Love makes relationships….[epi 17]

Hi guys, how r u all??? And special thanks to all for the comments and support. Delated Christmas wishes too.keep reading… Ur guessing were wrong but I appreciate your effort to think for me at least…start the episode with the smile.

Episode 17
At MM.
Raglak and pradeep came along with shemish. Because they both might feel comfortable for few days away from tears. Its actually laksh’s that those two people also can stay here for few days.

All were seated in the hall.
Seeing them.raksh ran and hugged ragini.swara hugged shemish.pari hugged pradeep
Ap.: welcome shemish jii.
Now everyone sat .
Ragini hugged swara.
Ragini: you know what swara????they both are coming tomorrow.
Swara: (excited) from Canada!!!!!
Sanskar: did their studies got over.???
Laksh: Han sanskar….but that fellow’s didn’t got over. He wants to continue his education in India. So he discontinued there.
Swara: oh really that’s nice.
Anjali: chachi bhai and di is coming for sure??? I am very excited.!!!!?
Ragini: Han.

Ap: we all missed them a lot.
Dp: hmm Anapurna….
Sujata: now its gonna be a complete parivaar.
(What guys, I am dragging very much right.
Let me open it.
Girl- mishka (age 23)
Boy-ayush (age 19)

As per serial, mishka was adopted by raglak .
But later , shemish adopted mishka .
Ayush and mishka were made as brother and sister.mishka started to call swaragini & pari as di and sanlak & adarsh as jiju.ayush too.
Four years back, mishka went to Canada for higher studies. Ayush , who is very much attached to mishka also went along with her for high school studies. Now mishka’s studies got they are returning to hometown.)

Raksh: maa!!! Who is that??? Papa used to say that I am having two other relations very very close to us that is miskha maasi and ayush I right????
Swara: exactly doll !!!!!
Everyone smiled at her.
(Raksh still now, didn’t see them from her birth.but they had seen her while she was one month baby)
(Swathi , sangeeth and raksh used to call them maasi and mama.but pradeep & anjali call them as di & bhai.)
After all happy conversation…. About mishka & ayush .they all forgot about dadi Ma’s sorrow.
Then all sat for dinner.
Raksh: swara ma, today I will sleep with ma and papa…I missed them a lot.
Laksh(suddenly): no no….
Raksh looked at him.
Laksh: I didn’t mean no..that… Raksh , bade ma and bade papa might feel bad right??
Sanskar: no no laksh…that is fine.
Swaragini smiled.
Ragini: its okay laksh .let her sleep with us.4
Sanskar: Han even sangeeth was missing u both.hena champ????

Sang: Han chachu…I will also sleep with you.
Sanskar gave a victorious smile, while laksh gave a sad smile
Laksh looked at ragini…she laughed.but tried to control that.
Sanskar smiled at swara.swara gave a death glare at him.
Raksh: super sang bhaiya, papa will tell us many stories.. Hena papa!!???
Laksh: Han…(sadly)
Adarsh:(in mocking tone)you know what guys!!! I don’t have this problem…
Pari: shut up adarsh.
Chirag: what a lovely couples…..!!!! You are rocking jijus…
Everyone smiled.pari controlled her shyness.pradeep laughed at them.
Ap: (in mind) arrey bahavan!!! After four days, I am seeing my family happy. Keep them always like this. And also bless mishka & ayush to have a safe travel.
Everyone went to their rooms for sleep.
Swaragini were cleaning the dining table
Ragini: ahem..ahem…(coughed fairly)
Swa: what????

Rag: nothing…
Swa: this sanskar is shameless ragini!!?
Rag laughed.
Swa: don’t tease me yaar!!!(puppy face)
Rag: its not like that swara….he is still having a pure love on you..
Swa: oh really….
Rag: Han.
They both laughed… Then completed the work.
Ap came: beta!! You both go and sleep its late now.
Rag : Han ma …I am going to sleep.but swara!!!!
Swa : ragini!!! Ji bade ma.I am also going to sleep
Rag: all the best swara.
Swa: ragini!!!!!
Ap smiled.they both left.
Ap switched off the lights.
Rgalak room., laksh started to tell story.ragini was smiling at him.
At swasan room.

Swara was angrily sitting in the bed.sanskar entered.
Sanskar sat near her.
San: (slowly ) swara!!!!
SWA: shut up … shameless
San: what is there to feel shame here!????
Swa: oh….so u didn’t feel anything… But I do.
San: so what you want me to do now???
Swa: punishment!!?? Better you sleep on the couch today…
San: oh no….
Swa: yes…
San:…( he slowly moved to her)
Swa: light!!!! (She shouted)
San switched off the light.
So……………the moon covered every moments there.I swear I didn’t see anything…
Scene freezes…

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Bye take care keep smiling….


  1. AahanaReddy


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    I loved it. Its awesome but gap between aayush and raksh is 14 years almost. aayush was born after raglak marriage right. why this much age gap

  2. Sweeta


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    😊😊😊😊v lovely episode. …bechara Laksh hamesha uska plans fail hoo jata haiiii😀😀😀😀 ND thanks for swasan scene 😊😊

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