Love makes relationships….[epi 10]


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Episode 10.
Adarsh , sanskar and laksh enters MMansion .
All seated were seated in the hall.(except the 3bahus) .
They all congratulated them .
Ap:okay…you go and have a wash &come.
Uttara:Han bhais…you are going to have a delicious food today from your wifes .
Laksh:then how it could be delicious???(in a mocking tone.)
Laksh:OK ma . I will leave.
Everyone laughed.
Raksh came running to laksh.he carried her.
Laksh:come let’s go now.
Raksh:but papa…why did you cry in TV .????
Laksh: let’s go baby….(moved fastly before no one notices raksh’s question)
They went to their rooms

In the dining table.
All were seated in the table. Swaragini and pari were arranging The food.
Sanlak and adarsh came down.(reached near)
Pari:young!!!!(while pouring water in the glass)
Swara:handsome!!!!!!(while serving food to pradeep)
Ragini:dashing!!!!!!!! (While feeding raksh).
Three of them looked confused and recognized what they are mean to say…
Everyone laughed.
They seated .
Uttara:kya bhabhi????
Swara:you know what ..uttara??? Some people are still young..dashing…handsome..
Uttara:who are they bhabhi???
Laksh:bhai! I can smell some jealousy here…can you???
Sanskar:of course…
Pari: how can this TV people so mean???
Pradeep:what mom???
Pari: nothing beta.. What is your age now???
Pradeep:its could you forget that???
Pari:I didn’t… But some people do.(looked adarsh)
Adarsh:okay fine!!!what you people want ask???just give a open talk..

All three bahus at same time.. Swara:nothing !!! , ragini: kuch bhi nahi!!! And pari:leave that.
Looking at them , all started to laugh.
Pradeep:papa!!all (3)are kidding you three…
Sujata: serve maal pua..which you made for them.(to pari)
Swara served it.
Ap:my bahus are very much happy about you and your talk about them…look at their faces.
All looked at them.

Swaragini and pari about to blush…but to control..
Ragini: raksh chalo… I will switch on the TV(she moved)
Swara:I think phone is ringing…(she ran to upstairs)
Pari:maa..I will bring some more dhaal.(she moved to kitchen)
Pradeep:great moms…but you can escape only now…he laughs..
Everyone laughed again…
Dp:anyway.. You people made this day, a big day..congratulations!!!
Sanlak and adarsh:thank you papa..
Ram:Bhai!its all because of your blessing and guiding..

Laksh phone rings.
Person:something….bla bla bla…
Laksh:one minute…(to dp) papa ! Xyz channel wants to take family interview tomorrow… What should I say???
Dp looks at ap , sujata ,and ram .
Ap:OK ji
Ram:your wish bhai..
Sujata:is there any necessity to ask me?.?bhaisab..
Dp: okay laksh.
Laksh:(phone)okay ….
He hangs up.
After few minutes.

All gathered in the hall.
Dp imformed everyone about the interview and arrangements..
Ap:swaragini !!you both take care of the hall arrangements… Pari! You take care about the food preparation for people coming…because its a 6hours shoot….we cannot send them back without serving food right??
Pari: is there anything to explain this much to me…?I can understand maa.
All smiles.
Ram:sanskar! You inform leave for the kids..
Sanskar:jii papa.
Dp: okay..go and have a good sleep…(he leaves)
All went to their rooms..
As usual Ap switched off the lights…

Scene freezes…
Sorry guys for making a small episode… As I am not feeling well today , I couldn’t make it. Sorry!!!!!
Pls forgive me…

Precap:swasan and raglak love Convo!!!!!!!!(at night)

Bye take care keep smiling….

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