Love makes life live (KKB) Chapter 10


Chapter 10

Pragya reached her maykaa she buried all her tears inside her and walked in.Tanu saw her first and calls Sarla.Sarla too comes there and sees Pragya and gets happy and moved towards her.
“Pragya…tum”,asked Sarla with a wide smile and hugged her.
“Haa maa how are you”,asked Pragya with a smile.
“I’m fine Pragya tu kaise hai..aur Abhi kahan hai tu akele aaya”,asked Sarla.
“I’m too fine maa..he gone out of town that’s why I came here”,said Pragya.
“Someone forgot me here”,said Tanu with a fake anger.
Pragya goes to Tanu and hugs her “Tanu how are you”,she asked happily as her sister is her bestie always.
“Im fine..btw now only u came to know the way for our home”,asked Tanu.
“Arey Tanu..No not like that u know na I rejoin in College thats y I didn’t get time”,said Pragya.
“Really or ur mister made you to forget us with his love”, teased Tanu.
Pragya’s face gone down.

“Arey Tanu see how Pragya is embarrassed chalo get her in”,said Sarla.
Tanu and Pragya goes to Pragya’s room and Sarla went to prepare lunch.
“Tanu tell me one thing still Jiju is anger on me”,asked Pragya.
“Actually no he forgave all the incidents btw he came to know Abhi is not much bad as we thought he is so nice hey na”,said Tanu with a smile.
Pragya made a fake smile and hugged Tanu tight and started to sob.Tanu was puzzled with her sudden sob.
“Pragya..Pragya tum teek toh hai na”,Tanu asked worriedly.
Pragya broke the hug and wiped her tears “Haa..mein bilkul teek hoon..I didn’t see you all these days na thodi emotional hogai mein”,said Pragya.

“Pagal..U scared me I thought u fought with Abhi”,said Tanu.
Pragya smiled “No..No..”,said Pragya.
“Acha bolo how was ur sasuraal more than 4 months u were there na tell me about that”,asked Tanu with an excitement.
Pragya tried hard to cover up her worries “Well Tanu Abhi’s Dadi hey na she is so sweet she never treated me as bahu she always pamper me like princess”,said Pragya.
“Arey good yaar”,said Tanu excitedly.
“And Alia hey na Abhi’s sister she is so sweet and cute she is always in my side and U know Tanu she was very close to me she became my lil sister and that girl madly in love with my designs..And Purab hey na he is such a gem sweeto he only did all the arrangements to rejoin in College..He always care me the most and he too be in my side always..Alia and

Purab besties in my sasuraal”,Pragya said with a wide happiness that she forgot her pain.
“Wow…Pragya u r too lucky u had told about everyone what about important person”,asked Tanu.
“Important person kon”,asked Pragya.
“Abhi”,said Tanu with a smile.
She reminds her pain alot but she started about Abhi “Woh hey na he is the nicest person I had ever met he is so lovely..he is so caring.. and he is rude too..U know what Tanu he is very funny sometimes when he get anger na he ll be cute.. morning he ll search for his things at the time his expression is so so cute and precious..and he is…”, continued Pragya.
“You love him alot ryt”,asked Tanu.

Pragya came out of her crazy trance and she couldn’t say anything for this question because her love is not matter in his life.She was thinking what to say suddenly Sarla Maa came in with plates of food.Pragya was really not in mood of eating.
“Maa.. just now I had my breakfast and came within that you came with lunch”,said Pragya.
“Arey Pragya u had came after months so only”,said Sarla.
“Maa.. honestly I am not feeling hunger maa”,said Pragya.
“Maa..leave her let her to take rest”,said Tanu and they both left the room.
Pragya just sighed a relief.
“Abhi where you lost”,asked Sameera.
“Nothing Sameera I was just thinking something”,said Abhi.
“How you are feeling now and where is your wife”,asked Sameera.
“Ya I’m feeling better btw she gone to her maykaa”,said Abhi.
“Maykaa..How could she I mean u r not well here but she left you in this condition”,said Sameera.
Abhi was annoyed “No some emergency work that’s why well I feel tired so please leave me alone for sometime”,said Abhi and Sameera nodded and went out.
Abhi laid back and thinks ‘Pragya I’m missing you yaar..I know Sameera is bothering you alot but you didn’t gave me the time to explain it and I don’t know you ll accept Sameera and child or not’ with these thoughts he slept.
Pragya too feels tired and dozed off.

Next morning,Abhi woke up slowly “Pragya…. Pragya….”,he shout then he realized Pragya was not in the home.He slowly got down and moved towards wardrobe and freshup himself and came out.His mobile rang he picked up the call and said “Ya…I ll be there in few minutes please take care of her till I come there” and hurried.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading and apologies for short update!!
Sameera ll be revealed on next episode.

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