Love makes life hell or beautiful (hellyvarun and tejaswaninamish) Epi 6


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Soory guys for late update as iam busy in my projects hope you all understand and thnks guy to commenting on my ff
Soory guys today onwards I am using these name please accep it
Helly as swara,varun as sanskar,namish as lucky,tejaswi as ragini and left character will have same name hope you like it
The 4 sits sanskar sit with swara and ragini sits with lucky ragini and lucky start talking and sanskar and swara are also start talking
Swara: so sanskar where are you till now
Sanskar: I am studing in Mumbai
Swara: then why shift here
Sanskar: I miss lucky and aunty their so that’s why I thought to shift here and continue my studies from here
Swara: oh that’s great
Sanskar: and tell me something about you
Swara: me as you know my name is swara and my father is a business man and I love playing guitar
Sanskar: so you love playing guitar then we have same choice
Swara: so you also
Sanskar: yeah

Swara: not bad
And then professor come and start the class and after classes there is an annoucment of dance completion and two copule dancers are selected for dance completion to goa and interested students have to give their names tommarow and all get excited
And then they 4 go to their home and when swaragini on scooty on their way a car come in their way and gatum come from out from the car swaragini get angry seeing him
Swara: what the hell is your problem why you take your car in front of my scooty stay aside
Gatum: miss swara I am really soory for my behavior
Swara: I know you types of guys firstly tell anything to girl which you want and then tell soory
Gatum: no you are understanding me wrong
Swara: no I have clearly understand your character
And swara start the scooty and go from side and their gatum fumes in anger and think what she think of herself I tell her soory but what she did I want her by her permission but she is showing attitude now I will show her who is I am and what is my character and goes in car from their
Swaragini on scooty

Ragini: he is asking soory from you why don’t you forgave her
Swara: ragu you don’t know these ypes of boys tell soory only for show off nothing elese
Ragini: but I think he is really felling soory
Swara: you forget what riys tell stay away from him you will be safr
Ragini: yeah
And they both come home and ragini coming in home call her mom and tell that she is staying with swara and goes in
Sumi: come princess you go and freshen up I will bring cooffe for you both
They both go in their room and freshen up and sumi bring coofe and give them and goes from their and swara closes the door
Ragini: so you are taking participate in compition
Swara: I don’t think so
Ragini: please swara take na I am also taking
Swara: who will you choose your patner
Ragini: I am thinking to ask lucky
Swara: oohhh

Ragini: but if you are not participating then I am also not participate
Swara: but whom I will make my patner
Ragini: you forget you make our new frnd patner i mean sanskar
Swara: what ! if he not agree then
Ragini: I am calling lucky
Swara: no ragu we will ask them tommarow
Ragini: no swara if tomarrow any other girl ask and they tell yes then what we will do
Ragini calls lucky and he attend the call
Lucky: hi ragini
Ragini: hi
Ragini: lucky will you be my dance patner in dance completion
Lucky did not accept this question from ragini so he get shocked
Ragini: lucky are you their

Lucky come in senses
Lucky: yeah
Ragini: so tell me yes or no
Lucky think sometime and say yes
Ragini: please lucky give phone to sanskar
Lucky gives phone to sanskar
Sanskar: hi ragini what happen
Ragini: sanskar I want to ask you something
Sanskar: yeah ask
Ragini: if you don’t have any problem can you become the dance patner of swara in dance completion
Sanskar: me
Ragini: yeah you
Sanskar: if she doesnot having any problem then there is yes from my side
Ragini: from her side is yes
Sanskar : ok then
Ragini: bye

And ragini cut the call swara ask her what sanskar and lucky said
Ragini: lucky say yes but not sanskar
Swara fells bad from inside but don’t show it
Ragini see her and tell I just joking he also tell yes and swara get happy
On the other side sanlak
Sanskar: lucky here we are discussing how to ask them to be our patner
Lucky: but they are so much fast forward
Sanskar: yeah call us and directly ask
Lucky: which we are trying from lasf half an hour but don’t have guts to ask
Sanskar: but they ask normally
Lucky: they are daring girls sanskar I am telling you
And both laugh

Screen splits in happy face of swaragini and sanlak

Credit to: nisha

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