Love makes relationships….[epi 12]

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Episode 12
Dp introduce the kids now.
Dp:firstly.. This is Mrs uttara chirag .our only lovable daughter of the house.
Pooja:oh oh!!! She is pregnant.. So soon you all going to have a cute baby..
Uttara blushes and all smiles.
Uttara sat beside ap.
Dp:next…our charming prince pradeep!!!adarsh’s elder son.
Pradeep sat between parish (pari and adarsh)
Dp:our lovely princess anjali!!!adarsh’s daughter.
Anjali sat between Ap and dp
Adarsh:papa!!you take rest …I will continue. He laughs.
Dp: sure.
Adarsh:our cute princess swathi!!!!sanskar’s elder daughter.
Swathi sat between rp and sujata.
While this going on one side..raksh hide herself behind adarsh sofa…nobody notice her.
Adarsh:next the most naughty fellow of the house…sangeeth!!!little sanskar..he laughs.
Sanskar glares at adarsh.
Sangeeth: well said bade papa..
Sangeeth sat between swasan.
Adarsh:and Finally the most cute…
Ragini: Han Han over pampered!!!!!(gives a death glare at everyone)
Laksh laughs
Adarsh:arrey!!! Where is she????
Everyone little shocked.

From behind raksh: bow!¡!!!!!!!! Shouted.
everyone laughed…
Pooja:oh oh really naughty…
Sujata:like her father..
Adarsh: Han this is rakshitha…laksh’s daughter
Raksh ran and sat between raglak.
Pooja: okay Robert!!! Ready.
Robert : Han ready..
Pooja: once again welcome everyone.. Firstly I will start with a clarification…. The sudden family interview of maheshwari parivaar has been organized because of some issues..that is actually yesterday after knowing about marriage life’s of the most leading handsome business tycoons of Kolkata.many questions arose in the social networks… So this is the reason for this interview..
The whole family members are little shocked..
Pooja: in fact we are happy for them…they have a good family relationship and recently they had signed a great business deal.there is more things for us to discuss. ..I extremely eager…so wait and watch.
Everyone smiled.

Pooja: so I will start with the youngest member of the family.. Because we know many things about the heros. …
Ragini laughed..:hero???
Pooja: Han!!!! First rakshitha !!! Actually you are looking so cute today…
Raksh: really !!! Its because of anjali di .
Pooja: oh oh..then whom do you like the most in the family???
Raksh: (after a while thinking) Han!!! Maheshwari parivaar is my favorite and I like the most
Everyone stared at her.
Pooja: oh… Who taught you this???
Raksh: my mama always used to say maheshwari parivaar is my life …by that I too like it..
Ragini lovingly looked at raksh but rest all looked ragini..
Pooja: can you tell us a story???
Raksh: of course anuty…I know many.but papa !!! Which story???
Laksh : ur wish doll.
Raksh: han OK ..I will say this.
Pooja: what???
Raksh : one night , my father told me this story…

Raksh: papa!! Tell me a story.
Laksh: okay….one day,…
Raksh: don’t tell a kings story pls..its boring.
Laksh: I will tell about raglak.
Raksh: raglak????what is that ….
L: wait… day….
( story…
Few years back, One night,I was roaming in the street.suddenly god came in front of me.
God: laksh!!!
I was shocked
God: I am god.
L: jii.
God: I need a help from you.
L: what!??? Help ..from me…
God: yes….actually I have a little angel with me..
L: so..
God: now I am very busy with my works…so I need ur help to take care that angel…
L: but why you chose me ??? Do you think I am capable???
God: of course!!!
L: but how???
God: you may not remember thus, but few years back I gave you a beautiful angel to take care….
L: what???
God: yes!! But I didn’t give any info to you about that angel…
L: which angel??
God: its ragini!!!! Laksh.
Laksh smiled.
God: Han!!!(laughed).so again I am going to give you another little angel today…
L: so am I capable???
God: of course. You are….I can see a beautiful smile in ragini’s face Nowadays.
L: so???
God: so have this angel too.
God gave me a little angel raksh.
L: if I want one more angel ???god
God:sorry laksh!! Now ragini angel has that power .
God smiled and got vanished.)
L: story over. He clapped.
R: am I an angel ??? Papa.
L: of course doll.
R hugged L .
R: if we want one more angel we need to ask mama right????
L:(laughed) Han
R: after mamma come, I will ask her.
Flashback ends.

Raksh: that’s all story over..
Everyone clapped.
Raksh: mama!!!(shouted) .
Ragini: what???
Raksh: on that day , I forgot to ask you…pls give an angel mama…pls(she pouted)
Swara gave a fake cough.
Ragini blushed and hid herself behind laksh’s shoulder.
Everyone laughed.
Raksh: mama..
Pooja diverted her
Pooja: raksh ..okay you ask mama later…that story was super…then what else you know…??
Raksh got diverted..
Ragini(slowly): laksh!!! You and your doll always make me embrace in front of all.
Laksh smiled.
Scene freezes.

Hey guys, sorry. Don’t think how stupid is this interview??? No where it will happen like this.( interview)..but actually I want to make some family moments only I made this interview scene.pls don’t scold me in your heart .
Pls do live comments both positive and negative..
Plssssssss do.
Bye take care keep smiling…

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