Love makes life live (KKB) Chapter 2

Chapter 2
I woke up today as usual by Purab’s phone call to attend a meeting Purab he is like my brother he always stand by my sidehe is like my shadow who ll never let alone anywhere he cares for me alot so he won’t leave me alone to any place because as a gangster going alone is not safe but I never want him with me I didn’t want to risk his life too whatever I do it may be good or bad it should end within me but that boy loves me alot so he won’t let me alone anywhere at any time after all he is my best friend but today the meeting is very dangerous it may end in chaos so I don’t wanna risk him so I decided to go alone after a long lecture he accepted half hearted to let me alone.I refreshed myself and the big task of the day begins to find my belongings wallet watch and all everyday it’s a big task for me I throw all my stuffs on my drunken state and every morning it’s been a task to find those things after a long search I found my things I was irritated completely I don’t know who is gonna be prey for my anger.I stepped down I didn’t see any of my men there I gave a loud shout they all ran towards my voice direction and reached the hall my Dadi and my lil sister Alia to came there with a jerk created by my voice.
“Where the hell you people had gone”,I yelled at them I was in peak of my anger I couldn’t see Dadi and Alia and left the mansion with my men for the meeting.I was sitting in meeting actually with gangsters and these gangsters are meant by their tag name I know this meeting ll end up in major chaos sure someone ll die today so I’m ready to face anything I had came here all prepared.

Now I’m in the 3rd mall of the city to find my hero I had seen more than 100 white Mercedes but I couldn’t see him I know I’m doing the stupid thing but I just know his car not even the number then how could I find him I think he is not the type who ll waste his time in malls so I even searched in Temple I couldn’t find him I searched near the beach area I couldn’t find him now it was late in evening i almost spent a day but I couldn’t find him so I decided to go back to the place where I met him but it was lil scary what I ll do if those two boys came there today will he come to save me first of all will he use this way is this his regular way to home I don’t anything but with a false hope I reached the same place where I met him yesterday in a lil distance there was a tea stall I decided to wait there and watch the road whether his car ll come by this way.
It was really 10 PM now I got a call from my mother she is scolding me in a possible way to come home soon I was really scared it was too dark he didn’t came yet I was curled up with worries the tea stall was about to close I requested the owner to Open the shop for 10 more minutes he nodded at me my eyes were glued on the road it was lighting then it was thundering heavily and it started to rain I don’t know what happened with the Mumbai monsoon the tea stall owner looked at me in a pleading manner I understood that and started to move on the road slowly honestly I was scared of dark of thundering so I was not in mood to enjoy the rain because I already exhausted of searching him then to overcome this darkness I started to sing to cover up my fear soon I feel light after singing and the rain drops cooled me down so I started to enjoy the rain and continued to sing.

I was running here to save my life and also take one cruel animal’s life i was running in the road where I used to play in my childhood it was raining again I remember that soulful voice again even when I’m running for my life why that girl’s voice is disturbing me so much I thought of this and I could see that cruel animal who killed innocent people is visible to my eyes I wiped my wet face with my palms and fixed my gun with silencer and shooted him and yes he was dead I was really happy but at the moment I could hear a police siren I have to escape now else I ll caught into a big mess so again I started to run I was blank where to hide my face Suddenly I again heard her voice that soulful voice that made me to sleep yesterday with peace I thought it was my illusion but in real I heard her voice again and I saw a petite girl singing in dancing in rain.
I know the police man who was behind me is a new man I guess he doesn’t know me than my name I feel he was nearing me I don’t how could I hide my face and where no one is in the street except me and the girl with soulful voice who is going lil far before me I got some pace in my run and reached her and I pulled her by arms where her defensive fist hitted my chest I pulled her even close to me and cupped her face in my palm I couldn’t see her face as it was dark but I could feel she is trembling and protesting but I don’t get any other go than this usually i never ever touched a girl in my life I don’t know why this idea got in my mind I don’t know it’s the only way to escape or I’m doing this because I had habituated and attached to her and her voice even without knowing her I didn’t took much time as my guess was ready coz the new police man is almost near me so I immediately pressed my thumbs over her lips and pressure my lips onto my thumbs Which exists as a layer between minr and hers’ and hide my face in her face i broke the slightly untouched kiss and I held her wrist tight suddenly her protest stopped she didn’t even opposed but I couldn’t mind that as I had saw the new police man saw us during our kiss moment made a smile and left the place thinking us as lovers I did this to escape but it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the kiss as I saw the police officer left I left her hand and started to run from the place leaving the girl there.

I stood numb for some moment I don’t know what happened just a seconds ago I couldn’t believe what happened now my first kiss like this I couldn’t believe I experienced my first kiss on road that to in dark that to with a stranger how could is this possible how I let him to kiss me just like that eventhough it’s not a full touched kiss I could feel his warm lips but he doesn’t seems to be a stranger his hold on my wrist was the same as my man.Did I shared my first kiss with my man or with some stranger oh god what happened to me I was feeling hot in this cold rain whats happening in my life I was keep on thinking this and I don’t know how I reached my home safe as I entered u got heavy lectures and scoldings from my mom my sister and my Jiju.”I won’t let you out alone anymore”,shouted my maa I don’t know what to say and how to react I continued my silence and got into my room after the scolding session.
I fell on my bed in deep thinking Is I’m sure that he is my man if it’s not him what ll be the next how I ll face my hero once I find him how ll i say that I shared my kiss with some stranger even though it’s not a kiss but however it was a kiss oh god I couldn’t even think of that disgusting situation now I’m praying all my starts to make that stranger as my man and I have strong gut that he is my man that’s y I didn’t protest when he held my wrist I was confused even in this situation my lids are heavy so I dozed off unknowingly.

