Love makes relationships….[epi 15]


Hi guys, I pray to god that he should give all His blessings to you all…thank you all for the comments and support. Keep reading and support me.this episode is little lengthy with some sad moments…I am sorry if you don’t like it.

Episode 15
M mansion
The day completed with a nice dinner. All went to their rooms for sleep.As usual ap switched off the lights..

A pleasant morning with a bright Sunrays..
Ap and sujata were in the pooja room.
Parineeta went to kids room to wake them up.
At raglak room.
Ragini came out of the washroom.she smiled seeing laksh and raksh sleeping cuddled each other.
Then went to dressing table.
Ragini: laksh!!! Raksh!!! Get up
Laksh waked up in one sound.he stretched out his hands and yawned.
Raksh: ma…5 mins
Laksh chuckled .
Ragini came near to the bed.
Ragini: my doll …wake up ,you have to go school today.
Raksh: ma???? ( shocked) you told it is holiday.
Ragini: that was yesterday.. Today u have to..
Raksh: I will go but one condition..
Ragini: what???(while arranging the bed)
Raksh: hmm today evening, you should take me to the park.
Ragini: hmmmmmm…..okay!
Raksh: thank you ma..
She ran to washroom..laksh followed her.
Ragini smiled and gone downstairs.
Swara came out of the kitchen with a bowl to dining table.
Ragini (nearing swara ): good morning!!
Swara: (smiled)good morning.
Ragini (handing help to her):why are you??? I thought you would be in kids room.
Swara: today, bhabhi went there..
Ragini: oh oh okay!
All the elders came and sat on the sofa.
Swara served them coffee.
Laksh came down and went near ragini .
Laksh pinched her open hip.
Ragini shouted .: ahhh!!!
Laksh laughed.
Ragini : what is this laksh???all are here..
Laksh: so what???
She gave an unbelievable smile.
Sanskar and adarsh came down.laksh joined them to the hall.
At uttara room.
Phone convo
Chirag: good morning…how are you both???
Uttara:good morning.. Both are fine.
Chirag: we will be three soon.
U: what???
C: today evening, I coming to Kolkata .by tomorrow morning, I will be near you.
U: oh really!!! I love you.
C: love too baby…and take my daughter.
U: no way!!!
C: what???
U : I will take care my son
C: my daughter
U: my son.
C: achaa teeke!!! We will see.bye
Uttara came and informed everyone about chirag’s arrival.
ap:very good news.beta.
Everyone smiled.parineeta came down.
Swara: bhabhi??
Pari: they are coming..
Swara: sangeeth??
Ragini: I will get him ready.
She leaves.
After few minutes.
Phone rings..
Swara picked the phone.
Lady: hello..
S: hello ma…
Sharmista: hello beta…(tensed)
S: what happened ma?? Why are you tensed??
Everyone tensed.
Sh: shona!!shona!!! You are dadi ma passed away today morning…
Swara shocked and dropped the receiver down.
Sanskar catch hold on swara . laksh speaks on the phone.
Sh: laksh beta..bla bla..
Laksh: okay ma .we will be there now..don’t worry.
He hangs up.
Ap: what happened laksh??
Sanskar:lucky say something.. Man.(shouted)
Swara hugged sanskar and cried bitterly.
Ragini with kids came down.
Laksh : maa….(with teary eyes)
Ragini: what ?? Laksh…
Swara suddenly: no !! Laksh no
Ragini: what swara???? Laksh what happened??
Laksh: ragini..dadi ma is dead.(he cried)
Ragini was just stuck for a minute.laksh shooked her.she hugged him tightly and cried out loudly
Raksh got shocked to see ragini like this first time.she hugged sujata.sujata creassed her hair with of the kids approached ap .
Pradeep sat on the floor lifelessly,gentle tears flowed down his cheeks.
Parineeta touched his shoulder .he hugged her and cried very loudly…he just shouted., which really shocked everyone.
After few hours.
All were sitting in baadi house
Everyone was crying.dp and rp were consoling shekar .ragini was lying in sharmista’ s lap.swara was leaning on her shoulder.anjali and swathi was leaning on parineeta’s shoulder .adarsh was sitting with sangeeth.sanskar was carrying raksh.laksh consoles pradeep who is totally shattered.
Why pradeep is hurt this much …because
Few years back.
Adarsh was bailed out.
Adarsh and parineeta was thrown out of Mahehwari mansion as punsihment regarding property issues .
So parish stayed in dadi ma’s house for 7 years..
After knewing pari’s pregnancy. Shekar and sharmi forgived them and dadi ma also.
Pradeep was born and brought up in baadi house .he was totally pampered by dadi ma .
Ap and sujata used to visit baadi for the sake of kids.
So pradeep is very much attached to dadi ma and shemish too.dadi ma was a widower now..
As years passed ,everyone forgave them.
Parish along with the kids had brought back to MM.
Flashback ends.
So this is the reason., why pradeep is shattered hearing dadi ma ‘s dead.
Ragini was kept on crying.. Laksh went to her.
Laksh: ragini….pls…..
Raksh was very sad seeing them.
Swara: laksh! Let her cry…
Sharmista: han….
Laksh: what??
Swara: han laksh let her cry …I only know how broken now…she is…u know what laksh??? I joined my whole life till now with my mother but ragini suffered many years without a mother.dadi ma was only support for her.she loved her a lot.actually to say dadi ma was her mother for many years..she will be missing her a lot.let her cry….laksh.
Sharmista gave a acceptance look.

