Love Makes Life Beautiful – Shot 5

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The best morning view to wake up at…. Radhu and maya sleeping hugging me… my arms around them…my heart fluttered at the sight…i felt completed…i looked their face keenly … maya looked like a miniature form of radhu and radhu looked like a grownup form of maya… their mouth slightly open..a serene calmness covering their face…i got out from the bed pulling myself from them without disturbing them…I stretched my arms my right was numb i yelped a little rubbing my neck… This pain is nothing in front of waking up like this looking at them…A walk can help me in getting rid of this numbness…i looked at the wall clock it shows 5 AM…I rushed into the washroom to get refreshed…5.15… my sleepy heads will not wake up for at least 3 hrs…Radhu is not at all a morning person Most of the time i need to do all sorts of gymnastics to get her out of bed…maya is also like her in this trait if we leave both of them with calm environment both can sleep for days together…no food no water nothing needed..I placed some pillows around maya to prevent her rolling although radhu’s arm was around her i don’t want to take chance.. came out closing the door lightly without making any noise

I descended the stairs to my surprise most of the ladies of the house were up and doing some house hold chores… some of the maids were also doing some work..

mala aunty walked towards me once she saw me…

“Good Morning aunty… working this early? i asked looking around

“Good Morning….This is village son…days start earlier…we usually wake up at 4…due to marriage preparartions all woke up at 3 today…”she explained greeting me

“But why are you up this much early? did radhika woke up?”she questioned

“As usual aunty my day starts at 5… and radhika if we did’t wake her up her days don’t have mornings….”i chuckled

“She have not changed yet..”mala aunty smiled ..

“Wait i will wake her up…”mala aunty moved towards the stairs but i stopped her…

“its ok aunty let her sleep…she was tired…”i added

“Shall i bring you coffee?…”she questioned

“No aunty after sometime…i thought to go for a walk…i will have once i am back…”i reasoned

“Wait i will ask ram to go with you…”she spoke calling ram

“Its ok aunty i will go alone…”i denied

“No son its new place for you…”she rejected the idea of me going alone

“Itho varen ma…”(coming mom)..Ram walked in slipping into his shirt

“Ram you were going to our farm right take arjun with you…”she informed ram

To my surprise ram readily accepted…

I asked her to keep an eye on maya before leaving

we started walking on the streets…he was silent, i too did’t start the convo as i was busy admiring the nature…I have never visited a village in my life…this calm atmosphere…chirping of birds…cold breeze touching the skin…gave happiness to the heart…

I turned my gaze towards ram when i sensed someone taking my name…he was talking to one man who will be in his mid 50s…the man was looking at me now…i looked at ram in confusion…

“This is our uncle… chandran…”he introduced him to me

“Mama arjun …radhika’s husband..”he spoke to him

After some formal talk we bid good bye and started walking again…

He was silent again…

“Ram if you come like this without talking iam going back…”i spoke stopping

He looked at me without knowing what to speak…

“Arj….”he stammered thinking what to address me as

“you can call me arjun…”i spoke clearing his hesitance

“you did’t look that old…may be five six years elder than me its OK you can call me arjun…”i continued after a pause

He gave me a are you serious kind of look…

“Arjun,radhika is four year younger to me…as per the theory you proposed sometime before radhika becomes elder to you….According to our culture marrying a girl elder than you is not considered ideal you know right?”he questioned looking at my face without any expression

I never expected this kind of reply from him…My brain went to not reachable mode…if the truth is to be told i am shocked…that will be visible from my expression also

He burst into laughter seeing my expression

“Gosh Arjun relax… why this much shock? you very well know that you are elder to radhika …”he spoke between his laugh

“He is correct…”my brain replied reverting from not reachable mode

“uff…”i hit my head thinking about my stupidity giving a sheepish grin

we started walking again silently… this time i did’t try to start the conversation because of the previous embarrassment

“Maya is adorable…”He spoke breaking the silence

“yes just like your sister….”i spoke without thinking

He smiled at me

“Thanks for helping her to move out on that day…”i spoke looking at him

“Anything for my adorable little sister…”he replayed my words

With in no time we started chatting like a long last friends…

As others Ram was also very sweet… what a sweet family she have got…getting close with her family members only made me think about my worth of having radhika in my life …but she lived just like that without meeting them for 3 years…

On the way back we spoke about many things…radhikas chlidhood, about nivi, about the drama they framed, about anitha, their love story….

“1987” he said before entering into the house… i looked at him in confusion

“Our birth year… we are 30″he spoke pointing us …

“Radika is 26… four year younger to me …of course younger to you…”he added making me smile…

“Seriously ram i was shocked for a second when you said so…my mind went blank…”i explained

“I got that from your expression…”he laughed

we both entered the hall laughing at each other

Its almost 7.00… we sat on the sofa… continuing our talk

“Ram…anitha was asking for you”mala aunty informed him handing a cup of coffee to him… she placed another one on the table in front of me asking me to drink

“Thanks aunty…”i replied she moved inside smiling at me…

I looked around all of them were busy doing some chores… some of them flashed a smile at me when they see me

I took the cup mala aunty placed and took a sip… it was perfect one…now i get from where radhu got her coffee making skills

i turned my head to the direction of steps when i sensed some movement there….

