Love makes life live…….(Episode 1)

Hello guys…… I am Vaishnavi . I love kumkum bhagya a lot. I am writing this ff based upon my imagination and I want you all to support me. Let’s get started.

Aarav…… Take your water bottle…….. Says mother of aarav. OK mummy bye today is my first day of school. Bless me……says aarav. Beta you have to take blessings of kanha ji coz my blessings are always with you dear….. Says his mum. Aarav says I know that your blessings are always with me but I don’t have blessings of my dad. I want to know the reason for that. His mother gets tears in her eyes but controls them and changes the topic. She says aarav your school bus has arrived. Go fastly or elsr you will be late to school. Aarav says ok mummy. Byeeeee…..
Aarav sits in the bus and go to school.

Teacher comes to the class. All get up and greet her. She says I am miss daisy. I am your class teacher and I teach you English. I want intro of everyone. All give their intro. Its aarav’s turn. Aarav says I am aarav mehra daisy feels something strange and ask the Names of his parents. He says my mother’s name is pragya mehra. Daisy is stunned to listen the name. She ask him name of his dad. Aarav says my dad never met me and I don’t know his name. Whenever I ask mom about dad she always changes the topic. Daisy remembers many things and walks out of class.

Precap : daisy cries by thinking about pragya. Intro of other characters.

Sorry for short ff. I will ensure that I will be writing long ff from next update. I am writing ff for the first time. I need support of everyone. Plz do comment………

Credit to: Vaishu


  1. piyashree

    Nice story line but ur epi us too short update it long and yah update next epi soon ur epi quite good.

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Nice Vaishnavi…..The story have something different plot…..Continue it….& update the next one soonnnnnnnnn…….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.