Love makes life hell or beautiful (hellyvarun and tejaswaninamish) Epi 5


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recap: tejaswi and namish romantic dance gatum and helly argue varun entry
todays episode start with varun namish and sujata talking and doctor come
and tell that she is fine now and you can take him home and tell them to give their bp tablet on time and namish and varun take sujata home and take her to his room and goes to make dinner (as i forget to tell that varun is a good sheif)

in the kitchen varun make dinner and take it for sujata and both of them and they do dinner and namish give tablet to sujata and both go to their room and sleep
the next morning helly and tejaswi get ready to ho collage and do their breakfast and go to collage and when they reach collage tejaswi start searching namish but didnt find him
tejaswi worridoly: he has not come yet god knows what happen to him
helly: call him

tejaswi call him but he not picking the call
tejaswi get irriteted and tell he is not picking up the call
helly: ok we will wait for him in the class
and they both go to class and after some time namish come witj varun to class and go to helly and tejaswi and tejaswi ser him
tejaswi: what is this namish and why are you not picinking my call you hurridly from the party without telling any reason what happen tell me why are you so silent answer me
namish see his phone and their are so many miss calls of tejaswi
namish: soory my phone was on silent mode and my mom is admmited in hospital thats why i go from their
helly: what happen to aunty

namish: she get faint due to bp
tejaswi: then how is she now
namish: now she is ok
and helly and tejaswi take a relif breath and now their attention goes to varun who is standing and listening their conversation
helly pointing towards varun: namish who is he
namish introdue varun to them and told them that he is his childhood frnd and he also study in this collage
helly: so be frnds
and extend his hand
varun: why not and join hee hand and tejaswi and namish also put their hand on their hand and say frnds forever
on the other side in gatum office

gatum called riya to his cabin
riya: may i come sir
gatum: yeah
gatum: tell me riya did you know helly the girl from you are talking in party
riya: yeah sir sheis my frnd
gatum: so tell me about her and what is her weaknesd
riya untetstand what he want
riya: we are not such good frnds sir just normal frnds

gatum: so you are tellinge lie you face is showing it
riya: no sir
gatum: you are telling no to me i know everything at this timr your mother is coming from temple and suddenly a truk hits him then and if a fake mms of your sistet lea ked on internet then what happen to his marriage
riya get tensed hearing his
gatum: i dont have time tell me faster otherwise i am calling my mans
riya: ok wait sir i am telling
and tell helly weakness

gatum: good and remind it you will not tell anything to helly my are on only you if you tell him anything then anything can happen now go
riya go from his cabin and come to het cabin and start crying and gatum in his cabin thought that now no one will stop me for gaining you helly and simle evily

Credit to: Nisha

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  1. It is superb

  2. Awsm nishu…..loved it as alwys…bt plz wrt big n updt 2 in a dy….plz???????????????????????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Next update plz nd if you use swara nd sanskar in place if place of helly and varun it will be great because varun belongs to his wife dhanya nd sanskar to swara

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