Love makes life live (KKB) Chapter 6


Chapter 6

“Ready” ,asked Abhi.
“Ya…let’s go”,said Pragya by picking her bag.
There was a silence while driving towards the college.Abhi dropped Pragya in college and came back home he headed towards his room and sat on sofa and he could see the money was on the place where he kept.”Such a stubborn girl” he thought himself and the time passed it was lunch time Abhi thought to call Pragya but then he realized Pragya doesn’t have phone.He immediately called Purab and said “Purab pick Pragya from college evening” Puarb agreed.Abhi gone out.
In college,Pragya saw Purab waiting for her and gone towards him”he didn’t come”,asked Pragya lil disappointed tone.Purab smiled “Don’t know bhabi he is not in home”.Pragya pouted and they both came home and Pragya moved towards her room.She see Abhi there”sucha fake dost u r..u know ryt today is my first day but u didn’t even come to pick bad”, scowled Pragya.Abhi smiled.Pragya irritated and about to move Abhi forwarded a wrapped rectangular box infront of her.Pragya asked “yeh Kya hai” Abhi smiled and said “Dost ke liye chotta sa toffar” and I gone to get this that’s y I can’t come to pick you.

Pragya glanced at Abhi and took the gift and unwrapped it “Mobile..” ,she said lil bit disappointed.Abhi sighed “why you don’t like this come on its latest iPhone version” Pragya stared at him “Gift should be meaningful it is not matter of money”,said Pragya.Abhi looked at her “well..its not gifted to be gift..U don’t have mobile ryt that’s y I bought it for u”,said Abhi. “well..I had one..but Tanu doesn’t allow me to take that with me as my Jiju gifted me that.. forget it thank you so much”,said Pragya lil hurted of her sister’s behavior.
“And from tomorrow u can use my money too”,said Abhi.
“I don’t need now if there is a need I ll ask u”, said Pragya and left to freshup.

“Bhabi please do show me ur designs..and u have to design me a outfit for my birthday please Bhabhi”,pleaded Alia.
“Areyyy sure I ll make you an gorgeous outfit don’t worry”,assured Pragya.
“Okay please show me ur designs please… please”, pleased Alia.
“Arey I have my designs in USB give ur lap I ll show u”, said Pragya.
“Mine on service wait lemme get bhai’s lap”,she said excitedly and ran towards Abhi’s room like a kid.
Within a sec she came back with his lap “Arey Alia have u asked ur bhai before taking this”asked Pragya.
“He was not there leave it lets see your design”said Alia.
Both started to view her designs and Alia was dropping her mouth on Pragya’s design.

“What the hell you are saying I’m the one who finalized the deal and sent the confirmation mail how could u say that u didn’t receive the mail”,shouted Abhi on phone to his manager.
“Sir.. please do recheck and even I ll check again in my spam”,said manager.
“What the hell”,he shouted and ended the call and came back to room from balcony.
He started to search for his laptop he couldn’t find he became more irritated and got anger and shouted”Pragya…….”then he realized she is not in room and searched her over every room.The he found her with Alia and he saw the laptop.
“What the hell u r doing here I’m shouting at Ur name from my bottom don’t you hear that”shouted Abhi.Pragya and Alia shocked and stood up.
“With whose permission u took my laptop u know what kinda important files are there I’m searching this like a mad here u r laughing by playing game in my laptop I don’t have laptop for such idiotic work got it stay in ur limits”he finished off and took the laptop and left the room.
Pragya irked and left the room and goes towards her room Alia felt bad and she hates her bhai for being rude with her Babhi.

“What again..see I’m gonna fire u wht the hell u r working can’t u even check ur mail properly u know how important is that u r saying the mail had received in spam how careless u r just go to hell”he yelled and ended the call.
Pragya was starting at him Abhi sees this and shouted “What”. “What u think of urself u may be a big don whole city may have fear on u even family members can have fear on u but not me I don’t have any fear”,she shouted.
“Are u mad”,he shouted back.
“You are mad.. completely mad u don’t have any brain actually..u know onething I didn’t took ur laptop it’s ur sister who took this and for ur kind information I’m not playing in ur laptop I was just showing my designs to her and u r saying me to stay me in limits fine then keep ur so called gift phone”she throwed it on bed and ejected her USB and left the room by slamming the door.Abhi looked speechless after her loud shout.

