“LOVE MAKES LIFE LIVE” Chapter 1 (the life of shravan malhotra and suman tiwari)

Hi guys this is yb back with the first episode of “love makes life live”. I was not able to comment personally to each one of you and hence sorry.
So here goes a bigTHHHHAAANNKKKYYYOOOUUU!! For all those who commented. Thank you for your cooperation.
Note: nirmala malhotra is the step mother of Shravan. His original mother is late vandana malhotra (just wanted a name)

Scene 1
A huge mansion is shown, it has a big board which says “Shravan”, yeah, it is the mansion of the handsome young man- Shravan malhotra. Shravan is sitting in the corner of his couch with a photo in his hand. The photo is that of a woman in her 40’s. Shravan cries terribly in front of the photo, he felt the matter very hard to digest that his biological mother is no more. He feels that his father has cheated him, he loved his mother- vandana malhotra before any one else. She was a brave woman who always fought against all odds and always helped Shravan to deal with his emotions. She was the pillar of strength to Shravan. Last but not the least she loved Shravan unconditionally.
Shravan’s pov
God, why only me? I loved my mom a lot, but she’s no more, I don’t feel like living without her even for a second. I want to die, but I am still alive only because of my ambition, my dream of becoming successful in joining the military, my mom always wanted me to do something for the country and now I am going to achieve it.
He keeps the photo aside and wipes his tears.
Shravan: I will do it for you mom, I will do it. I will join the armed forces and make our country proud.i will not care about what others say , whoever it may be , my blo*dy father or that nirmala malhotra.

Scene 2
(the scene shifts to an other bunglow where a girl in her 20,s is working and doing house hold chores, yeah that girl is none other than our suman.)
The house mistress: do the work properly, or else I will bash you out. if i do that then you will be lonely, without anyone and one day you will even starve to death and die like how your parents died.
Suman: enough.. not a word against my parents, they wanted me to be a successful person in the future and I will do it for them. I am working for you just because, I can study in the money I earn. think before you speak.
The house mistressr: I don’t know what you will do, and remember I am your mistress, learn to speak politely and yeah you can leave if your work is done.(walks away)
Suman finishes her work and rushes to a small hut in which she stays, she throws herself on the cot and cries terribly remembering her parents.

Suman’s pov
Oh god, why does everyone show hatred towards me, just because I am an orphan, just because I don’t have my parents to help me?
But I know I have to be strong, I should not care about other people, but instead I should do all that I can to achieve my dream.
The episode ends on suman and shravan’s sad face.
why does Shravan hate ramnath and nirmala? , Shravan and suman are made ek duje ke vaaste? Will shraman’s love come in between their career/ dreams?
Jane ke liye keep reading “ love makes life live”

Precap: ramnath malhotra’s past. Shraman’s first meet and many other stuff….

Hope you guys like it,
Take care and keep supporting.


  1. AnShIta


    |Registered Member

    Hey di!
    Well, the episode was FABULOUS!
    I loved each and every scene scene to the core!
    After such a splendid episode, I can’t help but say POST SOON!
    Love ya!😘😘😘

    • Balamirra



      hi anshu,
      well, thankyou for this overwhelming comment, i am soo glad that you liked it.
      i will try to post soon, control your excitement till then and remember me and shraman.
      love you tooo

  2. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Mirru yaar too good I m excited maybe cause his mom died cause of him something.
    First meet wow.
    Soo good.
    Keep going.
    Post soon.
    Love u

  3. Beas


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    It’s quite interesting. Plz post asap and….yeah also the other one. I m eagerly waiting for ShraMan romance 😁💓

  4. Ariana


    |Registered Member

    Wonderful start YB
    I love how u created a gloomy atmosphere at the very beginning
    post nxt part soooooooooooooooooooooooon
    take care

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