Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 9)

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Here comes the episode:

Recap: Indu-Akash frndshp started.

Episode 9:

Scene 1:

Indu’s college:

Akash came to meet Indu.They are in canteen.

Akash:Hi Indu,I came here to invite u for my bday tomorrow.

Indu:But actually I had……

Akash:I know u won’t like attending parties but mom,dad n sis want to meet u.I am giving party at my home n not,there’s no prblm for u n I will drop u aft party at ur home.I am responsible for ur safety.

Indu:hmmm.Its not dat Akash.I trust u as u r my frnd but need to take permission from mom.

Akash:ok,let me convince aunty then.

Indu:no..its ok.I will try n will inform u.

Indu’s home:

Indu thinking how to convince her mom.

Jyo:Indu,wat r u thinking that seriously?Do u have something to tell me.

Indu:No maa.nothing

Jyo:R u attending Akash’s bday party?

Indu (shocked): Akash?party? hw do u know maa?

Jyo:Akash called me before inviting u.He told he knew very well abt u n u nvr attend party with mom’s permission.He requested me to permit u n assured ur safety in the party n till u reach home.As its his responsibility,he will tc of u.

Indu:oh..wat do u think maa? shall i attend?( lil bit tensed)

Jyo:I nvr saw a boy like Akash.I think I can trust him but tell me do u wish to go or not?

Indu:Actually his family is so sweet.I want to meet them once.Because,on dat day wen they met me to thank,I am a bit rude with,I want to say sorry to them.

Jyo:I am worried abt my daughter’s safety so i nvr like u attending parties.But,at the sametime I didn’t want to disappoint u.Be in touch with me till u reach home n give me the nums of Akash n his mom.I trust Akash too.

Indu:Do u mean I can attend the party.

Jyo:Yes my dear.

Indu:Thank u maa.thank u so much.

Akash’s home: Akash’s bday:

Indu attended the party.Akash looking very handsome in chocolate colour suit,gagools,hair style.

Akash introduced his frnds Aarushi(Anu,I can’t change female lead name,so used suggested name here,as it had importance in the story),Deep,Rocky,Suhana,Eshwar.They started playing truth or dare game.

Deep:Hey,wow..its Akash turn.Truth or dare


Deep:Dance with the lady who is so beautiful in the party.

Rocky: Yes,u can’t escape today.U have to dance with the most beautiful.Otherwise,u lose.

Akash:Nvr.Akash nvr lose.I will dance with the one whom I feel beautiful.

Everyone r eager to know whom he choose.Indu is a bit scared n praying he should nvr choose her.Akash looking everyone.

Akash:I am going to dance with the most beautiful lady in this party mom.

Deep:You nvr change.

Akash danced with his mom.Then whole family joined them.They had fun together.Frnds r planning to make him n Indu dance.

Rocky:Deep,its ur turn now.


Akash:Tell us the name of ur love.

Deep loves Suhana.Akash knows dat.But Deep nvr propose her.

Deep:I choose to lose the game.

Akash:If u really love her,tell us her name.
Everyone forced him to say the name.

Deep:I love Suhana.

Suhana accepted his love.

Akash:Its Indu turn.Truth or Dare


Suhana:Ur first love

Indu:I lose the game.Tell me wat should I do

Everyone r waiting for the chance.Everyone forced her to dance with the anyone in the party.Indu scared n was in tension.

Akash:Shall we?

Everyone surprised to hear this from Akash.

Indu hesitated initially but accepted finally.Akash took her hand n walked on to stage.They rocked the party with their dance for song “Tum se hi” (jab we met).Suddenly Indu was about to fall n Akash caught her n they had eyelock.They are staring at one another.Their eyes are speaking with one another explaining the unknown feelings.Suddenly,all the frnds came there n shouted saying “Performance was over”.Indu and Akash broke their eyelock n came into this world but still staring at one another.

Akash(thinking):wats wrong with me.Why am I so attracted towards her? wats happening to me?

Indu(thinking):Oh god.I nvr dance like with any boy till now.How I accepted to dance with Akash?No,I should not divert.I must focus on my goal.

Indu talking to Vini,Viraj and Angel.

Indu:Aunty n uncle,I am so sorry for my past behaviour.

