Love makes relationships….[epi 14]


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Episode 14

Interview continues.
Pooja: okay….everyone now question for ap mam and all ladies.
Everyone nods
Pooja:ap mam tell me about your family..
Ap: do you think a day is enough for that??????
Pooja smiled.
Ap: okay I will try to say short…first I am very lucky to be Mrs Dp.because that relation gave me more pride…my devar really loved me like a mom…then I got a cute sister sujata for my support.then the most important.. My kids, adarsh filled my smile…sanskar filled my heart…and finally laksh filled this house…the most naughty..(laksh smiled).
Rest all keenly looking at her.

Ap continues: life went happily…one princess who made all of us under her control..uttara.she finally filled my whole life. my most precious part of life is with this four people. There , I myself completed maheshwari parivaar..
Pooja: then??
Ap: then…years rolled now. Entered my three of parineeta, sweetness of swara and love of ragini filled this house entirely now .chirag , germ of a person..who took uttara from us along with our hearts.
Pooja (kept her hands in the cheeks): hmm
Ap: hmm now…again years rolled .5 stars of the sky landed into maheshwari parivaar.the playful pradeep…peaceful anjali….lovely swathi….naughty sangeeth and …cute rakshitha…who all filled my blank space of birth reason…
Pooja: how sweet…
Ap: you know beta… I can say with full confidence that I am the most happiest biwi, di, bhabhi, ma , bade ma,and dadi ma of the I assure one thing…trust is a Pillar of every relationship. But love makes relationships…

Swargini BGM plays..
Everyone smiled with moist eyes.
Pooja: pooh!!!! Ap mam , you are just awesome..
Sujata: jiji!!!! You are always right .
Pari: Han ma…
Swara:love always makes..
Ragini: relationships….
Pooja: really I can feel the love binded in your lifes.we came here to know about maheshwari parivaar, but we learnt how parivaar is built with love….
Pooja:Sujata mam !! You say something else..
Sujata: everything was told by jiji…what else??
Pooja: tell about your bahus.
Sujata: Han….Parineeta is the best cook.swara is the best Dancer and ragini is the best singer..above all this they are best wife’s , moms and the best bahus.
She smiled.

Praderp: and sujata dadi is the best all rounder.. He laughed..
Sujata: pradeep!!!
Pooja: uttara mam now its ur turn..
Uttara: Han I am ready.
Pooja: tell about your family..
Uttara: RP pa and sujata ma is my parents, but my mama papa is dp and bade ma said love makes relationships. I learnt this from her.I am the most luckiest sister in the world to have lovely brothers . and specially I have a cute bhabhis….and now I got a most caring husband chirag.finally being a girl you know what a pregnant girl feels.
Pooja: Han Han..but where is your husband??
Uttara: he is out of station now for business work.
Pooja: okay fine.
Everyone smiled.

Pooja: so finally we came to an end now….pari and swaragini mam tell us just one word about ur husbands.
Pari: sincere…little naughty.
Swara: prankster
Ragini: playboy
Adarsh and sanlak stared them.
Pooja: you are entire family is naughty….hmm so I thank you all very much for cooperation.
Dp : thank you beta …
Ap: you made us remember lot of good memories..
Pooja: okay..with this I am signing off…camera man Robert ke saath pooja…
Interview completed..
Everyone sat in the dining table along with pooja and Robert for lunch.
They all had a funny lunch time .
Finally pooja and Robert left.
Rest all went to their rooms for some rest.
Scene freezes.

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