Love makes life live (KKB) Chapter 1

It was raining,I switched on the wiper to slide down the water in my front glass I was feeling sleepy coz of my long drive and moreover rain was one more factor to make me lazy I determined to reach my home which is in 10 minutes of distance but my eyes are feeling heavy that I was losing my control over steering wheel if this continues i ll end up in messing myself in a accident to avoid that I stopped my car near a tea shop to refresh myself actually to say it was a shop I used to drink tea during my childhood.Now everything has been changed but not in a good way for me I used to play in this street during my early days but now everything has been changed in my life and the place too.I got out from my car hided myself from the rain by covering myself under the tea shop’s roof.”Abhi ji…Aap…I couldn’t believe this Aap meri dhukan mein”, exclaimed the tea shop owner.I smiled myself by thinking that atleast some people is there who respect me in such a good way these people will never forget to bring smile in my face.”Abhi ji.. please sit”,said the shop owner.I sat on the bench and ordered a tea I could see the range of happiness in that man’s face he was happy as he had seen his god did I even worth of it.I agree my hands are bloodshed and guns and knives are always my companion and I also have a name in this society ‘Abhishek Mehra the gangster’.Some people had always fear over me and some people like this tea stall owner loves me and respects me.From this I satisfy myself that I’m atleast doing some good thing to some people which make them happy.
“Sir ji Aap ka chai”,said the tea stall owner and kept my tea glass on the bench.”Abhi ji..u know if I’m running this tea stall here it’s all coz of u..after the pavement cleaning process many shop owners like us lost their shops because of ur help we all again here and running our shops and our family is happy it’s all because of u”,he said with a thankful tears rolled down from his eyes.I pressed his hand to assure it’s all right I’m always there for u.Suddenly a girl of age 8 came near me and looked at me.I smiled at her she too gave me a small cute smile and ran inside by giving a hand sketched card probably it should be made by her.I opened the card I was dumbstrucked by her drawing it was a young man holding an umbrella and all slum people are under his umbrella it seems to be the young man protecting all the people and also I could see at the top of the young man there was an arrow and his name is mentioned there “Abhishek Mehra” I could understand the girl symbolized me as a young man I really feel happy by seeing this sketch.
“Abhi ji this was done by my daughter she always wanted to meet u but today it happened”,he said with a proud smile.I made a smile at his statement”I like it alot u r daughter is so cute”I said.He smiled back it was almost 9 PM all other shops were closed because of rain and this stall also about to close I think I made him to stop him by closing the shop I drank the tea soon and handover the money to him but he refused to accept i forcibly kept the money in his pocket and I gave extra money for his daughter to get her something from my behalf he smiled at me.I left the shop and got into my car my sleep was gone away not because of that tea it’s because of the lil girl’s drawing I looked it again and again it reminds me the story that my Dadi used to say that Lord Krishna saved the whole village from the Lord Indhiran’s anger rain by lifting the Kovardhan hill I smiled myself by comparing myself to Lord Krishna I’m not that Lord but what I’m doing is wrong to some people in this society but for some people I was looking like their Lord I’m happy about that I caused some happiness in some people’s life.My Dadi will never let me to feel myself as that much bad she ll always say”The Path of that u chose may wrong but ur destination should be at Temple” actually I don’t have trust in God and all but I like the way she explained me the fact.She is always the best woman in my life she never made me to miss my parents.Even though people call me gangster I never regret it because i know I’m not doing any wrong to good people I was keep on staring at the lil girl’s drawing 1000s of thoughts flashed in my mind Suddenly I came out of my world when I hear a soulful voice singing…..
Baarishon ke mausam ki bheegi har ali tu(You are the wet greenery of rainy seasons)
Sardiyon mein gaalon pe jo aati mere lali tu(You are that redness that comes on the cheeks in winters)
Raaton ka sukoon..Raatoon ka sukoon bhi hai Subah ki azaan hai(You are the peace of nights and morning Prayer)
Chahton ki chaadron mein kare rakhwali tu(I have held you in the sheets of affections)
The voice gone away slowly as the petite girl passed my car actually she was dancing in rain by waving her hands in air she seems to be happy and enjoying the rain her voice was so divine even I couldn’t see her face as the light is dull her voice is ringing in my mind even I too wish to dance like this care free i shrugged my thoughts away and decided to move to my home and ignited my Mercedes heading towards my home.
