Love makes life live (KKB) Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I got into the room with his favourite coffee he was still sleeping I kept his coffee in side table and organized his things in side table I slowly opened the curtains where rays of sun kissed him he slowly opened his eyes “Good morning”I wished him he slowly sat up with a yawn and looked at me and after a while he too replied”Good morning”.”Here ur coffee”I said him by pointing his side table”Thank you”he said I smiled back and left the room.I got into the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast for all.In between I went up to my room and pressed his suit and kept it on bed and came back to kitchen.
I had prepared Breakfast and all were gathered in dining table and he was coming down I gone near him and said “please,come and have ur breakfast” he looked at me and then at table where Purab Alia and dadi was sitting there then he said”No I have important work”he left immediately I was hurted bit why he is behaving like this with lots of disappointment I headed back to table and placed myself there when I was about to serve myself a stern voice came behind me “It’s my place” I turned and surprised to see him behind me I don’t know when he came back Dadi Purab and Alia was surprised to see him at table for morning breakfast.I was about to stood up but he took the chair next to me and said”It’s okay u continue”I smiled at myself .

“Bhai…is that you here” Purab asked me surprisingly Ofcourse it’s a surprise for them after ages I’m having my breakfast in my home when Pragya approached me for breakfast I refused she was hurted once again by me I don’t wanna see disappointment in her face that’s y I came back here “I feel hungry that’s y do u have anymore questions” I asked him with a glare “Bhai accept that u came back for bhabhi” Alia guessed it correctly as always Pragya looked at me with widened eyes. “U guys wanna me to have breakfast or I wanna go back” I asked lil irritated “Purab Alia” Dadi said in a stern voice to shut them.The breakfast was superb but I didn’t admit that after our breakfast Dadi asked me to take Pragya to temple as we didn’t go out from our wedding I refused but Dadi insisted me alot so I accepted we both got into the car and started towards temple.

There was a complete silence on the way Abhi started the convo.
“Are you studying” ,Abhi asked while driving.
She turned towards him with a wide smile “Thank god I thought u won’t speak up but finally u.. Actually yes..I’m studying in Pune” ,Pragya said with a wide smile.
“Why are u here then”
“Actually I was in my study holidays” ,she said while looking into his eyes.
“Hmmm….do u wanna continue ur studies” ,he asked her.
“If u wish I ll continue”
“What’s my wish here its all ur choice..ur life”
“Well..then I like to continue”
“Like to rejoin in Pune or…” ,he asked lil hesitated.
“If there is possibility to continue here I ll join here in Mumbai” she said with a wide smile.
“Okay..i ll talk to Purab about this he ll take all responsibility regarding this”,he said clearly.

They were getting lil bit comfortable with each other and days passed to weeks and weeks passed to was almost one month…
It was afternoon Pragya was laying in his bed as he was out of work he ll back in eveng he was lying in her stomach Abhi entered the room and could see Pragya was lying there and he couldn’t help he smiled at her position he gone near the bed and looked at her she saw him and immediately got up and said, “Actually I’m sorry..i don’t know u ll b back so soon I’m sorry..” he smiled at her “it’s okay no problem and here ur rejoining letter u can join tomorrow” he said ” really wow it was amazing thank you” she said and got excited like a kid.
“Is ur boyfriend too in this college” he asked.
“Boyfriend??” ,She exclaimed.
“Haa..u told u love someone” ,he asked his eyes were lil bit hurted which was noticed by Pragya she didn’t know wht to say but after seeing changes in Abhi face Pragya could realize somewhat he is unhappy with my unknown boyfriend immediately a mischievous Pragya inside her peeped in so she some how wanna tease him
“No he had finished his studies” she said smiling inside.
“Ohhh…” ,he was disappointed.
“Well where is Purab” she asked.
“Why” ,he asked puzzled.
“’s secret between us did he came back home” ,she asked.
“Yup” he replied
“Thank you” she said and ran away to meet him.

Abhi doesn’t know what to do he feels jealous and anger at the same time she was so close with Purab but not with him why should I feel disappointed i know very well she loves someone but I couldn’t accept the fact to my heart as my poor heart had fallen for her without my permission..I know developing feelings for her will always make me to disappoint so I don’t wanna get close to her let me keep distance from her for my goodness.

“Purab….Purab…Alia…Alia…where are you guys”Pragya shouted while going towards their room.
“Bhabhi we are here only”Purab and Alia said and came out from Alia’s room.
Abhi watched this by standing out from his room.
“See Purab I’m gonna rejoin tomorrow”Pragya said excitedly.
“Woww… Bhabhi that’s great” said and hugged alia.
“Hold on bhabi I’m the one who made all ur arrangements to rejoin and just now handover this letter to Abhi”said Purab.
“Oh..fine so what” she said cheesely.
“Nothing bhabi..but we need treat”asked Purab and Alia.
“Arey bhai is watching us”said Alia and ran towards him.
“Bhai we need treat”asked Alia by giving a side hug to Abhi.
“Treat…what Suddenly”asked Abhi.
“Oh oh Abhi don’t act u don’t anything”,teased Purab.
“Come on Really I dont know for what she is asking treat” ,asked Abhi.
“For me that Im gonna rejoin tomorrow” , said Pragya.
“Oh for that..well”, stammered Abhi.
“Don’t worry Alia I ll give you”said Pragya and Abhi looked at her.
“Okay now getting late let’s sleep I wanna woke earlier” said Pragya.

