Love Makes Life Beautiful – Shot 4

Hey guys see who is here…. Yes me sangee back with next shot of love makes life beautifull…. Thanks for all the comments in last shot sry I could not reply but trust me I read all your comments I will reply for sure…. Without further delay lets jump into todays shot…..

I climbed the stairs cursing myself for putting us into trouble, I know there are chances for my death from her hands I can’t blame her too I was such a stupid…they might have known the truth if arjun bhai didn’t cover up.
I stopped at the middle of the stairs and took a deep breath
“Aakash you can do it” I encouraged myself and started climbing the stairs
When I reached the final step I saw her standing there leaning on one of the walls, facing opposite direction. I took another deep breath walking towards her. She turned at once she felt my presence.
“Sorry” I whispered fixing my gaze on ground.
“SORRY” she stressed each and every letter
I gulped the lump which blocked my throat listening her tone…she started praising me for the stupidity i have done….
I raised my gaze to her … She was praising non stop pointing to all the mistakes i have done in my life… starting from the day one i born to the latest stupidity i have done….i imagined a tail and devil horns over her… seriously she look cute… my cute devil… i laughed mentally at my thoughts if she got to know That i imagined her like a devil sure i will have another praising session
Walking to and fro in the terrace… throwing her arms in air showing her frustration…glaring at me at times…pointing finger at my face…animating strangling my neck and stabbing me…. For me It looked like she was dancing for some song
She was busy with the praising s But none of her words fell into my ears…i stood lost admiring her antics
This is the first time i am seeing her in traditional attire she looks divine although she is angry
When did i got this much lucky to have a angel like her in my life…..Seriously i gonna write a thank you letter for all my exes’ for breaking up with me… of course behind her back ….
The Maroon color half saree complemented her milky white complexion…the hip length black tresses were flying in air… It looks like the breeze also likes to play with her hair like me.. she was tucking some strands behind her ear frequently…My heart did few somersaults seeing her kohl filled eyes..I can look into it for eternity… The black orbs were rolling like a glass marble…It took me out of the world…nope…out of the galaxy… nope… out of the universe… It felt like i was in different dimension,in different galaxy in different universe….
I came back to earth when she snapped her fingers on of my face…
I blinked looking at her…
she sat on one of the benches in defeat….looking the ground
I sat on the ground near her taking her palms in my hand…
I accept i did a mistake…but everything is under control… chill dear…don’t stress yourself..i tried to compose her
she kept looking the ground…there was only silence for few mins…i squeezed her palm lightly signing her to talk something…seeing the non stop chatter box sitting silently pricked my heart…
You don’t know how much i am worried aakash…if my so called relatives come to know that we fooled them about your caste i am sure they will stop this marriage even though my parents accept you…
As the marriage date nears i am getting more worried aakash…one wrong move we will be separated… do u think i can live without you?…she locked her gaze with mine…a tear drop landed on my palm…
“Do you think i can live without you?…”I questioned her back
Again a few mins of silence ….
“Sorry… i will be more conscious hereafter… will you forgive me….”i looked at her kissing her hand
she nodded in positive…looking the ground…
“Please don’t get worried no one can separate us… what ever may happen i am not leaving this place without you …i promise you this….”i assured lifting her chin up by putting my index finger under her chin … making her look into my eyes…
she hummed as response…
“Sorry for scolding you”she apologized after few seconds
” You have all rights to scold me …if u want, you can scold me for another half an hour but please don’t be silent…i cant see u like this….Please smile now…”
She put up a smiling face for my sake but it didn’t reach to her eyes…
“Don’t smudge the kajal…”i stopped her from rubbing off a tear in her left eye
I took my white kerchief from my pocket and cleared the last drop of tear sticking on her eye…
“I LOVE YOU ” i pronounced
“You are the best thing that ever happened to me…”i continued after a pause
She smiled at me…this time it is a real one which made me happy…
“BTW do u know any kind of magic? “I questioned her
she blinked at me in confusion
“Magic or any sorts of black magic or hypnotism” I continued
she nodded negative looking at me
“But den how come I forget everything when I see you…. “I marveled rubbing my index finger on my chin
she looked at me with a wide opened eye…in shock
“You know your kajal filled eyes casts spell on me…No one in the world have beautiful eyes as yours… “I spoke dreamily
“Stop buttering me aki…” she hit me playfully getting up from the bench
“I wish our daughter should have your eyes…”I winked at her making her blush..
A beautiful shade of pink spread over her cheeks….
I grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards me snaking my arms around her waist
“How about smudging the lipstick now “I winked at her rolling my tongue over my inner cheeks
she pushed me escaping from my hold and ran towards the stairs
“Hey wait….” I hollered from behind
she stopped in her tracks turned towards me….
“Aki I will kill you if u come near me…. “she spoke with a glare
Although her words wore a angry mask her eyes were twinkling in shy
I took one step towards her giving a mischievous smile
she took one step backwards…
“I swear don’t take another step…. “she warned me
I took another step towards her smiling…
She literally ran down the stairs….
