Love makes relationships….[epi 16]


Hi guys, I hope last episode was not bad…and thanks for the support.. And lovely comments.keep reading…

Episode 16
Scene starts at baadi house..
Shemish,raglak and pradeep were sitted in the table.ragini served them.
Pradeep: paru likes aalu very much hena chachi????(he used to call dadi ma as paru)
Ragini welled tears….laksh tried to divert them.
Then all went to sleep.
Two days passed.

At swasan room.
Raksh arosed from sleep: ma…
Swara: what happened doll??? Sanskar switch on the light.
Sanskar: Han
Raksh: nothing bade ma…I want to see ma.
San: ok tomorrow we will go now u sleep princess.
Swara: Han doll we Will.
Raksh: pinky promise
Swasan: pinky promise.
They slept.

Early morning….MM
As usual, every work goes on.chirag also stayed there for few days.
Ap: I hope today, raglak and pradeep will come
Swara;Han bade ma, ragini informed me.
Ap:Han teeke.where is raksh???
S:: oh…she is bathing with her bade papa.but I am sure some mess is gonna happen there.
All laughed.
Sanskar carrying raksh (wearing uniform)came down
San: oii swara, we are here.
Raksh:swara ma, where is Mama&papa???
Swara: today , when you come .they Will be here.
(While adjusting her tie).
Chirag sat on the sofa after coming from jogging.
C: hey little, u r ready???
Raksh: Han uncle..I am ready.
He smiled.
C: where is that naughty fellow???
Swara: he is also getting ready…
C: oh…swara di ! Can I get a coffee.
S: of course.. Within 2 minutes.
All went to office and school.ap & sujata went to temple . uttrag (uttara &chirag)went to hospital.
Swara and pari were in kitchen.

At baadi house.
Raglak room
Ragini came out of the washroom.
Ragini: laksh get up ,today we are leaving to home.
Laksh: ragini…don’t disturb me.
Ragini went to the bed and waked him up.: hurry up!!!
L: pls..
R: L pls get up na…
L pulled her by holding her waist.
R:laksh!!!! No no pls.
L: what no??? I have got a beautiful opportunity now.see raksh was not here so pls…
R: no laksh…not today…
L nodded no.: Today…
R: okay fine , today night.
L: no way, u will give lame excuses.
R: no , I will sure.
L: pinky promise.
R: same as your daughter… Han pinky promise.
Both laughed.
They got ready and came to bf
Shekar & Pradeep was sitting already
Sharmista served them.raglak joined them.
Suddenly phone was about to go.
Pradeep: I will look at carry on.( interrupted)
Phone convo. call from Canada
P: hello.
Boy: pradeep!!!???hey man, you are here…what are you doing????
Sh: is that he????(shocked)
Pradeep nodded yes.
Sh: don’t tell anything.
P: nothing bhai…just a visit.
Boy: oh really….how r you???
P: fine bhai….how r u & di????
Boy: fine….
Suddenly a girl snatched the phone from the boy.
Boy: di!!!!this is not fair…
Girl: just shut up….how r u pradeep?? Is everyone fine??
P: all r fine di…
Girl: is dadi ma fine???
P: vo…fine.
Girl: aacha suno!!! We are coming to Kolkata by tomorrow. Inform this to all.
P:(excited) oh really…
Shekar: what???
Everyone looked at him.
P: bhai &di is coming tomorrow….
Everyone excited.
Girl: okay bye pradeep….we have no more coins …tell everyone …take care…c u.
Ragini hugged laksh : finally they are coming….
Shekar: han
Sh: but how can I tell them????dadi ma???
Laksh: don’t worry ma. I am here
Everyone looked each other .
Scene freezes.

Sorry guys, its little short one.. And guess Who is the girl and boy?????answer me in the comment box.pls.
Bye take care keep smiling.

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