Love makes relationships….[epi 11]


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Episode 11
In raglak room.
Ragini made raksh to drink milk .
Raksh:(after drinking)ma!I am feeling sleepy.where is papa?
Ragini: OK doll. You lie down , I will go and call papa.
She was about to get up.
Laksh: (enters)no need ragini. I am here.princess now you sleep.

He sat beside raksh.
Ragini went to change her nightwear.
While Ragini came out of the washroom, raksh was already slept.and laksh was standing in the varanda.
Ragini hugged laksh from back.
Ragini:you are not going sleep???
Laksh:you are not angry on me??
Ragini broke the hug and turned laksh towards her.
Ragini: why should I ??
Laksh: I thought you were angry on me and I should make a plan to convince you.
Ragini(smiled): nothing like that fact , I was very much happy .
Laksh:oh really!!!!.so today……(he moved towards her step by step)
Ragini:(stopped him)nothing today..
Laksh:this is not fair yaar..(makes a puppy face)
Ragini: laksh!!!
Laksh:OK OK .

Ragini: I love you Mr laksh maheshwari.
Laksh:I love you too Mrs laksh maheshwari.
Both Smiled and hugged.
Laksh: I will always love you ..only you
Laksh:no other girl can take your place in my heart and life
Laksh: you are my everything…
Laksh: what hmm hmm???(broke the hug)
Ragini:love you laksh!!!(cupped his face)
Laksh:ragini!!!!….(looked her face romantically)
Ragini:no laksh..
Slowly both lips are nearing..which gradually hides the moon.
Finally, laksh catch on to ragini’s lip and kissed wildly.they had a cute liplock for few minutes.
Then ragini broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen.
Ragini:laksh!!!you are just …an..idiot.
Laksh:thank you..(smiled)
Raksh:(in sleep)papa!!
Laksh:Han doll… Coming.
He moved to bed.ragini smiled
Ragini(in mind):thank god…for giving me this lovely family and most lovely husband.
Ragini smiled and slept beside raksh, holding laksh’s hand.

In swasan room.
Swara entered.sanskar was sitting in the bed.
Sanskar:sangeeth slept???
Swara:Han…you didn’t sleep???
Sanskar:waiting for you…
Sanskar:Han you .my lovely biwi.
Swara:what happened to you!?? You are in a very romantic mood.
Sanskar: of course!!!(he holds her hand)
Swara:sanskar !! Live my hand.(she turns towards him)
Sanskar glares at her.
Swara:sanskar pls…
Sanskar:only today (with a puppy face).
Swara:no way…
she was about to move ..sanskar carried her in a bridal way and made her lie on the bed.
Swara:sanskar !!!no…no..
He switched off the light.
(Sorry guys, it was totally dark. Even I couldn’t see anything…and don’t Peep into others room
Bad manners..)

Next day morning..
Everyone had their bf and went to their rooms to make themselves ready.
Reporter(Pooja) and camera man (robert)came .
Dp,ap , sujata, ram and adarsh was sitting in the hall including Pooja and Robert.
Pooja:sir!let us start now..
Dp: first you should eat something…..pari beta !!
Parineeta comes with some snack and tea.
Dp: this is my bade bahu…Mrs parineeta adarsh maheshwari.
Pooja:hello mam.
Pari: hello(smiles)
Pari sat beside adarsh.
Sanskar:Han bade papa coming..

Swasan climbed down the stairs..
San wearing a yellow T-shirt and black coat. Swara wearing a red Saree.
Dp: this is ram’s elder son sanskar…and our lovely bahu swara sanskar maheshwari.
Pooja:hello sir ..hello mam
Swasan:hello .
Dp:laksh!!ragini beta!!
Ragini:Han papa…
Raglak came down.
Lak wearing a white shirt and brown coat.ragini was wearing a darkblue Saree (note:ragini also wear Saree like swara not as in the serial )
Dp: this is my younger son laksh and our choti bahu ragini laksh maheshwari.
Pooja:hi sir ..hello mam.
Raglak:hi I!!
Dp: now it’s time for our important family members ….uttara!!pradeep!!!
Uttara (wearing a blue colour long umbrella salwar )comes down holding pradeep’s(blue jean and whit T-shirt) support.
Next, anjali(light orange long party frock) comes holding sangeeth (cream white jean and brown T-shirt )and swathi (green sleeveless party frock) comes down holding rakshitha.(white angel frock)
Scene freezes with the kids …

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Bye take care…keep smiling

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