Love makes relationships….[epi 18]


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Episode 18.
The bright sun rays peeped inside everyone’ s room.all got waked up.
All were excited about ayush&mishka’ s arrival.
At swasan room.
Sun rays are happy to touch swara’ s face,by that she woke up.she smiled seeing sanskar(sleeping with wide smile) and remembered last night.
Swara(in mind).:you know what sanskar…few years back , after kids were born..I saw you as a responsible father.but felt little sad that hereafter I can’t ever see old naughty sanskar anymore.really you proved me wrong.. You are still the same lovely sanskar for me and also a responsible father too.
She smiled and went to washroom.

At raglak room.
The same naughty sun rays touched ragini’s face also.she woke up.
She smiled seeing the trio.(laksh ,raksh and sang)they were actually cuddled each other like three babies.
Ragini(in mind):laksh!!! I am very happy toady.I thought you will always be only . lovely and naughty husband to me . I was worried when will you know your responsibilities. But seeing yesterday’s night.your care and patience towards their questions… I realized that my laksh had already become a responsible father.thank you laksh
she smiled and went to washroom.
Both swaragini came out of the washroom.
Both smily faces shown with wet hair.
At parish room.
Both of them were getting ready to pick up ayush&mishka.
While pari was setting her hair. Suddenly adarsh hold her by waist and danced like a young man.
Pari: adarsh!!! What is this???
Adarsh: what??
P;: we have Two kids now..leave me
She pushed him and went outside (blushing inside)
Later , everyone woke up and was coming to hall.
Adarsh angrily reading newspapers. Pari was staring him after serving to the elders.
Dp: what is this flight time adarsh???
ADR: its 9:00am papa.
Pari was still staring him
Suddenly from backside.
Man: he is very handsome right???
Pari: (without realizing) Han.
Man laughed.

Pari (came to sense)pradeep!!! You!!!!
He started to run pari tried to chase him.
Swaragini was climbing down the stairs.
Pardeep hide himself behind swaragini
PRA: save me chachi..chachi…
Pari: you pradeep!!!(stopped In front of sr)
Swa: what happened bhabhi??
Pari: he is teasing me swara!!!
Ragini holds his ear: arrey!!! What happened to you??woke up. This much early??(unbelievable look)
Swa: rago!!! Today Sunday yaar
Rag: Han I forgot that’s the reason.. Our hero woke up early.
Pari: that’s the reason….all other monsters are sleeping still.
All laughed and reached hall.
Parish went to airport. Rest all were seared for bf.
Sanlak came down.
San: good morning everyone.. Swathi & anjali still sleeping???
Swa: Han .
Lak: ragini!!!, raksh& sang is also sleeping still.
Rag: Han okay …but one problem..if anyone monster woke up…he/she make the other one also woke up.I think there Will be a morning fight today.
Everyone laughed.
San: where is bhai & bhabhi??
Swa: airport.
Lak: oh!!
Sharmista: but!!!
Ap: don’t worry sharmista ji.,I informed them not to tell anything .
Shemish gave a relief smile.

After half an hour.
All were seated in the hall.even kids were waiting.
Parish,ayush and mishka entered .
All hugged them .elders blessed them.
Pradeep hugged both tightly.pradeep had tears in his eyes.
Mishka: arrey cry baby;!!!! Stop it yaar
Everyone smiled..
Ayush: ma!! Where is paru???
Everyome’s Smile faded away
Mishka: (towards sr) di???where is dadima???
Swa: vo..vo…swara starts crying and hugs sanskar.
Mishka: kya hua???someone speak out.
Ragini was speech less with teary eyes.
Laksh: vo ..vo..actually
Ragini went near them.
Rag: mishka…
Sharmista: ragini…I will tell them.mishka beta!! Ayush..!
Both: han ma..
Mishti : your dadi ma is no more with us.
Both of them just shocked…
Ayush fell at his knees and cried.pradeep hugged him and cried .mishka stood like statue
Ragini hugged shekar …cried…
Laksh consoled pradeep and ayush.later,…

By afternoon, after a long cry.
Mishti made them sit on the sofa…
Mishti: I know both are brave..right??so listen to I said to your sisters,,same for u both will not stop for anybody… Sorrows are passing clouds…we can’t stay with them..we have to move on.not for u or not for me..this world gonna stop revolving.. Time heals everything or else it will teach us to live with no more cryings..enough!!!
Mishka: Han ma.we can also understand things…but dadi ma ???when it happened???
Pradeep sat beside ayush and touched his shoulder.
Laksh: four days ago..
Ayush: what???(Pulled praderp’s hand away..)you stupid ..cheater…you didn’t even say this yesterday…
Laksh sat on his knees in front of ayush…
Ayush: jiju!!! He hugged him and cried.
Mishka leaned on misti’s shoulder
Swaragini cried while leaning to shekar’s shoulder
Kids were held in a big shock…
Raksh was very curious to speak to mishka and ayush..but in vain.
The day went with sorrowful moments..
The next day!!!
It will be a bright morning with happy moments…

Precap: mishka and ayush moments with the all and specially raksh & kids..

Pls live ur valuable comments and support..
Bye take care keep smiling…

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