I was really happy today because finally I got a chance to get wet in rain thanks to the blo*dy librarian if he didn’t took time to give the book to me I ll Miss this rain I was dancing in rain by singing and waving my hands over the air.Suddenly I heard a blown horn near me I totally bewildered a motor bike stopped near me and two boys started to tease me I even couldn’t see their face as there was no light but I could understand they are trying to abuse me physically I ran but I fell down when a boy pulled my dupatta I got up quickly and ran fast I even couldn’t see properly as my chashma had fell somewhere when I fall down I don’t know where I’m going I was about to hit by a white Mercedes I just stopped and closed my eyes tight I think I was dead under the car but for my surprise I’m still alive it was full dark the car stopped few steps away me I turned and saw the two boys were still behind me and again I started to run but a strong hand holded my wrist oh god Im trapped well is the Mercedes also their man no I couldn’t see anything even the person couldn’t see anything as it was too dark I scared to the death but for my surprise he gave me his jacket I realized he was there actually to help me I relaxed a bit but still I’m afraid Suddenly he started to beat those roadside boys it was raining heavily and thundering oh god this was the best day in my life as some hero is saving me as I dreamed always and when it was lighting I could see his face honestly I was mesmerised by Seeing him Oh my heavenly god he was so perfect I saw his face in just a fraction of lightning he was so perfect as in every manner so manly the man I could never see in my dream his eyes were fury in anger as he beating the boys hard for their utter ugly behavior and they deserve this my heart want to see him all through my life as I feel I was already attached to him I wanna stand there in rain to see him in that mild lighting flash but the thundering was heavy on my head and I couldn’t Stand there as I scared of those loud sounds I started to run to my home.
What kind of boys they are how could they even think to do like this with a girl as I beated them they ran away and I searched for the girl she is no where to be found I thought she ran away in fear hope she will reach her home safe but who is she whomever let it be I ignited my engine and started towards my home.Poor girl she ll be afraid alot thanks to her stars she doesn’t see me if she had saw me sure she ll scared to the death and she may feel she had caught in hands of a gangster how funny it ll be I laughed myself in by imagining such situation with a curved smile I stopped my car and got into my home Dadi saw me and my curved lips.”Arey Abhi Kya hua smiling while entering home kamaal hai”Dadi asked.”Nothing Dadi Woh ladki”I blabberd something by thinking about the girl.”Ladki.. Abhi for the first time I’m hearing that u were saying the word ladki”,she exclaimed.”Arey Dadi nothing like that”and narrated the whole incident.She smiled at me”however a girl made my grandson to smile unknowingly btw beta how was she”she asked.”I don’t know Dadi I didn’t saw her face and more than that girl a small girl made me to smile more today”and I showed the drawing Dadi was happy and proud by seeing the sketch.I had my dinner and retired to bed by gulping few glasses of alcohol because it’s the only thing which gave me calm sleep even in that drowsiness I could think about the girl who singing and dancing in rain happily I don’t know why my heart thinking about the unknown girl as I was thinking about my rough life my eyes feel heavy and I dozed off.
Thank God I escaped from my maa and my elder sister Tanu and his husband Nikkil if they had saw me like this sure they ll pull words from my mouth thanks to my star that I escaped from them and thanks to my hero who saved me today.From my childhood I always had a dream that my man should be heroic I usually think he has to save me by fighting with the villains it was quite funny but really it’s my dream and such man ll be my dream man and today I found him.His hold on my wrist was so strong when he draped his jacket over me I decided he is my hero I stood there just to see who is he and thankfully I saw him in a small flash he is just perfect as my dream man and beyond that too but how could I find him again as I’m new to this city today is my first day in this city and hopefully I saw my man today itself I was banging my head in wall by thinking how to find him,where I ll search my hero,” where are you…”I shouted a bit louder I kept my palms over my mouth to cover my mouth.Oh god I’m going to be in this city only for next 10 days as my semester holidays ll end in 10 days then again I wanna go back to my hostel how ll i find him in this Whole city I didn’t even know anyone here and I not even noted his car number but it’s white Mercedes but how could I find a person by only knowing the car Color anyways I have to find him it’s the motto of my life.”Hey man I ll find you”I said myself and burried myself under the devut and dozed off soon because from tomorrow I wanna start my mission.

To be continued….
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    Its been a long while not fair don’t disappear like this!! We all missed you! And a great start to a great story!!

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