Love makes relationships….[epi 13]


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Episode 13
Interview continues.
Pooja: okay raksh. Let us join ask questions to rest all okay???
Raksh: Han OK
Raksh sat beside pooja.
Pooja: next sangeeth…
Raksh: I will tell about him
Sangeeth: no..I will.
Raksh: I will
Sang: no
Swara: arrey..stop fighting.
Sang: ma I will.
Raksh: okay you say.
Pooja: whom you like the most???
Sang: I love all but specially pari ma and ragini chachi.
Swara: oh oh…see this boy (in fake anger)
Pooja: but why not swara ma???
Sang: because swara ma always tell me not to eat ice cream..
Everyone laughed.
Swathi and raksh: Han correct…
Swara: what???
Sanskar: Han correct..
Swara at San: what correct?? (Raising her eyebrows)
Sanskar: nothing…I asked what???
Everyone laughed again.
Uttara: bhai!!! Don’t try to act…bhabhi knows you well.(mockingly)
Swara: Han..
Sanskar: Han Han ….I know
Pooja: you are totally a naughty couple..
Swasan smiled.
Pooja: sangeeth…then what else you know…
Sang: I know to play cricket, foot ball…etc etc..and specially I am an athlete.
Pradeep: Han Han correct . always make swara chachi to run behind him( mockingly)
Swara nodded yes.
Sang: pradeep bhaiya even you have a gf….did I tell anyone…(flips his tongue out)
Everyone stared at pradeep.
Pradeep: shut up sangeeth..!!
Adarsh gave a death glare at pradeep.
Pooja smiled: you brothers are very cute while fighting…. Okay next swathi.
Rp: she is the most cute girl here like her suji dadi.
Suji looked at him shockingly.
Suji: jii????
Rp: Han Han…
Anjali: kya dadu???I can’t believe my eyes.
Rp: arrey anjali !!!! You silent girl.,now teasing me
Everyone smiled at anjali.
Pooja: okay..the most cute girl ..tell me.whom you like the most ???
Swathi: I love everyone..
Pooja: but there must be a special one right??
Swathi: Han I love ap dadi and sharmista nani more.
Swara: I knew …you will say this answer..( smiled)
Everyone: we all knew.
Pooja: what???
Ragini: Han we all knew that swathi love ap ma and mishti ma more..
Swathi smiled innocently.
Pooja: oh oh..very cute. Okay next??
Pardeep: the silent killer…
Anjali: ma !!! Dekho bhai.
Ap: pradeep don’t taunt her ..
Pradeep: Han see. This silent killer has more support here.
Swara: pradeep!! She is the peace bird of the house.
Ragini: very sweet and lovely girl…
Sanskar: the first girl who made me to feel like a father.
Laksh: Han correct.. Her silent nature taught us lot of patience..
Anjali smiled cutely..
Pooja: so by this …I came to know, that she is very silent and good girl.
Suji: of course…the only kid in this house who will not trouble us..
Sangeeth: which means dadi??we all troubles you.
Pradeep: is it dadi???
Ap: Han especially you both…
Everyone laughed.
Pooja: whom do you like the most????
Anjali: (silently) I love my bhai, my cute chotu…and meri pyaari Behans..
All looked lovely at her.
Raksh and sangeeth ran and hugged her.
Swathi moved to her: I love you di.
Pradeep: (with a tear drop)hey silent killer..I love you too.
Five of them hugged together.
All had a moist eyes.
Dp: thank you god….for this love…
Ap: hey bahavan!!! Keep them like this ever..
Pari: for sure ma…
Swaragini: Han..
All settled in their place…
Pooja: your siblings bond is really jealous for me…
Suji: arrey krishna!!!! Keep evil eyes away.
Pooja looked at her.
Swara: mom!!!!
Suji: pooja beta. I didn’t mean you.
Pooja: no problem mam…finally eldest son..
Pardeep: Han I am ready…
Pooja: tell me about you…
Pradeep: I am doing high school now….topper of the school…badminton player…good dancer like laksh chachu….
Adarsh: Han Han very lazy fellow…
Ap: but very much caring towards their dadis,moms and sisters…
Pradeep smiled: that’s all.
Sangeeth: bhaiya…gf…
Pradeep: hey chotu…if I get you..that’s all.
Everyone laughed.
Sanskar: that’s ok hero..we will talk about this later.. What say laksh???
Laksh: Han pradeep later…he winked at him.
Scene freezes…

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