Love makes life live (KKB) Chapter 9


Chapter 9
Pragya couldn’t control her tears she thinks ‘ I was with him from morning without having anything but he didn’t bother me to ask whether I had food or not but he is asking that girl and he said his baby then what’s my role in his life just a compromise that’s it..I’m just a third person in his life’ with these thoughts she climb up the stand she could see Abhi and Sameera having their dinner with hearty smile.She didn’t wanna blame him or Sameera for her heart break she is responsible for all this because this is her love and her one sided love.
She entered the room and took his post dinner tablet out of the cover and placed in a small box near a glass of water.She got into wardrobe and changed herself in night wear and came back and sit in couch she couldn’t stop the tears she felt she lost in her life she even couldn’t think she lost the man who she loved madly.She just laid on couch by hugging a pillow and reminds Abhi and Sameera’s convo which gave her more pain.

“Actually Abhi..where is Dadi..Purab one is in home”,asked Sameera while climbing stairs where Abhi held her hand for support.
“They all went to Delhi actually I sent them they ll be safe there..BTW you came here now that too in this last stage of ur pregnancy don’t u know its risk”,said Abhi.
“I’m sorry Abhi..I couldn’t stop myself as I heard the news don’t worry I ll be safe here than there because you are around me no one could hurt me or baby”,smiled Sameera.
“Tum bhi na.. u always make me to fail in words by ur words”,said Abhi.
Sameera chuckled.

“Okay it’s getting late now so you go and sleep meet you in morning..wait..wait could you sleep alone what you ll do if you need something in night so I ll sleep in your room”,said Abhi caringly.
“Oh hello Mr.Resp I ll take care of myself first you go and take rest because you are wounded”,replied Sameera.
“Well Okay..Good night you and good night my baby”,he bent down towards her tummy and said this.
Sameera chuckled “Good night Abhi..take care call me if you need anything”,said Sameera.
“Okay now go and sleep”,said Abhi.
Pragya who was about to go out but she stopped when she heard Abhi and Sameera’s convo her eyes were more wet and when she saw Abhi heading towards their room she ran in settle in couch and pretends to sleep.
Abhi who was heading to room with a smiling face he slapped himself and says,Oh..Abhi you had forgot about Pragya..Oops where is she..She didn’t had her dinner sure she had missed her lunch too..Oh how I forgot her.He moved to kitchen and took a plate of food and moved towards his room.

When Abhi entered his room he could see Pragya was sleeping he thought to wake her to have dinner but he stopped when he saw her tired face ‘seems to be she was very tired and she cried too..I know she worried about me alot’ he could see dry tear trails on her cheek he thought not to disturb her he kept the plate in side table he could notice his post dinner drugs and a unknown smile formed in his face and tuned towards Pragya and smiled at her and thinks ‘How lovely she is even in her tiredness she never fail to take care of me’ he had his drugs and settled in bed and soon he feel his lids are heavy and dozed off.
Pragya opened her eyes and looked Abhi and moved towards him and carres his wound and said ‘Why you are hurting me to this much extent why u married me why u made me to feel that you love me now why u r giving this pain’ Abhi slightly turned Pragya immediately run off to her couch and covered herself with blanket and she too doesn’t know when the sleep overpowered her.

Next morning,Pragya woke up before Abhi and she doesn’t wanna face him so she left the room soon and she started to prepare something for breakfast.She got herself busy in her work to divert her mind from her pain.
Abhi slowly opened his eyes and looked at the clock it shows 9 he was shocked that he overslept and he realized he didn’t have his favorite coffee and sweet wake up by Pragya.’why Pragya doesn’t wake me up..may be she thought I ll be tired so only she didn’t woke me’,he thought and moved towards wardrobe and freshup.
Now it was 10 He couldn’t see glimpse of Pragya in their room.He moved out where he met Sameera just roaming.
“Good morning Abhi..”,wished Sameera.

Abhi smiled “Good morning Sameera and good morning baby”,Abhi wished back.
“Wassup Abhi seems to be tensed”,asked Sameera.
“Woh.. nothing I was just looking for Pragya..Have to dress my wound”,he said.
“Pragya..Oh that girl..I didn’t even met her well she ll be busy in kitchen come lemme dress you wound”,said Sameera and took Abhi to his room.
Pragya glanced the clock it shows 10:14 ‘’s past 10 he ll surely be awake I have to dress his wound’,she thought and rushed towards her room.
She stopped at the door the sight before her made her heart broken into pieces yet again she could see Sameera was dressing Abhi’s wound.She tried to step back and leave but she unknowingly bumped with the door which made a noise that gained Abhi and Sameera’s attention.

“Where you gone”,asked Abhi in lil bit restless loud tone as he saw her after a long 8 hours.
Sameera looked at Abhi then Pragya and asked “You are Pragya ryt”
She just nodded her eyes were filled yet again and again and she was about to leave.
“Where are you going”, asked Abhi in real anger as he could see something is wrong.
Pragya was hurted with his anger ‘I thought he is just in swing of mood that’s why he is anger on me sometimes but now only I came to know this all anger is because he doesn’t like me in real and that’s the fact’,thought Pragya.
“Pragya what happened to you..where you lost”,shouted Abhi as he couldn’t take her absence and silence.
Pragya came back to sense and looks at them.
“Hey Pragya see I couldn’t dress his wound as my bump is not convenient to do this so please you do this”,said Sameera.
Pragya nods and took cotton and tapped in his wound so softly like feather touch with her every touch on his wound she feels the pain along with him and its noticed by Abhi as he could feel her love.
“Pragya this is Sameera..Sameera this is Pragya”said Abhi.
Pragya smiled.
“Abhi Then what about baby you didn’t introduced him”,said Sameera.
“Arey itself eating my brain then how my baby ll eat my brain see I ll brought up him like me not like his bak bak Mumma”,said Abhi.
Pragya couldn’t hear anymore she finished dressing and said “I’m done”,said Pragya.
Abhi was amused as he couldn’t feel any pain while dressing she was so soft and caring.
“Breakfast is ready I had kept in table”,said Pragya.
Abhi sensed something is bothering her and he thought it may be Sameera.
“Abhi come let’s go me and baby are hungry”,said Abhi and dragged him down.
As they left Pragya broke down in tears she couldn’t take it anymore she need a break she need to be alone for some time she packed her bag she couldn’t tolerate that she felt cheated that too by her most loved soul.She packed her bag and settled Abhi’s medicine in week stack box properly.

Abhi came in and asked “Why u didn’t came for breakfast”
“I had placed all you weekly medicine in this stack box”,said Pragya without answering his questions.
“I’m asking something and you are saying something..btw I wanna say about Sameera”,said Abhi.
Pragya don’t wanna say anything about her from his mouth she not yet ready to hear anything that ll Break her heart.
“I’m leaving to my home”,said Pragya without seeing his eyes.

“Your home why..all of sudden”,asked puzzled Abhi.
“I wanna go and see my family members”,said Pragya.
“You can go after Dadi and Alia return from Delhi”,said Abhi firmly.
“No i wanna go now this minute”,said Pragya.This made Abhi anger that how could she think of leaving me when I’m in this condition.
“I wanna see Tanu as she is pregnant just now maa called me and informed”,lied Pragya.

“Oh is it so”,said Abhi as he got anger on her without knowing the reason.
“Well I ll drop you”,said Abhi.
“,No need you take rest I ll manage”,said Pragya.
“Okay”,Abhi said in a sad tone.
Immediately Pragya left the home with her bag and started towards her home with train of thoughts.

To be continued….
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