Love makes life hell or beautiful (hellyvarun and tejaswaninamish) Epi 3


Tejaswi and helly go to hellys home and sumi is wating for them and by seeing them get happy
sumi: so my princess come who is your first day
helly: awesom mom
sumi: you both go room and freshup i will make coffe for you
( as tejaswi sometime tejaswi live in helly house so their are some dress of her in helly house)
tejaswi: ok aunty
they both go to their room and get frshen up and come fown and sumi give them cooffe
helly: mom tomarrow is riya sister engament
sumi: oh thats nice
tejaswi: yeah aunty
sumi: she is such a storng girl she has manged her whole house after her father death
tejaswi: yeah aunty thats true
helly: mom she has invited us so can we go
sumi: why not
helly: so mom we have to do shooping
sumi: ok beta
they both get happy and about to go
sumi: first finshup your cooffe
tejaswi: ok aunty
they both finshes their cooffe and go to shooping mall
they both enter shooping mall
tejaswi: hey helly you select dress for me and i will select for you
helly: ok
and they both go in different direction

tejaswi is selected dress for helly and is going when her leg get twist and about to fall buy protrctive hand hold her she see the guy and both share an eye lock( bg music ankhon me teri song plays)
after some time they comppse themselves
tejaswi: thank you again
namish: its ok but i seems like you have habit of fallwing
tejaswi: and you have holding me on right time
and see each other

tejaswi break the silence
tejaswi: so you here came for shooping
namish: no i came with my frnd
tejaswi: so where is he
namish: he is with his gf
tejaswi: ok
and they both go to helly and helly see namish
helly: you here
tejaswi tell him every thing and they go to food counter and take food and start talking and after some time namish frnd come and he intoduce her and after normal talk they go
tejaswi : see you in the evening
namish: ok
tejaswi and helly waves bye and go

at evening
helly is ready in a red goun selected by tejaswi and left her hair open and tejaswi wear pink goun selected by helly and make a side pony
both come down sumi and shekar see them and smile
shekar: my both princess looking beautifull
sumi: yeah i pray god to save them from every bad eyes
shekar: then pray for boys who are in party
sumi: why
shekar: bcz they become mad seeing our princess beautiness
helly: papa
tejaswi: yeah uncle you are right
and they all laugh and go to engament ceremony

at engament place
gatum come to party and riya go to see him garum see him
gatum: hey you are looking s*xy
and hug riya but riya feel unconfurtable by his touch and break hug
riya: i havw some work sir you enjoy
and she go fron their and gatum goes to wine counter
after sometime tejaswi helly come to party and wait outside for namish and after some time he come and tejaswi see him and thought how handsom he is looking
namish: hi helly and tejaswi you both are looking beautiful
tejaswi: thnks
they all go in party and tejaswi and helly meet riya and introdice namish to her
and after some time dance started and tejaswi ask helly
tejaswi: leys dance
helly: no you go
namish: if you dont have problem may i
tejaswi: why not
and they both go to dance floor

precap: helly and gatum argue and namish meeting someone

Credit to: Nisha

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