Love makes life live (KKB) Chapter 3


I banged the door of the girl’s house in one hand and holding the disgust fellow who is responsible for this mess on other hand a tall irritating man opened the door actually I feel everyone is irritating me after what I had gone through this morning coz of this issue.The tall man held my collars and started to shout at me a fair woman called him as Nikkil so I got its his name I pushed him and headed inside but he tried to stop me and the fair woman was about to slap me by shouting”You had spoiled my sister’s life” from this i came to know it was her sister and the irritating fellow is he sister’s husband when she was about to slap me I held her hand and her husband held my collars again so I gave him a tight slap Purab stopped me I moved forward I could see a fair woman with eyes of sorrow without any introduction I knew that she was her mother I gone to her “I just wanna meet ur daughter”I said quite firm she was expression less but she showed me the way I held the man actually the goon who responsible for this and I dragged him along with me.

I banged her room door immediately I could hear”Maa..i don’t wanna meet anyone”came her soulful voice I know it was her but I’m not in the mood of hearing to her voice or something as my anger blinded my eyes so I banged the door again with rage of force “Maa..mein ney kaha na I don’t wanna see anyone now please leave me alone” came her irritating voice i could say she was in anger and embarrassed”I’m not ur mom”I said firmly there was a little silence”then…then..who”she asked from other side of the door.I was totally irritated how could a person can ask this much of questions I’m not in mood of answering her patiently”I’m Abhishek.. Abhishek Mehra u r opening the door or I have to break it”I shouted irritatedly.Within a fraction of second her room door opened.I saw her face she was very cute her kajal was smudged her hair was in a mess her night tracks had many wrinkles though she looked like a goddess her eyes were swollen seems to be she had cried yet her eyes look mesmerised I stood numb before the simple yet gorgeous cute girl.

My nerves stiffed when I heard his name that too from his voice i immediately opened the door and shocked to see him as I saw him day before yesterday he was looking fury and still he has the same anger and frustration in his eyes moreover he was holding a man by his collar he was standing like a gorgeous wax statue before me “”I asked he snapped back and started to beat the man suddenly I was scared to the death I covered my mouth with my palms as I shouted a bit he glanced at my frightened reaction”Apologize her by touching her feet”He shouted from his lungs I don’t what’s happening here I was so scared of all this violence the man refused to apologize and he defended himself.He immediately pulled out the gun and placed in his mouth my eyes widened to the centimeters I was scared of all to the death “Apologize her now or you ll lose your life right this moment”he shouted in such anger I had never ever seen an anger man like him I stood shocked.The man whom he beated was fell on his knees with a pleading face tears were rolling down his eyes “Bhabhi ji please Mujhe maaf kardo please Bhabhi ji I didn’t do it intentionally I did this just to threaten him I’m sorry bhabi please ask bhai to leave me please bhabi ji”He asked with teary eyes I don’t know what to say and how to react I looked Abhishek with blank eyes.The man held my legs “Bhabi ji please Mujhe maaf kardo”he pleaded again “It’s okay”I said shakily.

“PURAB….”He shouted which made my spine to shiver.A fair man came and stood at my door step.”Take him away I never ever wanna meet him again and I need all those originals and copies of that snap and destroy it”He said I embraced to the core.After the man named Purab took that pleaded man with him I was just standing like a statue now he was glancing at me and my room I immediately moved back to hide his jacket under the devut.”Naam Kya hai”he asked by looking into my eyes seriously i couldn’t get what he asked just”Huhh”I replied “What’s ur name”he asked in lil high tone.I was struggling to collect the letters of my name to say slowly I opened my mouth”I’m..Prag..Pragya”,I stumbled while saying.”Sit”He said.I immediately sat coz I’m not dare to hear his shout again he too sat opposite to me in my lil couch he adjusted himself he was struggling for words from this i could guess he gonna give justification or he gonna apologize for what happened yesterday.”Listen….Pra..”when he was about to start we could hear a loud voice from down screaming”ABHI……” he immediately ran down I too ran behind him as the voice came with full range of anger.