“Bhabi please tell us ur love story”, asked Purab and Alia.
“Kya love story”, Pragya asked irritated.
“We know bhai told us u had loved someone”said Purab and Alia.
“Then go and ask ur bhai I didn’t love any someone”,sighed Pragya.
Abhi realized he had done wrong and “Abhi..u had shouted so badly u should apologize her”he started to Alia’s room but he stood at the door as he heard Alia asks Pragya to share her love story so Abhi decided to eavesdrop them.
“Bhabi please tell us ur anger ll break off please”,pleaded Alia and Purab.
“Okay fine I ll tell u both but u shouldn’t tell ur bhai”,said Pragya.
She doesn’t wanna me to know about her love so bad but Abhi are u sure u r dare to hear her love story,he asked himself and finally he decided to hear everything.
“ we won’t”,said Purab and Alia in chorus.
“Okay first I ll say the story then I ll say that person okay”,said Pragya
Alia and Purab nodded like a kid.

Abhi too got ready to hear.
“ was a rainy day and it was raining alot and I was returning from central library around 9PM I love rain alot and i started to sing and dance in rain”said Pragya smilingly.
What on that day I saw Pragya for the first time is she saying that yeah..she was so happy that day so she was so happy coz she had met her love for the first time,sighed Abhi sadly.
“Then”,asked Purab and Alia.
“Hmm..while I was dancing in rain Suddenly two boys teased my try to abuse me I started to ran I fell down when a boy pulled my dupatta but I got up immediately and started to ran but suddenly a white Mercedes came on that way and I thought I gonna hit by the car I closed my eyes but it didn’t hit me the car stopped and I again started to run Suddenly a strong wrist held my hands I was so scared that he is also those boy’s man but for my surprise he covered me with his jacket and started to fight with them.. something tells me that he is my man and he is my hero there was heavy thundering and suddenly there was a flash of lightning I saw his face he was so awesome I had seen his face only in the flash..I still have the jacket with me” Pragya said with a shy.

Abhi who heard this immediately ran towards his room and opened her wardrobe and he is searching for his jacket with the hope he is that person he was very happy by inside his heart was beating fast seems to be pound out he couldn’t control his excitement and happiness then finally he find out his jacket in her wardrobe.
“Who is the person bhabi it’s so cool and romantic wow”, exclaimed Purab and Alia.

Pragya smiled “he is none other…”,her voice breaked as they heard loud yell.They all could hear a loud yell”Pragya…….” she was irritated and said”good night guys ur bhai is shouting see u tomorrow”by saying she left.
She entered her room and see Abhi with his jacket Pragya didn’t bother the jacket more and asked”what now”, asked irritatedly.”yeh jacket”muttered Abhi.”Kya hua aapko yeh Aap ki jacket hai”she said and took her blanket and settled in couch.
She loves me oh my god..she feels the same what I felt when I saw her first time oh god she too loves me but why she is making me restless all these days what she got from that making me restless.
“Pragya…”, called Abhi
“What”,she asked.
“What’s the name of ur lover”,Abhi asked.
“Abhi..”, Pragya said casually and covered herself with blanket.
“Abhi???”asked Abhi.
Pragya realized what she said and got up and said “woh..Abhi..means..Abhi..Abhinav”,she gave a excuse and decided to fool him.

Why the hell she is fooling me like this fine lemme come in ur way sweet heart and asks,”what he is doing”,he asked.
Oh god why he is asking too much of questions now “actually he is doing business”, Pragya said with a hesitation.
Oh business well.. lemme see how much u gonna lie. “In Mumbai”,he asked.
“Yeah..”,she said.
“ Mumbai where shall I meet him”he asked.
“Huhh”,Pragya what u had said oh god “ not in Mumbai he is in abroad yaa..he had gone abroad no no he is in abroad”finally Pragya explained.
“Oh okay fine.. Good night”,he said and got to bed.
“Goo..good night”she said immediately and covered herself with blanket.
Abhi couldn’t stop smiling at her stupid lies and he felt so happy after ages almost he forgot all the stress and mainly his alcohol but he couldn’t sleep so he got up and gone to balcony and gazed at the moon.

“Get ready soon then I ll get late and u ll complaint i didn’t came to drop u”, Abhi said by wearing his watch were Pragya was brushing her hair.
“One minute”,she said.
Suddenly her mobile rang she attended the call and asks,”Who is this”
Caller : “I’m Abhi..”
Pragya sees Abhi infront of her and thinks he is before me then who is this Abhi..
“Hello kon Abhi”,asked Pragya in stern voice.
Caller : Arey..I’m Abhi..Abhinav.
“Abhinav???..who Abhinav”,she asked.
Abhi sees her and says,”Arey Pragya ur boyfriend Abhinav”
“Hugh”Pragya’s eyes widened from where the Abhinav came.
“Hey Pragya come on speak with him..”,Abhi said.
Pragya tensed and nodded .
“Hell..hello..”, stammered Pragya

To be continued…

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