Love makes life live (KKB) Chapter 7


Chapter 7
“Hell..hello”,Pragya stammered by looking at Abhi.
Abhi looks at Pragya and asks her to speak Pragya blinks..Abhi snatched the mobile and switched on the speaker.
“Hey..darling wassup baby”,asked the ABHINAV.
Pragya’s eyes widened “”,she murmured.
“Aww… Pragya kitna pyaar hai baat karo na”,said Abhi.
Pragya made a fake smile “Hi…Ab..Abhinav..Who are you..I..I..mean how are you”,she stammered.
Abhi watched her talking in excitement.
“I’m rocking the way I’m here in Mumbai well I’m here to meet your so called husband so let sort it out and let’s fly back to US we ll rock the rest”, said the ABHINAV.
Pragya just dropped her mobile in shock and sat on bed and looked at Abhi.Abhi stares at her hearing ABHINAV’s words.Oh god..Who the hell he life is gonna be big blunder.
Abhi took the mobile from the floor by looking at Pragya “Hey..ABHINAV or whatever I’m her so called husband..I’m not longing to start my life with her meet me whenever u want and wherever u want I’m ready and take ur jaan with u to the hell”,he shouted.
“Well,in that case u Mr.Mehra come to Golden palace with meri jaan at 10”,he ended the call.

Abhi throwed the mobile on bed “come let’s go”,He said with an anger.
“Kahan..Why did u accept…I’m not coming anywhere Mujhe dheer hochuki hai I wanna go for college”,she said tensed and took her bag and about to leave.
Abhi held his hands “Shut up and come with me I’m not asking I’m saying that’s it..I don’t wanna any random man to raise voice at me u got it”he shouted.
Her eyes were filled she just nodded in scared shock and followed him.Abhi and Pragya got into the car and started towards Golden palace.Pragya..what are you even doing just open ur mouth and say u don’t love any ABHINAV come on Pragya u r making big mistake,She said herself.As she was busy in conversing with herself she doesn’t realize that car has already Stopped and Abhi was knocking her window “Come out”,he said sternly and started to walk in.Pragya got out quickly and ran behind him. “Suniye..Suniye..”,she called him.
“Hmm…”,he replied while walking.
“Dekho..I..”,she started but it was cut offed by Abhi “There your duffer hero”,he said by Seeing in direction opposite to them.
“Huhh”, Pragya almost shocked how could he know that man even I too didn’t know him..She looked towards the direction he pointed out but there was nearly 6-7 men are there in random tables. “Suniye..I forget his face..I mean I couldn’t recognize his face..when last time I saw him he was with beard and all now no one seems to be here with beard”,She gave the most lame excuse.
“It’s u couldn’t recognize ur love if he shaved his beard..What the hell..”,He almost yelled.
She has no words to express she stood numb… “ u seen him..even I..I mean…how.. how u know him”,she asked.
“Actually he send his pic to ur mobile”,he replied back.
“I didn’t ask”,she replied back quickly.
“Did I told u..u ask for his pic..I’m the one asked for his pic”,he said
“But why”
“Because I wanna see that irritating idiot..he never ever match even my..oh forget it..”,he sighed.
What the hell is happening oh god,thought Pragya..”Are..are u okay with this…I mean u r ready to send me with him”,she asked by expecting a no from him.
“There he is sitting come let’s go”,he said and walked towards ABHINAV.
Pragya blinked and followed him to the man who showing his back to them.
Abhi slowly taps his shoulder and ABHINAV turns //Abhinav is played KARANVIR BOHRA//
“Hey meri are you…how long I didn’t see u..I missed u alot jaan”, ABHINAV said after seeing Pragya.
Pragya’s eyes widened she was scared to the hell by hearing an unknown person talking to her this way and his words was making her to shiver and she was sweating and she held Abhi’s arms tight.
“Arey jaan kya hua give me a hug baby.. come on come on..”,he came towards Pragya.
“Ahhhh”,she shouted and held Abhi’s arms tight and tears were flowing continuously.
“Arey..tum kya kar rahi ho..U only said u love him still now why u r behaving like this”,asked Abhi in irritated manner.
“Jaan..this is not fair u r clutching his arms”,said ABHINAV and held Pragya’s hands and tried to pull her towards him.
“Ahh….no…no…I won’t come…”,she held Abhi’s hand even more tight and she was crying.
“Jaan..please don’t behave like this it feels weird”, ABHINAV pleaded.
“No…I don’t know who u r.. please leave me”,Pragya still closed her eyes and clutching Abhi’s arms.
“Pragya.. don’t create scene I’m running out of time I don’t have time for ur bakwass pyaar”,Abhi still said in irritating tone.
“U shut up Mr.Abhishek Prem Mehra”ABHINAV replied.
“Acha…”,he released Pragya’s hold from his arms “Hell with ur love I’m leaving”,he sighed and moved.
“Tum aao jaan”, said ABHINAV.
“No..”,she said and held Abhi’s wrist “Please.. please don’t go..I don’t know who is he..I promise u I don’t know him..I never ever loved any ABHINAV I was just fooling you and making prank on u..please please don’t leave me here with this creep please take me with u ..I swear Aap Jo bolungi mein karungi”,Pragya blurt out.