We came down I could see an oldage woman and an young fair girl standing in our hall I couldn’t even guess who are they and what’s happening here I was confused totally as past 2 days of my life was full of unexpected twists and turns.”Dadi…Alia..what you both doing here”he asked so softly for the first time I’m hearing his soft voice so the woman was his Dadi.”Bhai..what are you doing here bhai”the girl named Alia asked him I figured it was her sister.”Actually I’m here to”he was about to complete the words.”U r here to justify ur doing ryt Abhi”his Dadi asked with a scolding and pinning voice i don’t how all are behaving so rude in this family I wished for a hero but happenings are seems to be that I got a villain no no he couldn’t be a bad guy after all he is my hero I said myself.”Not like that Dadi but what u r doing here”he asked his Dadi.I too look puzzled at his Dadi.His Dadi was scanning at me with her look and sighed something to his sister she smiled and showed thumbs up I couldn’t understand anything.”Abhi..did u see how much this family is disturbed because of u what u had done is very wrong and injustice to her and her family u couldn’t justify it by anything so I’m here to solve the issue and I had spoke with her maa she too accepted with my decision”his Dadi said.Before he could ask I interrupted”Kya..Dadi..Aap ka Matlab Kya hai”He glared at me I don’t know why may be its because I’m questioning his Dadi.”I mean..what u had said and what maa had accepted..maa for what u accepted”I aksed calmly without meeting his staring gaze.”The only solution to this issue is Abhi u should marry this girl”his Dadi said but I thought I didn’t heared properly.

“Dadi..what did u just said”,my voice gone lil louder.She was in deep shock and looking at her mom.”Haa Abhi u both should get married trust us its the only solution”my dadi said.”What the hell..i think this old lady has gone nuts..Dadi u know what u r saying he is a gangster do u think we ll give our daughter to ur son”her Jiju asked.Thats it I couldn’t control my anger towards him I just held his collars for second time in a day and I started to beat him badly she and her sister and mother even my dadi Purab shouted to stop but I didn’t mind she came towards me and pulled my hands and shouted”Please stop this..please”she pleaded but Im not in mind to hear all those.She came between us and shouted “will u please stop this”I immediately left my hold on him her eyes were filled with tears and fear I couldn’t see her like this I immediately backed off and stood distance between him for the first time I stopped beating a man by hearing some one’s words.”Maa u want our Pragya to marry this brute”her sister asked her mom.I couldn’t tolerate her sister and her husband but for her and her maa I stood quite.”Haa Tanu”came her maa’s firm reply.I looked shocked at her decision I didn’t believe it Pragya was looking at her maa with mixed emotions but I don’t corner of my heart said she too agreed to this decision and what about me even I look so vulnerable and I looked so convinced with my dadi’s idea.

“But maa”her sister asked her maa.”Haa Tanu this is the better decision for Pragya’s life what had happened shouldn’t happen but it had happened we can’t let it go just like that now it seems to be the problem is solved but Pragya couldn’t forget what happened with her and even she can’t live with this guilt to someone as her life partner..i know he is gangster but I had full trust in his Dadi I just trust her so I accepted for it I too think they ll make better life together even they may not interested in this marriage but it ll result good have u people have any idea what ll happen once this pic out on social..then what my princess ll do its the better solution Tanu”she said.”But I can’t accept this sorry Dadi”I said as I don’t want to risk anyone’s life by making them as my better half and it doesn’t mean I didn’t like her but I don’t want this and moreover this ll hurt her more than this issue I don’t want her to live in hell with a man like me she deserves best sure I couldn’t control my anger frustration if someone came in my life I ll burst all my frustration on them I don’t want her to suffer all this.”Abhi I’m not asking u I’m Saying u should marry her”my dadi told me firmly Im not much dare to go against Dadi.

But I had strong guts that she won’t agree for it obviously no girl ll like to marry a guy like me.”Maa I don’t want my marriage should happen for any guilt or for any compromise”she said but she is not so defensive.Her maa walk towards her “Pragya first of all I’m sorry I slapped u without knowing anything I should have trusted u I’m sorry”she said by kissing her hands.”Maa nothing like that every mom ll react like this”said Pragya.”Pragya..listen to me u trust ur maa na”her maa asked.She nodded like a kid.”Then marry him for my sake for ur future please”she asked by folding her hands before her.She looked so vulnerable and convinced before her mother as I felt helpless before my dadi.She pushed down her maa’s folding hands and hugged her tight”Maa don’t please me I ll do what u say I’m sorry maa because of me u r feeling this pain”she said while sobbing.I could feel hot tears rolling down from my cheeks after ages by seeing her crying I immediately wiped out my tears before anyone could notice for a moment I hate myself for shedding tears again I feel so vulnerable before her.Finally we both felt so vulnerable before our family and we accepted for them.

