Love makes relationships….[epi 20]

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Episode 20
At dining hall.
All were seated except pradeep and ayush.
Laksh: mishka!! Have you all had a good chat morning??? Did raksh got to know you?
Mi: Han well,,,better.(she smiled)
San: so what’s your next plan???
Mi: jiju,,I am ready for the battle now.
Rag: what!???
Mi: Han di,, I am going to work.
LA: that sounds great…
Swa: but where?
Mi: don’t know.
Rp: why can’t you work in maheshwari industries.???
Mi: really???
Dp: Han adarsh is the chairman.and sanlak also in the higher we need loyal person as a PA.the interview is day after tomorrow.
Adarsh: Han papa is can .
Mi: I will.but on one condition. I will join with my own ability.
San: if course mishka..adarsh bhai is very strict about that.
La: yeah.there is no recommendations.. Only your talent.
Mi: of course I know that jiju.
Swa: so all the best mishka.
Mi: thank you di
All smiled.

Pradeep and ayush came.
Ayush went near raksh.
Ay: hey darling!!! Having breakfast??
Ra: Han darling…
Everyone looked shockingly.
Rag: raksh;!!! He is your you remember??
Ra: f course I do ma.
La: hey ayush, what is this yaar???
Ay: nothing jiju..myself &my darling are committed now.
Everyone: what??
Mi: Han jiju.from morning.
She laughed.
La: hey ayush!!! Look here.don’t try to fool my daughter. I won’t allow Playboy like you to near my princess.
San: Han ayush..
Sanlak told that in fake anger.
Shekar: what??? My son is playboy!!!!.dehko laksh even I also not willed to give my daughter to you ..A PLAY BOY.(in mocking tone)
Laksh: but uncle Ji, you have to know this clearly that my daughter and your daughter is not the same…..(ragini wide opens her mouth)
La: Han I am daughter is a beautiful can’t even near her beauty. And she is very intelligent. And you???(he slightly laughed)
Swa: but remember laksh..everything came from ragini only.
Ra: shekar dadu!!! You won’t be on my side(with a puppy face)
Shekar: (suddenly) no no .I will always be on your side..
Laksh laughed.

Rag: oh oh.papa!!!(fake anger).
Everyone smiled.
Pra: chachi don’t worry I will be on your side.
Ay: Han do I am also.
SWA: me too ladoo.
Rag: thank you guys.
Ra: bade papa!!!(slowly)
San& adarsh: your side baby.
Sang: chachi I am with you.
Ra: dp dadu & rp dadu???
Dp about to say .
Rag: papa!!! Chachu!!!
Dp: (in confusion) I have an important work.. I will be back.(he escapes)
Rp: arrey bhai Sab!!!left me alone.I will also join you.(he too moves)
All laughs.
Ap: ragini beta!!! What is this ??? Fighting like a kid!!
Rag: but ma , see this Lil monster.. Always gets more support.
Uttara:bhabhi I am with you.
Chirag:doll!!! I am your side.
Utt: always losers join hands together… She teased chirag.
Ra: but uncle…don’t worry .we are not the looser.anju di???
Anjali and swathi: chachi , we are with you
Ra: di!!!!!!
Anj: sorry doll, but chachi is the best right??
Mi; what is this yaar?? I will stay on raksh side.
Pari: me too…hena doll!!!
Ra: Han bade ma.
Rag: ok ok ….have it raksh..don’t come to me asking… Mama milk….mama TV..mama ice cream…..mama. Toys…I will not give you.its all for my sang,pra ,anju and swathi.
Rag teased her and went .
Ra: papa!!!
La: don’t worry doll.I will get you.
Everyone laughed and continued eating
.shekar:san beta! We are leaving home tomorrow…
San: but why? So soon.
Mi: Han jiju..I want to go there..
Ay: Han.I missing my own space ..
La: then ok.

Swa: chotu!!! What about your admission???
Shekar:by tomorrow. We will go and verify that..
San: uncle…why are taking stress we will do it..
Adarsh: Han uncle.pls.
Shekar: then okay.
Chirag: even we are leaving tomorrow.. Jiju
San: what???
Utt: Han bhai…ma is alone there
La: then ok..but often you should come.
Chirag: of course…
Everyone smiled.
The day went well with fun and enjoyment..after long time ,they had a good time.
All went to sleep.ap switched off the lights.
At 11:30pm.
Suddenly ragini waked up.
Rag: laksh…(she switched on the light).
La: what happened ragini??(sleeping tone)
Rag: I feel some thing wrong .I will go and check swathi.
La: what ?? Again!!!
Rag: yes!!!! ( she runs out).
Laksh covered raksh with the blanket and followed her
Ragini entered the kids room.
As per instinct says..swathi was crying (while sleeping)
Swathi: save me …mama…save me….
Ragini switched on the light & rushed to her.
Rag: don’t cry!!!! Swathi I am here..mama is here.see …look at me I am here.

Laksh entered .pra & anju waked up.
Pra: I will go & call swara chachi.
La: han .
Swathi:save me. Mama
Rag:(while crying) I am here …look at me…
She hugged her
La: swathi…see we are here .mama is here.
Anju was standing mum.
Hearing to pradeep..all came
Swara rushed inside the room.after seeing ragini with her she got relaxed.
Swathi slowly gone to sleep in ragini ‘s lap.
San: what happened ragini? Is everything okay now.
Rag: Han…she slept.
Swara: why this happens every time …(she cried)
San: (hugged her) don’t worry swara…she will be alright…
Rag: but when.??? (She yelled cryingly)
La: calm down ragini.
Ap: beta;!!!! God is always with us…you don’t worry.. She will be fine soon.
Dp: its already everyone go & sleep.
Rag: no papa..I will be here.
Swa: I will also be here.
Ap: Han rest all go..
La: but ragini…raksh???
San: lucky!!! I will come with you.
La: han she will be quite when you come
Sanlak left.
Sangeeth is still sleeping without getting disturbed by entire scenerio..
Pra: see this kumbakaranan…sleeping even now.
Swaragini smiled.
Anju and pra went to their beds..
Ragini slept hugging swathi.
Swara. Sat beside them.
Pra: chachi! Can I ask you something???
Swa: Han.
Pra: how come always ragini chachi get an instinct about swathi…???
Swa smiled : you sleep now..
Pra: okay!!!(gave a casual look)
And slept .
Swa switched off the light.
Swa sat beside ragini .she went to flashback.

Scene freezes
Precap: flashback….

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    1. SRSL

      Dear its neither raglak nor swasan its a swaragini ff…

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        And giving each of them equal importance is hard…though she tries it every time…so please stop finding complains and enjoy it..

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