Radhika was walking down in half sleep… rubbing her eyes…

“Aru….Where are you?” she spoke in half sleep descending

“Here …”i waved my hand

she walked to wards me her eyes half closed … hitting on the objects which ever came in her way…

“Gosh radhu open your eyes… you gonna a hurt your toes…”i warned her

“No i will not… if i open i cant sleep again…i still did’t slept today s quota of sleep…” she replied so in her sleepy voice landing on my lap throwing her legs over it dangling them in air… her arm around my neck…

I jerked a little looking at the surrounding…

“Good night..” she spoke sleepily before snugging into me more

All the eyes were on us… she still in her satin night dress sleeping on my lap…

Thank god she wore her over coat…

“Radhu get up…”i whisperd into her ears…

“Aru… 5 more min…”she replied

“God this girl….”i huffed

I can hear some giggles…. and some teases on our proximity

I can feel the heat raising over my cheeks…

Most of them ran inside… when radhika placed a kiss on my cheeks all the while sleeping…

I was dumbstruck…gosh she kissed me in front of all…

This never happened with us as we started to live alone from the starting of our marriage

Although she kissing me while sleeping is normal for me…she does this often but…in front of these many women

“Radhu wake up…” this time i nearly pleaded patting her cheeks

she opened her eyes sleepily looking at me….

“This is not fair…”she spoke looking at my face still rubbing her eyes

“You didnt let me sleep yesterday…now you are waking me earlier..” she complained taking my coffee cup from the table

I turned to my left hearing two gasps

i face palmed seeing nivi and anitha standing there with wide open eyes and mouth…

i smiled a sheepish one seeing them…

Anitha closed her eyes and closed nivis eyes with her palm the next second…

“Aru why i feel like we are not in our house…”she questioned sleepily looking around rubbing her eyes

“Because you are not…”Nivi replied removing anitha’s palms from her eyes

she turned towards nivi…

“Hey nivi when did you come to mumbai…” she asked innocently sipping the coffee

“Last night…” she mocked her…

“Ram… here…”she spoke in confusion looking at us when she saw him laughing at us before running into his room winking at me

My face was burning… I swear it will be red like tomato now

“Radhika do you want coffee…”mala aunty asked comming out of the kitchen and stopped seeing us

“Aunty you should ask that question to me … because your daughter already emptied my coffee..”i replied back pointing the cup in radhika holding

Radhika who was in her full sense now… looked around… like a kid who lost in the festival…

“Radhu can you please get up from my lap…”i asked suppressing my laughter

she moved her gaze from my face and her position to and fro for few times… then she looked around Nivi, Anita, mala aunty and some others who were laughing at us

“Please..” i added

she jumped from my lap next second… her face turned red in embarrassment

I literally ran off from that place before they could pull my leg..

But poor radhu…nivi and anitha blocked her way….

I stood in the middle of the stairs and saw them teasing her…

i don’t know how i gonna face them now…


I jumped off from arjuns lap when the reality hit me hard…

Arjun ran off from the place immediately leaving me lone to deal with all the teases

“Leave me … girls”i spoke in serious tone thinking to escape from the place but liitle did i know its a difficult task to run from that place

“How was the cofee…radhu?” nivi asked winking at me

“Asusal its very good after very long time i had chance to drink coffee made by mom…” i replied to make the situation normal…

“Oh I see…”nivi spoke with a unseen smirk making me confused

“Ani mamu said the coffee is void of sugar but radhu says its good… something fishy right”nivi asked anitha winking at her…

Anitha nodded positive looking at me…

” You have not at all changed radhu… still you have the habit of drinking bed coffee…”This time its anitha joining hands with nivi…

“yes Ani but a little change… coffee in mamus lap…” nivi giggled hugging me from back placing her chin on my shoulder

I can sense my face turning red….

“BTW from when you started wearing these type of s*xy dresses Radhu you look tempting in this satin night dress…” nivi spoke in a husky voice tugging my overcoat

Just then i realised that iam in my night dress … i facepalmed mentally

stop teasing guys… i pushed them and ran towards the stairs

I can hear them passing some comments and some giggling behind me I ran to my room without turning back

once I reached my room I shut the door and leaned over it catching my breath

Its Already 9 in the morning I am sitting crossed leg in one edge of the bed supporting my chin with my right hand my elbow placed over my lap…
Arjun was sitting in same exact posture of mine in other end of the bed facing me… maya was sitting in the middle playing with the pillow now and then looking at our face….we are equally embarrassed to go down and meet others…. siting here like this for past 1hr my stomach started growling for food… I pouted looking at him sighing…. thats when we heard someone knocking our room door asking us to join for Breakfast…