I don’t know what to do ya I adore him even I could say I may love him coz I madly searched for him my hero but I don’t want all this way don’t want this to happen in such hurry in a guilt as a way of compromising I don’t want my hero in this way I want to know him more I want to understand him better I want to love him more like a mad but it’s all happening in reverse I even didn’t know will love ll happen in this situation I know he accepted for this marriage only for his Dadi as i agreed to my mom but everything is happened in a mess they decided our wedding today evening so much hurry not even a relief moment to breethe all my dreams about my wedding had broken infront of my eyes how could I face my friends they ll be mad at me for not inviting them my thoughts were running widely.”Dadi I wanna speak with her”suddenly he said his Dadi I didn’t expect this”whatever u gonna speak ur marriage is fixed Abhi”said his Dadi.”I know that Dadi but I wanna speak with her”he said again his Dadi permitted I look at my maa she too nodded.

We both were in our room there was a little silence then he started”Pragya..I’m not ready to accept this relationship now but I can’t deny it after my dadi said I was so helpless and I could see u were in same condition infront of ur maa and I did a wrong to u but another crime won’t be solution for the committed crime I’m not interested in this marriage so don’t expect me anything as from me as a typical husband I’m sure I couldn’t do anything and for now we have no other go so we have to accept this in future u may move on from this relationship whenever u want that’s it”he said in a firm ordering tone.I could say he has no feelings for me and I have no words to say I had nothing to say I stood silent.

I said everything to her in a firm voice eventhough he is the girl whom I attached with but I’m not ready to all this and I didn’t even hear anything she could say she was standing like a statue I was about to leave but my heart iched to ask her this i couldn’t resist from asking this to her “Do you love anyone”I asked impatiently and my heart wants only to hear no from her I don’t know why but for my surprise she nodded “I love my hero”she said I was stumbled inside me some unknown anger arose inside me the truth is I couldn’t accept the fact she already had a hero in her life but nothing gonna work before our family I came out of the room and slammed the door forcefully.

I don’t know why he asked like that but I said yes and I wish to say it was him but I couldn’t say that I don’t why but something stopped me I don’t know what he is thinking of myself but from his clear clarification i could guess he has no feelings for me and he ll never have any feelings for me I sat on my bed and clutched my pillow to my chest and started to cry.I couldn’t do anything than crying.
I was sitting in the mandap in a bridal attire with pretty jewellery and pink outfit he sat besides me in a same color sherwani rituals was going on we took peheras then he came Close to me and tied the mangalsutra around my neck I closed my eyes and I prayed God to do some magic in our lives then he filled my maang with kumkum I glanced at my maa she was smiling happily my sister was full uninterested my Jiju not even came his Dadi Alia and Purab were very happy and I couldn’t read anything from his face.

She is now Mrs.Abhishek Mehra she was looking divine in her bridal attire I know she was praying something to God while I’m tieing mangalsutra around her neck but I wished for only one thing that whatever happened is to result for good nothing more i could wish for at the moment.
We all reached our home she had cried alot when her mom nd sister lefty home when I think the face I’m no more single man I could feel an anger rage I spoiled an innocent girl who loves someone that guiltiness is killing me and making me frustrating more I left to my room without noticing Pragya.

I stood like a statue in the middle of the big Mehra mansion where more than 100 men are there as his goons or as his helpers I don’t know what should I say his sister Alia came to me”Bhabhi don’t worry everything ll be alright if u need anything just ask me consider me as ur sister”she said with a true concern.I smiled at her “Haa bhabi don’t hesitate to ask anything I ll be ur best brother and friend”Purab said with a smile I too smiled at him.Then Alia took me to his room and gave a night wish and she went off.
I was feeling very nervous to enter the room finally I entered the room I could see he had changed his dress and sitting with glass of alcohol I didn’t say anything I just went in and looked the room over there “washroom is in left”came his voice “thank you”I replied immediately and got in and changed myself and came out now he was lying in his huge bed I just stood there then took a devut and comforted myself in a couch but I couldn’t sleep.

I don’t know why but I’m gulping this alcohol again she is the reason coz of which I slept peacefully without this alcohol and today coz of her I’m gulping this tonight actually I’m responsible for all this I was so rude and I’m hurting her no man ll do this I just laid myself in bed without even guiding her where to sleep this what I scared off the guiltiness of mine ll hurt her I turned towards her direction she was lying in couch it was quite comfortable to her petite figure but she didn’t sleep obviously how could she sleep after what happened today I don’t know what life gonna Bring tomorrow with this thought I looked at the vast ceiling.
To be continued….
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