Abhi twisted his lips playfully and looked at Pragya and then ABHINAV.Abhi walked towards ABHINAV and raised his arms.!! Oh he gonna slap him,thought Pragya.
For her surprise they both share a hifi which is followed by a hug. “Su…Suniye…”,she asked in chocking mild voice.
“Hmm…kahiye”,he said with a grin.
“You hugged him..”,she said cluelessly.
“Haan..I ll hug my dost.. problem Kya hai thumara”,Abhi asked with a teasing grin.
“Dost..?” ?? ,she was hell confused.
“Hi.. Pragya I’m Viraaj”,said the so called ABHINAV.
“Viraaj…??but u said ABHINAV”,she asked confused mean while Abhi is adoring his confused biwi.
“Kya hai na..u had created a character ABHINAV and I just tried to give face to the character and tell me how was his face Acha hai na”,he winked.
“Kya…Aap..Aap..”, Pragya stammered.
“Haan..mein..mein..”, teased Abhi.
“I’m sorry”,she pouted.
“U know one thing no one can cheat Abhishek Mehra got it Ms or Mrs.Pragya”,Abhi said.
Pragya looked pissed.
“Actually I’m sorry Pragya I did this for Abhi..Okay Abhi I gotta go see u guys soon”,said Viraaj and left the place. //End of his character//
Pragya looked at Abhi.
“U wanna make me fool but underestimated ur hero baby…well..this is the start I ll make you to confess ur love to me”,said Abhi himself.
“Actually…I’m sorry…”, Pragya said again.
“See.. don’t ever mess with me”,Abhi said in warning tone by smiling himself.
Pragya stares and nods.
“Chale”,he asked.
“To ur college..”
They both drove towards her college and soon they reached there.Abhi got down and Pragya too.Abhi rested himself in car side and looked at her.Pragya came towards Abhi.Abhi was smiling himself by thinking his stupid Pragya’s stupid plan.
“Suniye..I’m sorry I’m not did that to fool you..but I’m really in love with my hero”,she said.
“I know”,he said smilingly.
Pragya shocked at his “I know”.
“How..How…how..”,she asked without patience.
“I ll tell you in evening after u return home”,he said still smilingly.
Did he know that he was my hero..that’s why he is smiling and moreover he is saying he knows that,…she thought and she looked at him confusingly.
“No tell me now..else I can’t concentrate on classes”she pleaded.
“No..u made me to worry and tensed because of ur so called fake never existed love and now it’s my turn enjoy the restlessness meri biwi now u may go”,he said.
She too nodded with thoughted mind without concentrating on his words and turned and started to move.. Suddenly his words rang in her mind..’Wait..wait…wait.. what he said just now he was worried sad and felt restless because of my so called love so what he means is he has some feelings for me oh my god what’s happening’she said herself and turned towards Abhi.He was leaning over the car and smiling at her as he had read her heart…She was so happy as what she thought was ryt…She smiled at him within a moment her smile vanished what she saw is her hero..her life was collapsing before her eyes after a gun shot sound.. “SUNIYE…….”,she shouted and ran towards her hero who got a shot in his abdomen and collapsed on ground with blood oozing out from the shotted abdomen.

To be continued….

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