Love makes life hell or beautiful (hellyvarun and tejaswaninamish) Epi 1

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The episode start with a girl entering in a house first her dress is shown she is wearing a black top with blue jeans and then her face is shown she get simle seeing someone
Tejasvi: gm aunty
A lady turn and see towards gate and smile seeing the girl
Sumi: gm bets come inside
Shekar: who came sumi
Sumi: our little princess teju
Shekar see tejasvi and get happy
Tejasvi: gm uncle
Shekar: gm beta
Tejasvi: aunty is helly ready we are getting late for collage
Suddenly a voice come I an ready they all see towards from where voice is coming and a girl standing wearing a pink top with blue jeans and with her hair open and come and hug tejasvi
Helly: hi teju
Sumi: you both do break fast and go to collage other wise you get late
They both sit and do their break fast and go collage on scooty (although tejasvi and helly both have cars but they like going on scooty to anyplace)
They both are going to their way suddenly a car come from rong side and hit their scooty from car a handsome guy came out and see the girls he is gautam
Helly with full anger stand up
Helly: don’t you have eyes you are going to wrong side
But that guy is staring him and seeing him
Helly: hey I am talking to you
Gutam: so s*xy
Helly: what you said
Gutam: s*xy my darling
Helly give him a tight slap
Helly: go and tell these to your mother
Gatum gets angry while helly take her scooty and go with tejasvi
Gatum: you have to pay for these I will make your life hell
And go from their
On the way of collage
Tejasvi: how cheap he is na
Helly: you know teju all boys are like this only
And they come to collage and prak the scooty and go towards class they are using stairs but suddenly
Tejasvi leg twist and she is about to fall a boy hold him and he is namish they share an eyelock
And break eye losk by helly voice
Helly: teju are you ok
Tejasvi: yeah I am ok
Helly: look towards namish and say thnks
Namish: its ok
And they all go to their class

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Credit to: nisha


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