Khushi-its my life (Episode 10)


Recap: Khushi following Rakshak’s orders to regain his love.

ep 10:

The episode starts with Rakshak getting call informing him about someone’s death. He was deeply upset. He reaches home. Khushi finds him dull.

Khushi: Rakshak, r u ok?

Rakshak: Yes

Khushi: But u look so dull

Rakshak: just headache. get me some coffee.

Khushi takes coffee for him. Rakshak is in room crying. But he hides tears before Khushi. Khushi looks him confused coz this is the first time in her life she saw him crying.

Rakshak: I need rest. I am sleeping.

Khushi: Is ur headache cured?

Rakshak: Not yet.

Rakshak lays on bed. Khushi comes there n applies balm to his head n her concern makes him tend towards Khushi.

Rakshak: Can u do me a favour?

Khushi:Sure. Did I say no to any of ur orders from a month?

Rakshak: I am not ordering u Khushi. I am just asking u. Do it only if u like n I won’t trouble u for refusing.

Khushi:Tell me

Rakshak: Shall I sleep in your lap?

Khushi was shocked. Because she nvr saw him so sentimental.He sat near him n he slept in her lap. He was holding her hands tightly. Khushi caresses his hair. It was already 2 hrs that he is sleeping in her lap.

Khushi: Rakshak,pls get up. Have ur dnr n sleep.

Rakshak: I am not hungry.

Khushi: pls Rakshak

Rakshak wakes up.Khushi brings dinner to him. He is abt to eat it but Khushi finds his hand injured.

Khushi: Wat happened to ur hand ?

Rakshak: Nothing. Give me a spoon.I will hav food.

Khushi takes plate from his hand n feeds him with her hands. Rakshak bcoms emotional as its first time for him that someone feeding him n showing love on him. Khushi understands his feelings.

Khushi: Rakshak, U know wat? U became a kid now

Rakshak: No. Ur food is so spicy. Actually I am angry on u for spoiling the food.

Khushi smiles. She completes her works n came to room n finds him moving on bed restlessly. Though she don’t the reason n can’t make him to tell her the reason, she can’t see him like dat. She comes near him n made him to sleep in her lap. He slept aft sometime.She was caressing his hairs n she saw different Rakshak. She feels as if he became a kid to her. She kissed him on his forehead.

Rakshak: Thank u

Khushi was shocked to hear him.

Rakshak: Can u promise me something?

Khushi: Ok

Rakshak: Till now I felt I am all alone. But u made my loneliness go away. Promise me dat watever happens between us,pls don’t leave me Khushi.

Khushi: I promise Rakshak. I nvr leave u. U r my life.

Khushi saw him n got confused. Because he still closed his eyes n he was talking as if he was speaking in dream. She doesn’t understand whether he was talking in sleep or he is awake. She slept. Rakshak woke up at morning n saw Khushi sleeping in sitting posture. He understood dat he slept whole nite in her lap n as she felt not to disturb him, she slept like dat. He made her to sleep on bed n covered her with blanket. He remembered her concern on him last nite. He kissed her on forehead n saw the clock. He was getting late to office.He thought to wake her up. But he didn’t want to disturb her. So, he himself went to kitchen n prepared break fast. He got ready n by dat time Khushi woke up. She saw him got ready n remembered that its too late. Rakshak sees her. Khushi too got ready.

Khushi: I am sorry Rakshak. I am so late today. Y don’t u wake me up?

Rakshak: Should I wake u up? Don’t u know that getting late makes to lose ur last chance of gaining ur husband’s love?

Khushi: I am really sorry Rakshak. Pls pls give me little time. I will make break fast ready. Pls

Rakshak looks her seriously n finds her crying.

Rakshak: Do u think I will forgive u? Lets talk later abt ur chance of gaining love. Now don’t waste time n make breakfast ready within 5 mins. I will b coming down.

Khushi: But its not possible to make everything ready in 5 mins

Rakshak: U must,if u want my love. Otherwise leave it.

Khushi rushes from there to kitchen. She was really tensed. She went to kitchen n found it clean n brkfst ready. She looks for maid but didn’t find. she turns back n finds Rakshak standing there.

Rakshak: So u made me to cook brk fst myself. Is this the way to win husband’s love? If u really love me n are tensed to get my love back,u won’t behave like this.

Khushi was scared n started crying.

Khushi: Rakshak, I really love u but its my bad luck to miss u again. I am ready for any punishment for this but pls don’t say to leave u. please

Rakshak: I made brkfst bcoz I am unable to eat ur spicy food. Its ur fault to cook food so spicy which made me to cry yesterday.

