Love makes life live (KKB) Chapter 8


Chapter 8
“Suniyeee…..”,she shouted and ran towards him who steadying himself by holding the car’s door.
The people around the place where running here and there after hearing the firing sound and a car passed them with a speed by grinning at Abhi.Abhi could see that culprit passing before him with a smile.
She held him and started to weep “What the hell had happened oh my god what I ll do now”.
“Pragya listen don’t cry call the ambulance”,Abhi said in between his pain.
Pragya did what he said and ambulance came in minutes.They got Abhi into the ambulance and Pragya too got in with much worry and tears.

Pragya held his hands “Don’t worry nothing ll happen to u”,she said.
“I know nothing ll happen to me..this small bullet can never destroy the Abhishek Mehra.Pragya listen call Purab now”,he said.
Pragya dialed Purab and held the phone to Abhi’s ears.
“Hello…Purab I’m shotted and he ll aim our family send Dadi and Alia to Delhi with our two or three men and come to hospital and take back Pragya with you and leave her in Delhi and come back now send Alia and Dadi asap got it”,said Abhi and ended the call.
“No..i won’t go anywhere by leaving you please don’t make me to go away from you”,she weeped.
“No Pragya it’s not safe to be here try to understand”,he tried to explain.
“No I won’t go anywhere”,she said stubbornly.

“Why u wanna here and why u wanna risk ur life for me..why u r doing all this”,he asked a bit loud in pain
“Because u r my husband”,she said sternly.
“Husband…that’s it…then you don’t wanna do any wifey duties for me”,Abhi said in a drowsiness his voice was low and breaked.
She was scared that his eyes were closing forcibly his voice getting low.
“No..I ll do because I lo..Suniye..Suniye..please open your eyes please”,her confession break down when he closed his eyes.
They reached hospital and they took Abhi inside the operation theatre.
Pragya was sitting with a worried face Purab came there.Pragya ran towards him and started to sob he consoled her “Bhabi.. nothing ll happen to bhai he is so strong and courageous he ll be come Bhabhi let’s go”,Purab said.
“No Purab I won’t come please understand how I ll come by leaving him like this”,Pragya said.

“Bhabi try to understand bhai told me to take you from here so please Bhabhi”,Purab pleased.
“No..i won’t come”,she said sternly and walked back to the OT and peeked inside via the door.
After 3 hours Doctor informed them “He had gained conscious and u ppl can meet him now”,said the doctor.
Purab and Pragya goes inside the room to meet him.He was lying with a huge bandage around his waist and blood was tripping to his nerves he was tired and pale but there was anger in his dark eyes.Pragya was shattered to see her hero so dull and Helpless but somehow she is happy that he is fine before her.Abhi glanced at Pragya’s wet eyes and shifted his gaze towards Purab.
“Purab..what I said”,he asked sternly.
Purab looked at Pragya “Bhai… actually Babhi is not willing to come she wanna be here with you”,Purab said.
Abhi glanced at Pragya’s side “Okay Purab..let her here and now u go and be with Dadi and Alia”,said Abhi.

“But could I leave u in this condition”,said Purab.
“Purab I ll be okay I need u to be safe and dadi and Alia needs you”,said Abhi.
Without any refusal Purab left there.
“Why u are standing here like this and why u are crying as I’m dead”, said Abhi.
“Shut up..why u are talking like this you never had any care on you..why u guys are so easy and careless about life”,she shouted.
Abhi gave a weak smile.
“Look.. please don’t smile..U know how I worried I was dead by seeing you like this”,she said.
“Ohh… really”,teased Abhi.
Pragya stared him.

“Hey lollipop..come and sit here”,said Abhi with a smile.
Pragya with fake anger goes and sat besides him “How are you feeling now”,asked Pragya.
“Well..I’m feeling better”,said Abhi.
“Who shotted you”,asked Pragya.
“My one of the enemy and its very usual and common don’t take tension”,said Abhi.
Pragya was irritated with his answer and thinks,How can he be careless with his life.
“Pragya tell me one thing why u didn’t go with Purab”,asked Abhi.
“Well..If i had gone then who ll take care of u in this condition”,she said.
“Well in that case don’t worry lots of nurses are there to take care of me so u may go”,replied back Abhi.

Pragya burned with jealous and throwed pillow on him.
“Ouch”,he shouted.
She stood up and bent towards him “Is that hurting”, asked Pragya.
Abhi was lost in their closeness “’s hurting here”,pointed his heart.
Pragya with low voice asked “why”
“Because the girl whom I love most is hiding all her love for me”he said.
Pragya was shocked by hearing his statement that he is in love with some girl.
“Am I right”,he asked her.
“How do I know”,she replied lil hurted.
Suddenly the doctor came in and asks,Hello..Mr.Mehra how u r feeling now.
“Still the same doctor but please lemme to my home”,Abhi asked.
“Well u have anyone to take care of you”,asked Abhi.
“Main hoon doctor I ll take care of him”,said Pragya.Abhi looked at her with a grin smile.

