Love makes life hell or beautiful (hellyvarun and tejaswaninamish) Epi 2


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Recap: helly,tejaswi has fight with gatum and helly slap gatum namish meet helly and tejaswi
The episode start with when helly, tejaswi go to their class they see the boy their who help tejaswi and both go to him
Helly: hi
Tejaswi: so you are is this class
Namish: yeah
Helly: by the way I am helly
Tejaswi: and I am tejaswi and you
Namish: I am namish
Tejaswi: lets be friends
Namish: why not
And they all three shake hands and their class start
On the other side in gatum office
Gatum goes to his cabin and start messing the things
Gatum: how dare she slap me I will defiantly make her life hell she don’t know who I am I will break her ego and start thinking something
And his secratory riya come and tell
Riya: sir I want a leave tomarrow
Gatum(furiously): why
Riya(fearly): sir tomarrow is my sister engagement
Gatum now see him and her inside lusty man wake up
Gatum: ok but you don’t invite me

And hold her hand and pull towards her and she is felling very uncomfortable
Riya: yes sir you are also invited
Gatum: ok
And riya goes from their and gave a relif sign like he is free from a tiger grip
On the other side helly,tejaswi,namish class get over and they go to cantten and start talking about what they likes or dislikes about their family and etc as they are talking helly get a call from riya( riya is helly and tejaswi friend due to her father death she is doing part time job there)
Helly: hi riya
And tejaswi after hearing riya name
Tejaswi: hey helly put phone on speaker
And helly put phone on speaker
Tejaswi: so you got time to call us
Helly: yeah

Riya: soory guys but u know na I busy at my work
Helly : ok we understand we are just joking
Riya: tomarrow is my sister engament so you both are invited ok
Helly: ok we will defiantly come
Riya: I will send the address where engagement part is organized ok bye
Tejaswi: bye
Riya cut the call
Namish: who is this riya
Helly: she is our frnd and studing in these collage
Namish: but she not come today
Tejaswi: she is job as her father is died she is only source of income at her house and she has taken permission from principal
Namish: so stong girl
A idea strike in helly mind
Helly: why don’t you come with as in party
Namish: but I don’t know him what I will do their
Tejaswi: you are our frnd so you become also her frnd
Namish: I don’t understand

Helly: don’t think so much you are coming that’s final
Namish: ok but wher is party
Tejawi: I will send you the address
And they three go to their house

Credit to: nisha

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