyone had a happy tears .
Ap: swara ..its a very big decision.. As a mother I can’t do this…
Swa: bade ma….anything for my ragu…
She smiled ragini hugged her .
Days passed…swathi was always with raglak.
Swasan also accompanied them… But raglak were more affectionate .

After four years.
Swara made swathi to call ragini as mama…and laksh as papa.but ragini taught swathi to call swasan as mama..papa…
Swara was again having a baby bump…. She was really the doctors in the hospital called a very trained gynaecologist from Mumbai.
So finally , swara delivered a boy baby…(our naughty sangeeth)
During that time, swara consults that doc about ragini’s condition.the doctor gave a positive answer that we can treat ragini and solve her problem…..
Then ragini started her treatment… For that raglak stayed in Mumbai for 18months.
During this time , swathi was separated from ragini…both of them was missing each other equally…
Because of that separation… Swathi started to undergo some kind of depression… She started to shout during sleep.
Swathi: mama…mama…save me.
Swasan thought this as a dream…she is frightened because of terrible dream.they left it as just like that…but everyday she cried
San: I think we should call…ragini here.
Swa: no sanskar …no …If she got to know this..she may discontinue her treatment.. Let her be there. .we will manage .its just a dream…
Days passed.
Swathi also got recovered from that habit …not fully..occasionally she may get it.
Whenever swathi shouts in the dream…ragini will get a inner instinct. But laksh consoles her by making a call to sanskar…
After 18 months, ragini got recovered.
They came back to Kolkata.after knowing swathi’s night dreaming and she cries for that…ragini scolded swara for hiding it from her
But swara managed the situation.

After 2 years… Ragini delivered a very cute lil baby girl….
As same as , raglak gave that baby to swasan.
San: but ragini….now swathi is calling us papa & mama only… Then y r u doing this…
Rag: no sanskar….I am right.u know what??? Swara jsut like that sacrificed her entire happiness to me….in hand return, I can only do this to her ..
Swa: no ragini…its.not fair.
Rag: even that was not fair….
Swa: but…
Rag: no buts ..ifs… As you said.
All the kids were happy because of the Lil baby…
PRA: oh god…she is very cute chachi…
Mishka: Han di…
Sang: papa…I can’t see the baby…pls lift me up.
Everyone laughed..
Sanskar does so….
Swathi: ragini mama….whether I am also cute like this???
Rag: Han…very cute.
She kissed her .
The happy time returns….
Days passed….raksh was started to speak.
One day.
Everyone was sitting in the hall.
San: (raksh sitting in his lap)doll, call me bade papa…bade…papa…(he liped the words))
Raksh: bade….bade…
San: Han correct..
Rag: sanskar , make her to call papa ..(in lil anger)
Swa: no ragini…let it be bade papa.
Rag: but y???
San: ragini…we both decided this
Lak; y???
Swa: we are very eager to feel .the relationship of bade papa &bade mama .
San: so only..
Rag nodded no..
Swara nodded yes.
Rag: do whatever you people want…
She left angrily…
Lak: I will take care of her guys don’t worry.
He smiled. Swasan also smiled..

Flashback ends …
Swara had a big smile in her face along with tears.she looked at swathi and ragini..and smiled.she went and slept beside sangeeth….

Scene freezes…
So this the reason behind swathi &ragini’ s relation, swathi’s night threat and also the age difference between the kids….

So thanks guys ..
Pls live your comments down..
Bye take care keep smiling.


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