Love makes life beautiful || Two shot|| {RagSan}|| By nixi{Pt1}

Hey guys well umhhhh nixi here with a ragsan two shot..!!!!!!!!!! hope u guys love this one too.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love makes life beautiful….!!!!!!!!!!


I looked at myself for the last time in mirror…!!!! today was a very special day for me I am going to propose my lady love…!!!!!!!!! I was nervous and I checked my mirror at the last time..!!!! I don’t know whether she loves me back what if she rejects me and I would become a devdas well no it would be my worst nightmare….!!!!!!!!!!!! I was afraid idk I don’t whether to propose her or not? Many questions were running in my mind…!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought for last time and took the bouquet and left in my car………..!!!!!! to the college…!!!!!

I get down from my car…!!!! and was searching for my lady love and there I found her…!!! but wait a second everyone surrounded her I don’t know why? I crossed them excusing…!!!!!!!! and I saw a boy fell on his knees and proposing her…. I hold my hands and pray to god plz say no plz reject him and when I opened my eyes..!!!! she said something I was shocked totally numb I was reckless confused don’t what to say or what to do…….!!!!!!!!! she accepted him readily.!!!! She hugged him and said she waited for that moment only and she loved him too..!!!!!! I was left heartbroken….!!!!!!!!!! I ran away from there my bouquet dropped down my hand..!!!!!!!!! I opened the door of my car and left from there driving at very fast speed…..!!!!!!!!! I was very angry sad emotionless reckless confused………!!!!!! I was angry that my best frnd laksh proposed my lady love Ragini……!!!! I was sad that I was late maybe too late than ever……!!!!!!! I was confused that should I forget Ragini or not? I was emotionless because I became all alone….!!!!!!!!!!! last not the least due to my bad luck I didn’t noticed the truck coming in front of my car……..!!!!!!! it dashed with my car my whole world turned upside down…..!!!!!!!! Within a few seconds I was lying on the ground in a pool of blood I murmured Ragini and closed my eyes……….!!!!

After few hours:
I gained conscious I opened my eyes and I found myself in the ICU my mom and dad were so happy to see me conscious..!!!! they hugged me tightly not letting me to go anywhere..!!!!!!! I too was happy for my parents were happy…..!!!! I saw my best frnd laksh and my lady love ragini standing together holding each other’s hand tightly I tightened my fist in anger……!!!!!! but I controlled and composed myself….!!!!!!! as I don’t want to create any drama over there….!!!!!!!!! and that too in front of my parents never ever….!!!!!!!!!! they gone out for some time to complete the formalities for discharging me…!!!!! me my best frnd and my lady love was only present there…..!!!!!! they gave me bouquet and wished for me for getting well soon and in return I congratulated them for their beginning of a new relationship….they welcomed and smiled at me…!!!!!!!!! my lady love sat beside me my best frnd went out for some work we both were alone I was nervous again…!!! she finally spoke up I am sorry sanskar I ignored u from the few past days it was just I wanted to know laksh well and u know probably what happened? He she was about to say I interrupted her and say he proposed u am I right? Ragini spoke up yes u r right but how do u know? I was reckless don’t know what to say I stammered well I know because I came to the college and I saw him proposing u and then due to some work I left from there in my car in a fast speed and I didn’t notice the truck coming and I met with an accident…!!!!!!!
Ragini: oh u stupid idiot can’t u be careful if anything would happen will ur frnd like to see u that in stage tell me dammit sanskar listen to me no matter what happens u were my frnd and always will remain my frnd do get that in ur little head….!!!!!!!!!!!

I smiled at her and nodded…!!! she pecked my forehead and left from there….!!!!!!!!!! I touched my forehead and smiled to myself like a idiot….!!!!!!!!!!!
Final part: breakdown confrontation and dhamaka…!!!!!!!!!!
So guys how was first part? Tomatoes slaps slippers all are welcomed but please no ill language…!!!!!!!!! and few shots I am gonna update today only…!!!!!!!


  1. Rafeee

    |Registered Member

    nice dear i gve u a choclate n candies fr updtng this awesome ff🍫🍬🍭… n dnt thnk v ll gve a slippers😅😂…. u r so sweet dear…😊 n updte soon

    • Nixi18


      woahhh loved it buddy…!! candies and chocolate are so awesome yummy tasty…!! huh why slippers no problem…!! i will put on my defense shield…!! ur extra sweet buddy..!! will update tomorrow idk…!!

  2. sinzo

    Superb yaar……superb….no tomatoes and slippers….but My ❤ (heart) for you…….😘😘😘😘😘becoz its juz awesome

    • Nixi18


      thank u sinzo woahhh caught ur heart
      thank u
      thank u
      thank u
      thank u
      thank u soooo much…!! i m on cloud18th…!!
      lots of huggies and kisses to u muahhh…!!
      love u lots…!!

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