“Well Mrs.Mehra then come with me and complete the formalities”,said doctor and Pragya followed him after half an hour she came back after completing the procedure.
“Shall we move”, Pragya asked but the word he said ‘the girl he love’ who ll be she did he love someone she was in deep thoughts.
“Pragya..”,Abhi called her with a loud voice make her to break her thoughts.
“Haan…”,she replied.
“Where you were lost”,asked Abhi.
“Nothing I was just…”, stammered Pragya.Abhi interrupted
“Okay help me”,asked Abhi while trying to get out of bed.
“Ya.. sure is that paining alot”,asked Pragya by supporting him to stand by encircling his hand around her waist.
He just lost in her eyes and nods no.

“No..Are u a human or what”,asked Pragya amusingly.
“Kya”,asked Abhi just came out of his trance.
Pragya could feel his gaze and she was jumping inside with happiness as her hero was so close to her after that so called kiss.
“Kuch nahi..ab chale”,said Pragya.
“Hmmm..”,said Abhi and smiled.
Pragya too smiled at him and took him towards the car.
She took him towards the car she held him by waist he held her by shoulder.She was just slipped she held his waist tight unknowingly it cause pain in his abdomen.
“Ouch”,he wailed in pain.

She steadied herself “oh my god I’m sorry.. sorry”,she immediately took off her hand which made Abhi to lose his balance before he could shake of misbalance she held his collars and pulled him where his face came closer to her both could feel the hot breethe in cold breeze their eyes were locked their world was stopped a blown horn make them to sense.Pragya moved away and held his waist and made him to sit in car and she too got in.Driver ignited the engine and they started towards their home.
Abhi placed his arms around her shoulder.Pragya looked at him surprised.
“I’m sorry I can’t down my hands as it hits my abdomen”,pouted Abhi like a child.Pragya couldn’t help she smiled “It’s okay”,said with a slight blush which made mutters inside Abhi.
“You sent Dadi Alia and Purab to Delhi now I ll be all alone with whom I ll play and have fun”, Pragya asked disappointed.
“I told you to leave”,said slightly over possessive Abhi.
“How could I leave you when u r in this condition because there is no one to take care of you”,said Pragya.
“And that’s the reason you are here ryt”,Abhi shouted irritated.

Pragya was really felt irked of his sudden loud voice “yes..then what will be the reason..Sure I’m gonna get bored single minute with a moody person..and for ur goodness please don’t shout its not good for you at this time as u had done stiches in ur abdomen”,said Pragya.
“Damn you..just don’t irritate me”,Abhi sighed.
Pragya irked and turned her face by murmuring “Kadoos”
“Kya kaha tu ne”,asked Abhi.
“Kuch nahi..u may be a big don don’t show ur attitude to me”,said Pragya strictly.
Abhi sighed and thinks ‘what girl he is I don’t ever felt love but is the way a person ll behave with her love.. always showing attitude Achaa..Let it be lemme see for how long u gonna be like this’

Pragya looks at him and thinks ‘How one can be so rude..His mood is always in a swing suddenly he talks so sweetly suddenly he is shouting..does he think me as one of his goon..He just shout and I ll get scared I’m Pragya Mehra..Wife of Abhishek Mehra lemme show him how I’m attitude than him’
With these reflective thoughts they reached home.
Pragya got down and came Abhi’s side and opened the door and bent forward to help Abhi.
“No need I ll manage”, said Abhi in anger.
“Okay mere Kya”,said Pragya and moved away and watched Abhi.
Abhi was really struggling he couldn’t get off from the seat Pragya smirked and helped him by keeping his hand over her shoulder and encircled her arms around his waist.
They moved inside the Mehra mansion.
“Abhi….”,a voice came from the MM living room.
Pragya thought who was that no one in house.
She looked towards the living room she could see a woman with flaunting baby bump with teary eyes she was puzzled who was she and calling him by name no one had called him by name except Dadi and Purab.

For another surprise come shock Abhi loosen Pragya’s grip and stood independently and ran towards the woman even without minding his pain or wound.
Pragya was shocked her thoughts making her restless that her hero who struggled to stand now running towards the unknown woman without bothering his wound.
“Sameera..tum..why did you came alone”,Abhi asked with a wide smile.Pragya was numb as she was seeing his face is glowing in happiness.
“Haa..Abhi.. what happened to you..I heard u got shot..Are you okay u know how much I’m worried for you”,said Sameera.
Pragya was in anger and confusion.A normal girl won’t see such thing as an unknown woman sharing such close bond with her soulmate.
“Arey.. Nothing happened to me just see I’m fine.. perfectly Stop worrying if you worried then what about my baby he ll be worried na..look I’m alright now smile…”,said Abhi and pulled her cheeks.

Pragya was hell shocked with the words ‘My baby’ what the hell is going on here what he is doing with thay lady and who is she..Is she still a stranger in his life this thoughts were running all over her mind.
“No Abhi u r lying..see me and baby only have you now so please be careful”,said Sameera in between sobs.
Abhi consoled her.” Have you had ur Dinner”,asked Abhi concerned.
“No not even lunch after hearing the news me and baby is thinking of you”,said Sameera with a pout.

Pragya’s eyes were filled with tears she couldn’t see her man so close to another woman like this she thinks ‘Is I’m just a compromise to she his love of life’ she reminded his words in hospital ‘his love’ Is she is his love and baby too’ she felt a cut in her heart but she shouldn’t blame him she misunderstood his concern and friendship as love..she should be blamed for her hopes that he too loves her.
“Chalo hum saath kaoungey..Mumma baby aur Papa”, said Abhi and took Sameera leaving heart broken Pragya behind him.

To be continued…
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