Love makes life beautiful – Teaser

Hii all,, so to indroduce this one is.- this is the teaser for my first ever fan fiction LOVE MAKES LIFE BEAUTIFUL… I took a long break of two months as I was busy in my public exams and its preps.. so sorry for that.. so to start again with this one.. I thought to give a teaser so here we go…

In the gap of these five years,, many may change. Surroundings, time, cities, even people and may be their situations…
A big mansion is shown.. a guard are opening the grill gates for the new Aston Martin brimming in the sunlight making others to cover their eyes. After parking the car, the man who was driving opened the door and came out. His shadow itself is so overpowering.. he walked to his mansion with attitude taking his glss off seeing someone and smiled at them widely.. it was a child. He took the child in his arms and kissed his forehead with full of love.. then he went inside the mansion carrying the child…

On the other side, a small yet a cozy house is shown.. a lady was working fiercely in her laptop while making kaali daal… after shutting her laptop she packed her tiffin in a box.. and she left informing the neighbor to take care.. while she was walking on the road.. her forehead glistened with sweat.. yet she was determined to make her ends meet.. she boarded a local bus and went off to work..

The next side a park is shown… many childrens playing there with their parents.. yet there were three who was not satisfied at the very sight,.. still they found solace with one another… they started playing with each other not letting the other down.. there were happiness in their faces yet there was an unexplained sadness…

A medical college is shown, a professor cum doctor is explaining students about mental disorders and their side effects… after the lecture at the doctor’s home, his daughter who was also a student of his asked her father “ papa is there anyone who is suffering from that disorders which doesn’t have any medicine to cure it?” the professor sighed and said “ yes beta, one of my patient, he doesn’t know he is suffering from this disease his friend is helping him. You also know him even the whole country knows him” the daughter asked curiously to feed her brain “ who is that papa?” the professor “ ROCKSTAR ABHISHEK PREM MEHRA”

So guys how is the teaser. Do tell in ur comments want to know what u thing. Well to say clearly some tragedy will be there. You have to wait to know what is it. If u guys want I will continue or I will finish it with a quick story.. I think all remember me and my story.. and thank u for ur valuable comments in my lights, camera, action!! One.. hope I get the same support for this one u all stay blessed,, be happy always.

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  1. Saranya24

    No tis makes me panicked and sad cant wait update soon but wit less tragedy pls i cant bear love u dear??????

  2. Aditiroy

    Super dooper yaar….

  3. Nice one yaa

  4. Lopez

    awesome dear,proceed

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    nice dr

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