Rakshak looks her very seriously. She was frightened n turned back. Rakshak hugged her from back. She can feel his love for the first time. Till now she felt only his rudeness. He removed her hairs falling on her ears n whispered:

Rakshak: U woke up late just bcoz of caring me last nite. So, ur punishment is,

Saying this he kissed her. Khushi turned towards him. He hugged her n kissed again.

Rakshak: Khushi, My frnd is coming today for lunch, pls make it ready aft having brkfst. I am leaving now. Bye.

He was abt to leave and Khushi hugged him from back.

Khushi: Ok. Bye.

Rakshak smiled at her n left. Khushi felt very happy but she doesn’t know her hpyness nvr stay longer. Aftnoon Rakshak returned home. Khushi opened the door smiling. Rakshak smiled at her n called his frnd. Khushi was shocked seeing him.

Rakshak n his frnd came inside.

Rakshak: Khushi, He is my frnd ACP Surya. Surya,she is my wife, Khushi.

Khushi n Surya: Hello

Khushi served lunch for both of them n gave coffee. Khushi went to her room n Rakshak found her tensed n followed her.

Rakshak: R u ok? why r u so tensed?

Khushi hugged him n cried.

Rakshak: Khushi, wat happen to u,sit here. Take this water.

Khushi: I want to talk to u something important.

Rakshak: Sure. But let me send my frnd first. Its not good to talk like dis leaving guest alone in the room. U take rest. I will b back in 5 mins.

Khushi: Rakshak pls

Rakshak left from there.

Surya: Rakshak, I need to say something to u.

Rakshak: Ya tell me. But pls make it fast bcoz Khushi is not feeling well. So, I have to go back to her within 5 mins.

Surya: I think u love ur wife a lot.

Rakshak: Yes, I love her a lot but Khushi loves me more than that.

Surya: Do u know everything abt her?

Rakshak: Of course

Surya: Then hw did u marry her?

Rakshak: wat do u mean?

Surya: Do u know that she loves someone?

Rakshak: Yes I know. But its before marriage. Not now.

Surya: Do u know abt her relationship with that person? Do u know she was arrested with her lover once in a police ride?

Rakshak: Arrest? Police Ride? wat r u saying?

Surya was saying something to him n Khushi remembers few scenes which r blurred.

He left n Rakshak came to room with anger. Khushi understood reason for her anger. Rakshak moves to Khushi n she is going back.

Khushi: I am sorry Rakshak. Pls forgive me. I am sorry

Rakshak pinned her to the wall n caught her tightly.

Rakshak: Y did u hide it from me? Don’t u feel its important to tell me? How many times will u n Abhi cheats me?

Khushi: Rakshak, I didn’t do anything wrong except hiding it from u. I didn’t cheat u. I am scared to tell u that bcoz I felt u may misunderstand me. Pls listen, I will tell u wat happened actually on dat day. Its all a trap.

Rakshak slaps Khushi n Khushi fell on floor.

Rakshak: If u didn’t do anything wrong u won’t hide it from me. I hate u Khushi n I nvr trust u again.

Rakshak goes away from there n Khushi remembers the past.

Precap: Khushi’s past. Rakshak insulting her n torturing her.

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  1. Poor khushi wat did she do I ws sad dat u didn’t update nd u updated in dust late night I must thank u will be waiting for next update

    1. No dear, I updated it at 2pm but its published late night..Thank u dear

  2. it is awesome. ..plz update soon

    1. Thank u..

  3. Again missunderstanding oh god

    1. Misunderstanding is coz of his past. Khushi will come to know abt that.. U will see his immense love on Khushi later..But now he tortures her a lot…

  4. If in this case that rakshak didnt listen to khushi she should leave him in that condition and must choose the first option and let him be in that condition then he will understand himself
    Devil rakshas

    1. Dear, she lost the chance of choosing option 1. Now he is very angry on her. If she goes away from him,Rakshak won’t leave her without taking revenge for betraying him (his point of view).

  5. Ahhh..why this happens to khushi all the time…she was soo happy to find little bit of love from rakshak but again he is back to monster…past, jail, arrest…poor khushi…story is very interesting..keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Life nvr be the same as we wish. But her patience,love n values make him to change. Khushi faces everything bcoz he loves him so much. She gets hurted coz of his behaviour but nvr gets angry on him. Love doesnt mean being hpy n showing love only wen we get it back. True love is unconditional. So she showers love on him which equals his torture. She just wants his hpyness..lets see wat happens…

  6. nice episode

    1. Thank u swara..

  7. super dear the way love shown s super dear updates next epi soon dwar

    1. Thank u maya..yes its submitted for review..yet to publish

  8. So pety of khushi wat happend next

    1. I have already submitted next part..its under review ..

  9. This story is soo good. Now rakshak back to old behaviour… I know everything will be sorted out… Waiting for nxt episode eagerly… Update nxt part sooooooon…

    1. Thank u ananya..its submitted for review..

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