Love makes relationships….[epi 19]

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Episode 19
A bright morning…
All the ladies were already waked up including mishka.dp, shekar,and rp were reading newspapers.
In the kitchen.
Ap: pari beta, after cooking pls come to my room .we need to talk about monthly expenses.
Pari:ji ma.
Swara: ma!! Bade ma!! Pls You all go and sit .we will take care the work.
Ragini to sharmista: Han ma you too go pls…
Ap,sujata and sharmista left.
Mishka came inside.
M: di?? Any help.
P: no need…(smiled at her)
R: swara!! You didn’t go to wake up all.
S: Han I have to.
M: di, I will go pls.
S: okay..but be careful with pradeep.he will again go to sleep.
P: Han
All smiled.
M: di!!! I know about him.
She left.
Mishka entered the room.
Pradeep,swathi and sangeeth was sleeping yet.anjali was writing some homework.
M: good morning anju!!!!
A: good morning di(smiled at her)
M: see this people…still sleeping.
Mishka went near them and tried to wake up.all
M: pradeep!!! Swathi!!! Sangeeth!!! Wake have to go to school today…
PRA: chachi!!! Pls..5mins.
M: hey stupid, I am your di man!!!
Pra: okay di come later.
M: arrey!!!(opened her mouth in o shape)
While this going on.,swathi and sang woke up.
Swathi: maasi!!!! Good morning.
She smiled.
Sang: Han good morning cry baby.
M: good morning..
She smiled.and realized what sang said.
M: what??? Cry baby …me…
Sang: Han you.yesterday you were crying na…
Mishka pouts.
Sang: okay OK maasi .I won’t tease you.give a smile now.
She smiled and kissed (forehead)him.
M: now , you had really grown very big…and very big mouth too.
Sang: Han Han…(with attitude)
Anjali came and hugged mishka. And swathi and sang also hugged her.
Anju,swa,&sang: we missed you so much.
M: I too missed you all.
All smiled.

Suddenly, pra: you selfish people…left .e alone.
M: arrey bhudhu..come here.
Pra also joined the hug.
Then suddenly mishka noticed raksh standing near the door she broked the hug..
M: hey Lil princess !!? Come inside.
She sat on her knees.
Anju: raksh!! Come in
Sang: hey monster!!! She is our maasi..say hello to her.
Raksh slowly entered step by step..
Pra: what happened to my doll today.. Very silent.
Then she reached near mishka..
Mishka: hello!!!(she smiled)
Mishka opened her hands for hug..
She hugged her tightly..
Raksh: maasi!!!(cutely)
Mi: hey how cute!!! Compared to all she is calling me cute.
Raksh: (broke the hug)maasi pls don’t cry hereafter .because i don’t like cry babies .mama used to say “be brave” while I am you shouldn’t cry.actually I am scared when mama or papa cry… Yesterday when you cried ,mama also cried.I can’t see that so pls don’t cry…and make mama cry.pls.
Mi was mesmerized in her cuteness.
Mi kisses her
Mi: don’t worry doll, I won’t cry hereafter.
Ra: pinky promise!!!
All: pinky promise!!!
And hugged raksh.
Then ayush entered the room.
All smiled.but raksh looked him confused.
Swa: mama!!
Anju: bhaiya!!!
Swathi & anju went and hugged him.
Sang and pra also joined them.
Mi: raksh!!! This is…(was about to say)
Ayush: no di , don’t say!!
Everyone shocked.

Mi: why??
Ayush went near raksh and sat on his knees.
Ay: hello…(Lil terrified)
Ra: hi..(scared)
Mi: hey ayush, don’t trouble her.look at her face.she is scared.
Ay: like her mama…(he laughed)
Raksh smiled.
Ay: hey doll, myself ayush .can you accept me as your boyfriend??? (He winked)
Raksh (Lil blushed): Han ….
Mi: arrey look at this girl, saying ‘yes’ to my brother
Everyone laughed. Ayush carried raksh in a bridal style and danced.
Everyone joined him.and finally hugged.
A big family hug…..
Swaragini entered.
Swa: dehko ragini..I told you an, raksh will be here
Rag smiled.
Swa: what are you guys doing here???
Rag: Han ,its already late .you need bath..get ready… And especially you need to eat.
Mi: chill di! They will..
Swa: okay OK go and get ready.hey champ come..mama will make you get ready.
She left with sang.
Rag: doll!!!!!!
Ra: Han ma , coming.
All left.
Mi holds ayush ears.
Mi: hey stupid!! Don’t spoil the lil kid.and specially you are not worth for her to be a boyfriend.
Ay: what’s your problem here ???she accepted me.
Mi: then I will inform your gfs in Canada..that my brother is committed with a girl here.
Ay: arrey….meri maatha..don’t pls..I am just kidding with that kid.
Mi laughed
Ay: leave my ear…its paining..
Both left smiling.
Scene freezes.

Sorry guys, this is very short episode.I am little sorry for the delay and short update also…but sure this year , I will try to give you big, funny and romantic episodes.. Regularly.
And my special new year wish to all of you..may this year be very happy and lovely to you.
Pls save your lovely memories for the future …
A very Happy new year all of you….
Pls don’t forget to live your comments down.
Thank you.
Bye take care keep smiling

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