Love makes life hell or beautiful (hellyvarun and tejaswaninamish) Intro

Here is a new story of love how love makes life hell and beautiful hope you guys like it
Helly: a beautiful bubble girl love his family very much and love to play guitar and watinig for her prince charming
Guatam gulati: a big business man who is very arrogat and lusty and like a animal
Shekar: father oh belly and love his wife and daughter and a small businesses man
Sumi: mother of helly and love his daughter and husband very much
Ap: mother of gatum and is feared of his son
Varun: a orphan handsome guy and lovely obident and love photography
Tejaswani: best fend of belly from childhood and love each other very much
Namish: a flirty guy handsome and love his mother very much
SujTa: a fashion designer and love his son very much
Soory guy I will make entry of varun late so please don’t mind it and if you like it please comment

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  1. Yaa it’s nice. Gd start dear.

  2. I think u have made a funny mistake in describing tejaswani but otherwise the intro is nice

  3. Nice start

  4. Seeing actors’ names,just checked it,was actually checking if my ff got uploaded,but, this seems different n interesting,good luck.

  5. I like it nisha because of original names diff type of story

  6. nice dear..
    it’s tejaswi not tejaswani…

  7. Gautam and Swara at first then after sanskar entry Swasan

  8. Ya nice good starting

  9. nice intro!!

  10. New stry with actors real nime.. Good strt

  11. New stry with actors real name.. Good strt

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