Love makes life hell or beautiful (hellyvarun and tejaswaninamish) Epi 7


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Todays episode start with swara and ragini come to collage and wait for sanlak
Ragini see the watch
Ragini: they did not came yet we are getting late
Swara: these boys are so lazy
And they see them coming and they come and say hi to swaragini
Swara: so you got the time for coming
Ragini: how lazy you both are look at the time
Sanlak make a puppy face and say soory
Swara: ok don’t make faces like these
Ragini: come we are getting late
They 4 go and give their names for dance compition and then go to their class
Sawra sit lucky and ragini with sanskar All are taking class suddenly lucky get bored so he make paper ball and start throwing on ragini and ragini also start throwing the paper ball on lucky and sawsan smile seeing them then suddenly swara start throwing paper ball on sanskar then sanskar also start throwing paper ball on swara as they are playing suddenly professor turn and see them like this and get angry
Professor: what are you 4 doing
Then they all 4 get senses
Professor: stand up and go out of the class
All 4 make puppy faces and say soory
Professor: you go other wise I will go
They 4 go out with a sad face and when they are out of class suddenly stared lauhing
Ragini: come lets go to cantten
Lakash: yeah
And they all 4 go to cantten and do fun their and then after collage get over they go to their houses as tomarrow is their compition
Swara drop ragini to her house and go to her house

Next day swara get ready and take ragini with her to collage and see sanlak and they go in their collage compition is about is started
Lucky: guys don’t know I felling nervous
Sanskar: yes lucky me too
Swaragini come and hear their conversation
Ragini: so you are felling nerous right
Swara: chill guy take a deep breath you will fell normal
They both take deep breath
Sanskar: yeah I am felling much better now
Lucky: me too
Sanlak say thnks to swaragini
Swaragini: in frndship no soory no thnk u ok
Sanlak: ok
And lucky and ragini name are annoced and they go and dance on song gerua they dance passinatly and lost in each other and audience are amazed seeing their performance and when their dance gets over audience shouted for once more and they go from stage
And after that sawsan name announced and they both go on stage and they dance on song janam janam and all are lost in their dance and they complete their dance and go from stage

In back side of stage all are sitting but not talking to each other they all have a strange felling in their heart but they don’t want to show it on faces
Here the compiton get over and time for result all started shouting sawsan and raglak name and the principal come and announce the winners
Principal: the copules who win are sawsan and raglak please come on stage
Sawragini and sanlak gets happy hearing their name and go on stage
Principal: these two copules have go to goa for dance compition as the representative of our collage
All start clapping for them and principal go to them and tell them to come to his office
And all go all are wishing swaragini and sanlak for wining and after that they hug and wish each other and then they go to principal cabin
Swara: sir may be come in
Principal: yes please
Ragini: thnk u sir
A nd they come in
Principal: look you have to leave day after tommarow to goa and our collage one staff member recive you their ok and here is his number
Sanskar: ok sir
Principal: best of luck to you all
And they all go from their and go to their home swaragini goes home and tell sumi about this and sumi gets happy and after some time ragini goes home for packing and on the other side sanlak tell sujata and she also get happy
On the other side gatum is conspiring against swara he see the tenders which is fill by companies for oders and see shekar gagodia name and a smile come on his face
Gatum think so swaraa you love your family a lot na now I will make situation like this that you have to marry me and you cant do nothing live your life you want to live but after sometime i will make your life hell and smiles evily

Credit to: nisha

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