“Hey slow down girl.. u gonna slip… “i warned her standing on the top of the stair
She stopped at the last step sticking her tongue out…
“Good Night…” i wished her blowing a flying kiss
“Good Night…”She wished me back before running into her room
Its almost 9 i don’t know what this radhu is doing downstairs
I caressed maya’s head…she was sleeping over me hugging my neck…
She always likes to sleep like this… As every other girl in the world she is papas girl…she smiled in sleep as if reading my thoughts…I pecked over her small head…
I looked at the door hearing the sound of latch…Radhu walked inside the room like a zombie…I chuckled seeing her
“Radhu u look like a zombie…” i spoke my thought
“Not at all funny…i am tired to the core…”she fell on the bed on her stomach
“Radhu u gonna get hurt …” i jerked from the couch
“No No… iam fine” she replied without looking at me
I moved to the bed and placed maya’s sleeping form on the bed
“When did my pari slept”she asked turning to wards her
“Just now…you go and get refresh…i need to talk to you…”i pushed her from bed
“Arjun you are so mean…”she whined before going into the wash room
She came out after 10 mins wearing a satin night dress…
“See you have only 10 mins … talk whatever you want before that….else u will be talking to the walls…”she spoke sleepily
“What…” i asked in confusion
“Because i will be already sleeping in 10 mins…”she clipped slipping into the comforter to maya’s left
i blinked at her resting form
“9 min more…”she yawned
“Sorry for what ever happened in the afternoon…”I apologized one more time
“Ok apology granted…anything else”she spoke sleepily with closed eyes
“God radhika i need to talk to you about one important matter…please get up…”i patted her shoulder
“All important matter… we can talk in the morning…”her voice was a whisper which shows she drifting into sleep
“I am sitting here sleepless this girl….”i shook her hard making her to wake with a start
she sat up looking at me….
“Now what do you want?… do you know how much work i did today?…thinking about that itself making me tired…i have not done this much work in my lifetime… here you are not letting me to sleep”She complained
“First of all who asked you to work like that…see i flew back cancelling all my buisness commitments only to take care of you…and you are ignoring me stating that you are tired”I spoke as my brain suggested turning my face
I can hear her taking a deep breath…
“It worked…”my brain rejoiced
“OK sorry… tell me what you want to talk…”she questioned sitting cross legged turning me towards her
I extended my arms to wards her asking for a hug
She smiled side hugging me…resting her head on my left shoulder pecking my cheek
“I LOVE YOU” I blushed
“Gosh ur blushing …i will pull your leg for this for another few decades…”my conscience jested
“I know that… but why suddenly…”she looked at my face with a smile
“Nothing I just want you to know…”i shrugged suppressing my thoughts
” I LOVE YOU TOO ” she spoke with a smile
I placed a chaste kiss on her forehead
“But why?” i questioned her
She withdrew her head from my shoulder and touched my forehead with her palm…
“What are you doing?”i questioned back confused at her activity
“Checking your temperature…Are you ill? arjun… i know the climate is little bit harsh but…”she laughed without completing the sentence
“Ufff i didn’t loose my sanity until now….”i pouted
“Then What question is this… you woke me in mid night and asking me why i love you”she chuckled at me
“Its just 9.30″i informed
“Its mid night for me…”she retorted
I glared at her…
“You look so cute when u you are glaring..”she pinched my cheek
“Cute…its girly” i made face
“Its OK…”she side hugged me locking her arms around my torso
“Can i sleep now…”She asked me
i nodded positive
I stopped her from pulling away from me…
“Cant you sleep like this…please…”i mumbled pointing her hand around my middle
She looked into my eyes as if trying to read my thoughts….
Our eyes kissed each other pushing us into a nameless mystic world
Pulling her more towards me I claimed her lips devouring it like a piece of poetry:
A two lined poetry which amuses in every read….which leaves one baffled with the mystery its holding…Which provokes one to find the hidden meaning… Which drowns one in the sea of desire…Which leaves one enchanted…..a mere thought of which is capable of giving many sleepless nights…
I kissed her pouring all of my love …she kissed back with a same passion…
Our synchronized breaths and rhythmic heartbeats composed a divine symphony
I wish to convey my love for her in this kiss but i know one single kiss cannot do that….
I need a kiss that lasts for few births… i don’t know if that can convey my love
I want few births in which i will do nothing other than kissing her… i doubt if that can convey my love
Each and every passing second got us more passionate pushing us to deepen the kiss…
We broke the kiss feeling breathless…my palms cupping her face…Her eyes were still closed in daze…
I rolled my thumb over her Lower lip which is blood red…i cant help i smiled….i can sense her shivering….her fist holding my t-shirt
I took her shivering form into a tight embrace…..calming our heart…
“I LOVE YOU ” I whispered near her ears
she hugged me tight looping her arms around my neck…
our trance broke when we sensed some movement on the bed….
Maya was sitting in the middle of the bed blinking at us….
She toddled towards me climbing over me pushing radhika aside…. making her dumb struck
She resumed her sleep hugging me…
Leaving us perplexed…
I shrugged looking at radhika….
she pouted looking at me…
we burst into laughter the next second….
I adjusted myself on the bed holding maya over me
I signed her to sleep….
“No place for me” she pointed maya
“someone is jealous at her own daughter” I giggled
she pouted more…
“Radhu if u didn’t stop pouting like this I cant hold me back from kissing you again then you need to answer everyone’s question about your bruised lip in morning ” I chuckled
“shameless “she hit me in my arm
“Then Sleep….”I retorted
she laid next to me looking at my face
I shifted maya to my left and extended my right arm to her signing her to take the place….
she jumped to me placing her head on my right I looped my right around her…
she wrapped her right over me holding mayas sleeping form hugging us
“Talk something…”she asked looking straight into my eyes
We spoke like there is no tomorrow….
Soon she drifted into sleep….
I looked at Radhika and Maya s sleeping form
I slept thinking how these two made my life beautiful
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