“5 min we will join”… I replied looking at the closed door


once we reach down Anita took maya from radhus hand and maya went willingly surprising us we had our breakfast…. mala aunty served us hot steaming idly with sambhar and 3 types of chutney…once we all done with breakfast every one headed to continue with their works. Mala aunty gave me a cup of coffee… May be radhu told her about my habit…I smiled thanking her

I moved towards nivi who was standing near a pillar all nervous

“ah this girl…”I muttered and went to her taking a sip from the cup

“Nivi any help is disposing aakash’s dead body…”I spoke in a low tone controlling my laughter

she glared at me as response…

“so you let him alive….. gosh I can’t belive this “I spoke dramatically trying to make her smile

but her expression revealed that my attempt didn’t worked

“ok ok…” I raised my hands up in air denoting a surrender

“Then why are you nervous” I asked my doubt

“I don’t know mamu…. I….I…feel like something bad gonna happen…” she stammered

“nivi it happens… you know marriage blues….don’t take it serious… you have all of us… we are here to stand by you no matter what happens more over you have your aki so you just enjoy being the bride ” I spoke air quoting the last word

A small smile appeared in her face

our gaze moved towards the entrance when we heard Aakash’s voice

He waved his hands walking towards us his eyes only on her

He stood rooted infront of her like a statue locking his gaze with hers forgetting the surroundings and my presence

I cleared my throat indicating my presence to them which made him turn towards me

He smiled a sheepish one

“Radhika ….”I called her looking at the couple before me

They saw me confused

Radhika came out from kitchen along with anitha

She signed me what raising her right eye brow

“Radhu can u get me some band aids”I asked suppressing my mirth

“What… what happened….did you got hurt..”she ran towards me inquiring
while anitha rummaged a box searching for the band aids

some maids who where arranging things for the function moved towards us seeing radhu inquiring

“No… no not for me…. its for aakash “I spoke with a straight face

by that time anitha came to us holding some band aids in her palm

Radika and others looked at aakash who was standing looking at me confusion written all over his face

” He just scrapped his knees falling for your sister ” I spoke looking at confused radhika

” And its a hard fall” I continued after a pause

All of them present there broke into laughter except the love birds

A bright shade of red decorated their face….

“Oh My god…. oh my god…. my sister is blushing” radhu exclaimed pulling her cheeks making them more red

” God some one hold me… iam fainting ” this was from anitha

“why some one I will call my brother to hold you ” nivi retorted poking her toungue out which made anitha to blush

I laughed hard seeing the trio

“Bro take this band aids before u go…”I pulled aakash to me seeing him escaping silently…

Anitha and radhu continued pulling the couple’s legs making them blush more

Soon sound of laughter filled the room

Once all leg pullings finished we all settled in the hall….

” God I laughed hard my stomach is paining now ” radhu spoke holding her tummy making us laugh more

” After long time ” Nivi spoke clearing the tears formed because of the hard laugh

Anitha nodded agreeing to them

” But iam surprised… our silent ani have become this much naughty…”radhu winked at anitha

“All hails to our brother ” nivi laughed making anitha blush

” iam going… I have work in kitchen”anitha stood from the chair

but nivi pulled her winking at her

why is she winking at her? …. are they planning something….. I know what nivi is capable of….god I have to escape from here before I became the target

Run from here my brain suggested

I thought to get up but stopped by aakash

“Radhu I need a favour from you …” nivi asked her with a puppy dog face

“Whats this nivi ask anything… I will do anything for my sister…” radhu replied leaning back on the couch

“Nothing big just a small one I need a info about one thing ” nivi spoke next

I looked at nivi her face had a mischievous smirk which alerted me

Run from here my brain suggested again

Radhu nodded at her to go ahead

“What brand of lipstick are you using radhu the shade you wore in the morning was awesome ” she questioned with innocent eyes

“yes radhu I too thought to ask you the same..pls tell”anitha continued

I looked at radhika she was shifting uncomfortably on the couch her left pinning the falling hair strands behind her ear….a light shade of red forming over her cheeks.. a small amount of nervousness covering her face

brand…..shade….lipstick….morning…I tried to connect the dots

Happenings of yesterday’s night flashed

Gosh… I coughed hard getting the point

“what happened mamu…. drink some water…”nivi passed a water jug to me grinning.

“Bhai you must have known about that tell me I will buy one for nivi” aakash asked innocently making nivi jerk and I choked on mouth full of water spilling some over me

Both the girls were enjoying seeing us

I thought my brain will come up with something reasonable which will cover us…

“Access denied”my brain mimicked in robotic voice
Face palming mentally I blinked at them not knowing what to answer

seeing us blinking like anything
Nivi and anitha broke into laughter

I scratched my head smiling sheepishly at them both made a hi5 celebrating their victory in teasing us

Using that as a chance I ran from there

The day has just started

So how was it? sry for all typos, and grammatical errors
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Love u all
Take care….xoxo

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