After funeral ceremony.
All were sitting in the hall.uttara went home along with rp and sujata.swaragini was sitting in their room sadly.ragini hugging dadi ma’s photo.
Sharmista entered their room.
Sh: swara ……ragini….
Swara: maa.
Sh: don’t cry beta..its enough of crying.
Ragini: but ma..dadi ma!!!
Sh: Han .I can also understand things.but this is reality.this is the game of life.
Swara: what are you trying to say ???? Maa
Sh: life will never stop for will keep on go.days,months,years will pass.
Swaragini gave a acceptance look.
Sh: as you are having your children now.its time for us to leave.even soon myself or ur papa will leave you.
Swaragini: maa….(shocked)
Sh: its life both should adapt yourself to the situation. You are going to guide your children. So now try to understand your responsibilities and reality.
Ap enters the room.
Ap: well said sharmista jii.even I am also thinking about the same and came to see them. But you had already made them clear
Sh smiled at ap.swaragini hugged them.
Raksh entered the room.
Raksh: maa….(ran to ragini)
Ragini: what happened princess??
Raksh: ma..I felt very bad when you were crying. You told me always to be brave.but you are not following you are crying like a child.
Ragini hugged her : sorry princess.hereafter I won’t.
Rakshitha moved to swara’s lap.
Raksh: bade ma , you should also be brave like me.
Swara: yes your honour…(hugged her)
Raksh: bade ma,when we will be going home.???
Swara: soon doll, go and call sanskar papa…
She ran.
Swara: ma .don’t worry take care papa well.we will come often here.
Swaragini hugged sharmista.
Sanskar entered the room carrying raksh.
Sanskar: what swara???
Swara: let’s go home today.
Sanskar: as you say madam…
Sanskar came near sharmista.
Sanskar: ma..don’t be sad.we, your sons always here for you both…take care ma.
Sharmista smiled and hugged him
All looked him lovingly.
Ragini: sanskar jiju…where is laksh???
Sanskar: I think……
Laksh interrupted: I am here. .(carrying sangeeth)
Sangeeth:mama!!! Pradeep bhaiya is so sad..
Ragini : I will look at him.
Ragini went to hall.pradeep was sitting in the sofa.parineeta was beside him.ragini also sat beside him.
Ragini: pradeep!!!!
In a second, he hugged ragini and cried.
All came to the hall.
Ap: so
Sanskar: bade papa, we will leave today.
Dp: okay beta.
Shekar: thanks a lot for your support…
Dp: arrey.. What is this shekar ji?? Its our duty and pleasure.
All smiled..
Ragini: laksh!!!.
L: what????
R: myself and pradeep stay here for some days pls..
L: is there to ask.. You can.
Pari nodded yes.
L: okay I will also stay here.
Dp: okay then , laksh ,ragini and pradeep be here for some days.
Ragini: raksh, what about you??? Will you stay without mama.???
Raksh: its okay mama…I will stay with bade papa and bade ma.
Ragini: then ok.
Swara: don’t worry ragini…I will take care .
Ragini hugged swara.
Adarsh: okay let’s leave…
Ap: chirag might be waiting for us.
Swara: Han, okay ma.
All hugged each other and left.(except raglak and pradeep).
Shemish sat on the sofa sadly.
Ragini went to the kitchen.laksh sat beside pradeep.he leaned on laksh’s shoulder .
Scene freezes..

Sorry guys, this might be boring but just I want to say that some sad situations also may come in your life..but you should cross everything. Don’t worry coming episodes will be full of fun and romance…(raglak and swasan).and I specially inform ,this is not raglak or swasan ff its just a swaragini , a family sorry for disappointing you all.but you enjoy here after I promise.
Bye take care keep smiling….

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