Love makes relationships….[epi 2]


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Episode 2
Ragini comes down carrying laksh. Then laksh carries raksh. Swara came near them.
Swara:listen doll… today is ur first day so behave properly .
Ragini: don’t struggle ur teacher, as you do daily for us.
Raksh: papa……………[with fake tears] Laksh; enough ..enough…my princess never struggle others.
Swaragini smiles.
Raksh bends down and pecks swaragini’s cheeks.
Suddenly , a girl enters MM mansion[ girl has a baby bump of 5 months] Laksh looks at the girl first.
Laksh[shocking tone]: uttara…….
Swaragini also looks towards that direction.
Hearing laksh’s voice, ap , dp, sujata and parineeta also rushes to the hall
Swara: uttara , you……..
As uttara and chirag’s engagement cancelled , they both got married after six months with help of swaragini. Maheshwari parivaar accepted that marriage . the reason is that chirag is a disciplined boy and good human by chirag’s parents didn’t accept that marriage.
After a huge conversation, chirag’s parents accepted bt with one condition.
Chirag’s mom: listen uttara .. I will accept u bt one condition. From this moment u should never see or speak with ur family members. U know well that how I got insulted on ur engagement day
Chirag: bt mom… this is not fair!!!!
Swaragini: no… no…
Uttara; bhabhi!!!!
Swara: no uttara. She is right.
Ragini; u can sacrifice our love for ur better future …. Pls
Whole maheshwari parivar accepted that with teary eyes.
Flashback ends.
Even now , everyone remember that day when uttara [ tears in her eyes]moved out with holding chirag’s hand from MM mansion before 3 years . Now they all are happy with uttara’s pregnancy.
Laksh [ with teary eyes]: uttara , u came back!!!!
Uttara: han bhai….[also had tears in her eyes] Uttara was about get down the stairs of the entrance.
Ragini; one minute uttara…
Everyone shocked.
Parineeta: kya hua ragini????
Ragini: uttara , did u informed ur mother- in- law???
Uttara: han bhabhi……
Ragini runs to her and tightly hugs her.everyone got relaxed. Swara and parineeta also hugged uttara.
Uttara came and hugged everyone
Raksh; papa???? Who is this anuty???
Laksh : my princesss!!!!
Uttara: bhaiya…..[hugged him ] Raksh fumes in anger….
Raksh: papa……… I am only ur princess…..
Uttara: oiiiii……. Choti, he is my brother.
Raksh; no, he is my papa.
Ragini: hey .. u both he is my pati dev.
Laksh; arrey.. u all stop it. I am just laksh. Okay???
Everyone laughs.

Laksh: listen doll… she is ur bua. say hiii to her.
Raksh bends down and kissed uttara’s cheek. Uttara also does the same
Raksh; hi anuty.
Uttara: hi baby doll.
Ragini: enough of ur love. Laks, its already late.
Laksh seeing his watch:oh shittttt , ok uttara c u in the evening.. bye everyone.
Raksh: bye ma……….
Laksh rushes out carrying rakshitha.
Everyone happily enters the hall and gets settled.
Swara and parineeta sits beside uttara.
Parineeta; now tell me…uttara , how does ur sasu maa allowed u here.
Swara also winked her eyes
A small flashback
Asusual uttara was sitting in her room ideally yesterday. Her mother-in-law entered with a glass of juice . [after uttara’s preganancy, she was totally accepted uttara as her own daughter].
Uttara; anuty, why are you struggling this much for me??? Now only I had milk.and now……[put up puppy face] Chirag’s mom:nothing struggle for me….
Uttara smiles .
C mom: what happened uttara???for past three days , u r looking so dull.
Uttara: nothing anuty.
C mom: chirag didn’t made any phone call… right???
Uttara sadly nodes her head.

Remember guys, that chirag was out of the city for last 2 months [ business work.] C mom: uttara……tell me beta . that u r really missisg ur family right???
Uttara: [ shockingly, thinks a while]….[ because she never used to speak about uttara’s family] yes anuty.
C mom:If you want to go and stay there till chirag come back home, you can!!!!
Uttara with teary eyes , hugged her.
Uttara: really mom???
Chirag’s mom was shocked to see uttara calling her “mom”.she also reciprocated the hug.
C mom: u go by tomorrow, I will pack ur dress. [she wipes her tears and moved out] Flashback ends…
Whole family was left under shock hearing gayathiri’s love and affection towards uttara…
Swara: anyways uttara , now u r happy…………that’s enough for us.
Everyone smiled.
All the elders were in their respective rooms.
Parineeta, swara,ragini and uttara were in the kitchen.[uttara was sitting, rest all working] Uttara: ragini bhabhi…. I think laksh bhaiya was changed.[seriously] Ragini:[shockingly] why u r saying like that???
Uttara: from morning , I didn’t c ur phone here and no calls too….[ teasingly] Swara and pari laughed.
Ragini: [ with sad face]………………………..

Precap: what must be the reason behind that……guess!!!!!!!

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