Finally I reached my home but my body was shivering its not because I got wet by rain it’s because of that girl it was my first kiss ever but I shared it with an unknown poor girl she protested at her best but when I held her hand she stopped protesting.I had never ever behaved like this why I’m so attracted towards her even without knowing who is she I don’t know where it gonna end but what I done today is too wrong how could I ask for Forgiveness I laid back on my kings size bed her voice was ringing in my ears for nth time from yesterday I already felt Restless because of her voice now that kiss made me to feel more restless I couldn’t handle this I throwed the flower pot on mirror in anger I don’t know what I’m doing I was totally mad at me without knowing the exact reason.
I again sat on my bed by holding my head with palm I couldn’t control my anger I stepped towards the alcohol bottle to calm down myself but again a unknown anger curled me I broke the bottle in anger I collapsed on the floor in high temper I closed my eyes and thought my first kiss and her soulful voice unknowingly her voice calmed me down the kiss made a curve in my lips my lids feel heavy and I dozed off on the floor.

It was 7 in the morning my maa Tanu and Jiju was shouting from the bottom I don’t know why they are calling me in this much anger I got out from my comforter and went down they are giving me the death glare.”What the hell is this Pragya..Is what you were doing late yesterday I feel disgust on you”,shouted Tanu.I really got angry on her for shouting at me like this.”Why the hell u r shouting at me like this”,I yelled back.She hand over me an envelope I opened it I was surprised to see the shock inside the envelope it was him my man and it was us our parted liplock and my first kiss I don’t know how to react I should feel shame or I should feel happy as I shared my first kiss with my man my hero unknowingly my lips curved instead of feeling shame suddenly a strong palm slapped my cheek I lost my balance and collapsed on floor it was my maa I could see anger in her eyes.”Here the warning note with the envelope”, said my Jiju and started to read it “I hope u both enjoyed ur passionate moment I should not say this but ur intense moment was so good I think u both should done inside ur room.. knowingly or unknowingly I snapped ur intense moment as a memory if you Wanna this picture to be private ask ur boy friend to back off from that slum reconstruction project”,my Jiju finished the note.
I was shocked by reading the note I was curled up in biggest misunderstanding.”Auntiji u know who was her boyfriend he is a gangster the Abhishek Mehra”,said my Jiju.Gangster I thought a moment even though he is a gangster he is my dream man I don’t know how I’m gonna handle this mess.I was happy because it was my man but really I feel embarrassed and ashamed before my family.I couldn’t see my maa’s eyes I ran towards my room.

“Abhi…Abhi…Abhi…”I could hear rough voice of my Dadi and Purab I woked up from my sleep with a jerk caused by their voice i ran down I could see restless Purab and anger Dadi.I looked puzzled Purab came forward me and handover an envelope I opened it and I was literally shocked to see the picture my kiss with the girl who owned the beautiful voice and she is more apt to such beautiful voice i couldn’t even glance her more because I don’t know what this Picture mean I looked at Purab he handover a note that had with that picture.”Hey Mr.Abhishek Mehra hope u had tasted a good kiss with ur girl and u know who I am if u want ur private moment to be private then back off urself from slum reconstruction project hope u ll understand else what I ll do”I read out the note and lifted my head I could see anger fuming in my dadi’s eyes I know it’s really hard for her but before the situation getting worse I narrated the whole incident happened yesterday.My Dadi was shocked”You had spoiled an innocent girl’s life for ur well..I always proud of u that u won’t harm any pure unknown soul but today what u had done u spoiled a girl’s life”she sighed me in disgust and left to her room I couldn’t see disgust in her eyes which always portrayed proud for me.I looked at Purab he could understand my situation he came near my and pressed his hand on my shoulder to console me.I stood in an anger I couldn’t risk a girl’s life because of me not a random girl but a girl who Me gave peace and calm sleep after ages how dare to mess with Abhishek Mehra how dare to harm my girl..My girl really did I have any feelings for her no not at all but I don’t want her to feel ashamed because of me I couldn’t even think what she is going through now how her family ll treat her I hung my head down in anger frustration I was in rage of anger I immediately left my home.

To be continued…..

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Thank for all your comments and support I consider all u gals as my sisses so u can call me as ur di not at all a problem love you guys for ur support and I ll continue JOL soon but I don’t when I ll continue it….
When I was feeling stressed this story hit my mind so I started to write actually the title of this story I took it from Aashique 2 cover.”Love makes life live” it was my WhatsApp status once for more months coz I totally agree this fact Love is the only thing that making our presence in our earth as a blissful life.Love is everything in our life the first souls who start to love us is our parents their love ll never end if their life ends only our parents can give us the pure love till the last and they are the one who taught us to love others.
Friends love.. Society love.. Relations love.. our soulmate’s love then our kids love all this love is making our life live here I just took the love of two souls and how they gonna make each other’s life live thats this story “Love makes life live”

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