In the middle of dawn Abhi received a call and got ready to leave Pragya to woke up and asked “any problem” Abhi looked at her “you woke up..well some important work in site so wanna leave now..if I didn’t return in morning ask Purab to drop u in college” ,said Abhi.Pragya looked disappointed “its I ll okay I ll wait try to come in morning” ,said Pragya. “Mein ney kaha na i ll be late what’s problem to go with Purab seems to be u r attached with him then what’s ur problem” ,Abhi shouted in a lil loud voice. “Yes..he is like my best friend but I’m married to you and you too have some responsibilities on me” , Pragya said irritated and she is done with his silence And she couldn’t take his silence anymore and she want him to live the life meaningful she doesn’t wanna her hero to live his life as hell.
“I had told you on that day I won’t full fill this responsiblity..and moreover I’m ur husband just for others true husband and wife ll have love for each other and here u love someone and we ll never share any love then why u r expecting me to do the husband duties” ,asked Abhi.
“Oh then that’s your problem” ,asked Pragya.

“Yeah…u know when I agreed to this wedding I thought to give chance for this wedding as I had done a big injustice with u but u said u love someone and still loving him then why should I give a chance to this wedding and I’m telling u clearly u can walk off from this relationship whenever u want and whenever u wanna go back to ur love” sighed Abhi in anger.
Pragya just looked him clueless.

Abhi took his wallet and pulled out some currency “here u have the money u ll have some expense for ur studies”
Pragya pushed his hand “I don’t want this why u are giving this when u can’t take husband duties” she said in anger.
He sighed at her “what’s ur problem actually are u mad..I can’t get it okay fine now hear me clearly till u r here u r my responsibility just I’m doing this for our friendship okay it doesn’t come under husband duties”
“Friendship..when we were friends..we are friends just by words not by relationship” Pragya shouted a bit.
“It’s middle of dawn low ur voice first and I don’t have any time to argue” ,Abhi said irritated.
“I know it’s middle of dawn and I don’t need this money and I don’t want u to take me in ur so called responsibility”,said Pragya.
“Fine..”,he said and dropped the money on bed and left the room.
“How rude such a egoist” , muttered Pragya.

It was 7 AM Pragya came out of bath with wet hair and she shocked by seeing the sight infront of her.She dropped the towel and ran towards Abhi who was sitting in bed with a deep cut in his forearm. “Kya hua..oh my god u r bleeding just sitting like this”, panicked Pragya and held his arms.Abhi forget all his pain by seeing her concern he just wish to get this concern ever he immediately brushed off his mind and said “nothing it’s just” ,Abhi tried to explain.”what nothing wait lemme dress ur wound”,said Pragya and ran to get the first aid box.She kept his arm on her lap and her eyes were filled “how this had happened”, asked Pragya while dressing his wound softly by blowing his wound. “There is nothing to worry this much it’s just a normal never ever gave any pain” ,said Abhi lifeless.She could feel how he was hurt by being alone. “Is this wound is nothing big what u r saying”by saying this he threwed her wet disturbing hair behind the water droplets hit Abhi’s face.
“Oops I’m sorry.”,she said and wiped the droplets with her duppata.
“It’s okay”,he said.
“Done.. please be careful next time” ,said Pragya.
“How one can be calculative when someone is attacking u unknowingly”,Abhi asked.
“You have to be alert na where u lost at the time” ,asked Pragya worried.
“Lost in your thoughts”,said Abhi.
Pragya looked at Abhi “Kya..kaha aapne”,asked Pragya.
“Kuch nahi…thanks for this..but Kyun karahiho yeh sab”asked Abhi.
Pragya was keeping the first aid box on drawer and said “Humari friendship keliye”, said Pragya.
Abhi looked at her for a while and asked “friends??”
“We are already friends”,said Pragya.
“This time not by relationship” ,said Abhi.
Pragya smiled and said “Okay” and gave her hand to Abhi.
Abhi smiled and they both had a friendly handshake.”So wait I lld drop u in college”,said Abhi and about to leave “Suniye…”,called Pragya.
Abhi turned towards her and signed “what” Pragya stammered and asked “Are u serious you gonna drop me apart form ur schedules” , asked Pragya
“Hmm..”, Abhi replied simply and went in.
Pragya clutched her hands towards her chest and smiled.

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