“LOVE MAKES LIFE LIVE” – chapter 2 (yearning for love)

Hi guys , this is yb back with the second chapter of “ love makes life live” , please guys comment and encourage me .
Recap of chapter 1
Introduction of Shravan and suman.
Shravan remembers his biological mom while suman misses her parents a lot, both of them want to achieve their dreams and become a successful person in the future.
(Current scenario)

Scene 1
The sun’s rays fall on his eyes and our hero gets disturbed, he slowly wakes up to find the beautiful- bright sun rising in the east .yeah ,this is our hero- mr Shravan malhotra. He sits on his couch and a lots of memories and incidents disturb his thoughts .he feels very lonely and again slips into deep thoughts. Now, that he misses his mother,he only thinks about her. His mother, the lady whom he loved is no more. A gush of incidents sweep across Shravan, he doesn’t know how to avoid them and find peace.
He remembers the day his mother died, the day she left him, the day his father married the wicked woman nirmala ahuja ;now nirmala malhotra. He couldn’t believe that his father neither cared about him nor was talking to him, because he only liked and cared about her (nirmala malhotra in this context)

(this flashback will contain a set of events that ramnath faced and how vandana was killed)
As introduced in the character sketch , ramnath is a person who believes in khandaan and status.
When ramnath malhotra, the great businessman was in his 22’s, his mother who was in her death bed, she pleaded him to marry vandana malhotra who hailed from a middle class family and was an orphan .

Ramnath never wanted to marry a orphan and a girl who hails from a middle class family but then he lived a happy life with vandana and our prince Shravan was born. But later ramnath showed a lot of hatred towards vandana and tried to kill her , it took many attempts for ramnath to do that, and finally he did it. HE KILLED HER. Later he married nirmala, a girl of his choice who was a wicked woman and a crap who never wanted Shravan and ramnath to be together.
(Flashback ends)
this is how Shravan and ramnath got separated. Shravan knows that it was his father who killed his mother vandana. Shravan wanted to take a revenge too. But it was his mother’s words that kept ringing in his mind.
Vandana used to say that even if people harm you , you should not harm them back Shravan, if a person harms you, it means they have commited a sin and make sure you don’t harm them back, because you will commit a sin too.
Shravan thought to have a walk in the airy roads , so that his mind will be free of thoughts..
Meanwhile our suman also gets up and the first thing that flashes in her mind is the death of her parents.

Suman’s parents went to a five day trip to Australia leaving a 10 year old suman in her grandfather’s house. The plane in which sumans parents were travelling crashed… and suman lived with her grandfather, later her grandpa also died leaving a 16 year old suman , as an orphan.
Flashback ends
Suman got up and got dressed for work, she wanted peace, she wanted some support, but unfortunately she had no one with her..
She walked on the road to get some peace……..
One side of the story, there is a young man who has got his wicked mom and dad and is yearning for love , in the other part of the story we have a young girl who has lost her parents and is waiting for someone to support her and love her unconditionally. Both of them yearn for love and want to have a successful career. All their desires are the same, but will destiny make these individuals meet.

PRECAP: surprise!! You know what it is , but keep guessing.

Hope you guys liked it
Do comment, I have got a lot of stuff coming up guys.
Keep loving me and shraman,
Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Mirru yaar u r masterpiece sooo sweet writing both of them will yearn love and surprise kya ho skta hai.
    Not knowing but very excited.
    Waiting kl post kr dena .
    I loved ur way and I will keep reading.
    Post soon.
    Love u

  2. Anushika


    |Registered Member

    Hey mirra Di the episode was amazing….Actually I couldn’t comment because for some reason I am unable to login…
    I love the way you described each and every scene….Pls try to write longer episodes…
    Love Anu

  3. AnShIta


    |Registered Member

    Hey di!
    Woooooahh! This episode was fab!
    There’s sooo much of excitement that I’ve gotten in store currently!
    Man, wonder how long will I be able to manage?
    But yes, please do try to post longer episodes! This one was too short! You know, can’t really control myself much…my level of patience is really low!😅😅
    Post as soon as you can! And it should be long, huh?😉😉
    Loads and tons of love to you!😘😘😘😘😘

  4. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    yb sry sooooooooooo much for a late cmnt. I don’t have much time so all I can say it it’s going awesome. Loved the way u showed their past conflicts. Brilliant

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