Love makes life live (KKB) Chapter 4

Chapter 4
I woked up in the middle of dawn I checked the wall clock in his room from today it’s my room too the clock shows me 4AM I don’t know when I slept I looked at him he was sleeping by hugging his pillow I took a deep breath and looked at my mangalsutra the symbol of married woman but my marriage had happened in all rush I don’t know how to take it I thought for a while finally I came to conclusion I madly love this man I had searched him madly and I love to have him all through my life and it had happened now but all in reverse order so what i love him ryt so what’s wrong in living a life with him I know he is not at all ready to accept me or give a chance to this marriage but I love him ryt so I need to give a chance to this marriage it may give me heart break too but not wrong in losing before loved ones yes this ll be ryt what happened has happened now for our family for us I have to give chance for this marriage time ll heal everything.
I got freshed up and came out of the closest now it’s 7AM I could see still he is sleeping like a kid I looked over the room it was in total mess I started to collect things and arranged it I had placed his watch wallet mobile and his coolers in side table and left the room to meet rest of them in family when I came down Dadi was having tea Alia and Purab was reading news paper as Alia saw me she came towards me and asked”Bhabhi need something”she asked with concern”No Alia I feel boring to be in room”I replied.”Beta..Is Abhi is still sleeping”asked Dadi.”Haa Dadi”I replied Dadi came towards me and took me to kitchen Alia too followed us I looked puzzled”Dadi..u took Bhabhi here to prepare coffee ryt”Alia said.”Arey..Dadi if u told me that u want coffee I ll prepare it na what’s the need that u have to come here”I asked.”Exactly…point”Alia giggled.” I came here to show to prepare coffee for Abhi”Dadi said.”Oh..I see..Dadi why ur making Bhabhi to hear shouts and screams from bhai”Alia said and her eyes were widened.”Alia..what do you mean”I asked and I’m lil bit scared of his loud voice.”Alia tu chupkar”Dadi said and she was adding cinnamon powder in coffee.”Dadi… what are u doing u r adding cinnamon powder in coffee”,I exclaimed.”Haa..beta Abhi love this coffee today I had prepared tomorrow u have to prepare this okay now go and give this and wake him he didn’t taste this coffee for years he had lived in small circle but i want my old charming Abhi I think u can make it so u have bring my old Abhi back so from today i wanna new start in his life so only I start to give his old coffee”Dadi explained.I could see pain in her eyes while she saying this but I’m not sure that I can do this how he ll accept this that too from me I looked confused but Dadi insisted me to do this I had no option so I took the mug and came out of the kitchen.

“All the best Bhabhi”chuckled Alia she is getting ready for an entertainment moment while I’m climbing stairs Purab came near me by seeing my frustruated face”Good morning Bhabhi all okay”he asked.”Good morning Purab Actually”I started with a wish and explained the kitchen convo with Dadi Purab was surprised”Perfect bhabi I too accept Dadi I think u can bring our old charming Abhi but we have to do it step by step first if u go and wake him he ll mad at u wait I have an idea u go and keep coffee in side table I ll wake him asusual by calling him”Purab said.”Okay Purab thank you”I said I think Purab is more understanding and he is so sweet I got in to our room he was still sleeping”thank God”I said myself I kept the coffee in side table and left the room.

I woked up again by Purab I stretched my arms and I could smell the aroma of coffee there which brings me to reality that I was married last day I turned towards the couch she was not there may be she left the room I thought and took the coffee mug I didn’t had this coffee over years but it’s strange suddenly the coffee I sipped the coffee it was the same coffee that I love too have much the same coffee which starts my day I finished my drink and got in to freshup I came out with towel on my waist with wet hair then I noticed the room was fully arranged and I could find my outfit for the day in my bed sure it ll be her but why she us doing all this and where is she with the thought I got ready and another surprise and waited in the row that’s my wallet watch mobile and coolers were organised in side table this morning was so simple and I didn’t get anger usually every day ll irritate on searching all my stuffs but today its so simple.
I stepped down to leave for my work still I couldn’t see her glimpse did she left to her mom’s house I thought then I saw her she was arranging the dining table for breakfast Dadi saw me she didn’t invite me for breakfast as she knows Everytime she call her I end up in refusing her and I don’t remember when I had my breakfast in home last time.Pragya came towards me and said”Come and have breakfast”she said so soft.”No I have work”I said sternly and left the home and Purab followed me.

My day passed asusual it was night when I came home “beta go and freshup and come soon for dinner”my dadi said.”Ji dadi”I said and left to my room.I could see she was hearing music by plugging ear plugs she looked so cute I admired her for a moment how cute she is I think she is madly in love with music unknowingly my lips curved but next moment I back off to my senses and realized no she is not meant for me she love someone else so o couldn’t do this and I left to freshup.

We all gathered in dinner table”Dadi..have u prepared coffee for me today”I asked her.Dadi looked at Pragya and said”No why would I..I stopped interfering in ur matters na then why would I..ur wife had prepared coffee for u and she had prepared Breakfast lunch and dinner”my dadi said.I just looked at her she too looked at me and we had our dinner it tastes good and i love it too but i didn’t admit.

I was arranging his bed and he entered the room I moved from his bed and arranged the couch”Pragya”He called me I turned towards him.”No need of doing all this u don’t want to do all wifey duties for me”He said.”No worries I had no problem in this”I said him.He didn’t utter a word and sat in his bed.”Are u gonna sleep or shall we talk”I asked he looked at the wall clock”I won’t take much time”I replied back.He smiled a bit he was so cute on his smile”May I wake u everyday u won’t scold me na”I asked him.”See I told u ryt u don’t want to stress urself for me”He said”Nothing is stress in that.. Actually if u don’t mind shall be friends”I asked.”Friends??”he questioned me.”Ya..”I replied.”Well are u sure “he asked like a kid.”Come on I’m sure”I said.”Okay”he said and laid on bed.I smiled myself and said”Good night”he too replied”Good night” I smiled at his reply actually he is not that much rude he has such a gentle and soft heart I thought myself hoe life is playing game till yesterday we was strangers now friends.

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