Vini,viraj:Its ok Indu.we can understand.

Aarushi came there to talk with them.Suddenly Vini,Viraj n Angel moved from there.Indu in confusion.

Indu:Aunty,may I ask u something u something?

Vini:Yes Indu.

Indu:I observed that u r so frndly with all Akash’s frnds.But y do u avoid Aarushi?

Angel:Indu,u don’t know abt her.She is the one n only worst frnd of bhaiya.

Vini:Indu,we don’t like her.But,Akash likes her n says she is his best frnd.Aarushi is his btech frnd.We don’t like her.She is drug addict,alcoholic n smoker.She nvr behaves like a girl. I do not understand y few ppl r like dat.I am disgusted by seeing her.She is such a characterless girl.U can even know wat she is by looking at her attire(dress).But,Akash considers her as a gud frnd.

Aarushi n Akash heard the conversation..Akash abt to come there but stopped hearing Indu’s words.

Indu:I don’t think so aunty.Sorry for disagreeing with u.But,I nvr think dressing of a girl symbolises her character.The way she grown up may be diff from our’s.A girl’s character is based on her thoughts.Wearing modern dress doesn’t mean she is bad or wearing traditional wear doesn’t mean she is gud.So,We hav no right to comment on her.Smoking,Drinking and drugs r bad habits.I agree but I don’t think she is addicted to them for fun.I saw the pain in her eyes.I think she is addicted to them to hide her pain.No one has the right to comment on the character of a girl. No one spoils life for fun.Its tough to understand the feelings unexplained.There may be a big reason behind her way of living.We can change her with our love but not by abandoning her.I trust Akash n I know he values her bcoz he know very well abt her.He treats her as a frnd n am sure he is trying to make her better.I am not supporting Aarushi but just saying to understand her.I am sorry if my words hurt u.

Vini:No Indu.Ur words made me to think.U r right.My way of thinking abt Aarushi is really wrong.Thank u Indu.

Indu:Aunty,I am getting late.I need to leave now.Bye aunty.


Indu moves from there n saw Akash n Aarushi.

Indu got call from Harini’s num.

Indu:Hi Harini

Next side:Indu,I am Harini’s mother.Harini committed suicide.

Indu shocked n in tears rolled from her eyes.

Precap: Harini’s love failure n Indu’s advice on love failure.

Frnds,excuse me if my story is boring or hurts ur feelings.Pls feel free to comment on this episode.

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  1. Yes indu words are absolutly correct yaar…. dresses our habits depends up on our surroundings…. DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER…. nice update dr

    1. Thank u so much Hayathi.while writing this plot,I am a bit scared.But aft reading ur comment,i am hpy.Love u dear sis..

  2. Nice episode .I really like ur thinking about every particular feeling n person and i love story so much dear.

    1. Thank u dear Lakshmi.I am hpy to know u loved this ep.Love u dear sis 🙂

  3. Was pleased in beginning with ur concern abt me. ….. Ya ksv I am gud …. Now my eyes r gud …. Ya sure now my exmz over but WIL focus in my studies coz u said na ..

    And later in epi …. Just loved the way indu talked abt arushi to vini aunty. …
    And I agree with hayathi’s thought tht DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER ….
    in fact I keep saying this proverb to my fly Members and my FRNDS ….. Awsome way of narrating evn advices dear ….. Touched by the advice ….

    And last part of epi …. Really tears roled down … And u WIL not believe … My phone screen had 4-5 drops of water Wen I came to comment session … And then I realised I cried ….. Hariniii ….

    I too in many situations think I want to die coz of no true frnds ….. But thn I easily move on the nxt day …. And this suicide is something very painful ….. Really …. I hope someone like wilpower now take good initiative and motivate the youngsters …..

    Thankful to u …..

    I WIL suggest and tell many abt the fb page ….. Do PLZ give me the correct spelling once again ksv ….

    1. Thank u darling sis Devga..I will try to provide link of Willpower Now in the next episode…

  4. Sonika Rani Sharma

    Awesome di.. The way you told about aarushi is awesome.. No girl can be judge by her dress.. Everyone should understand that a dress can’t tell about a person what they are..hope people will change there thought after that. 🙂

    1. Hey my sis sonika…Thank u dear…ur support made me to write this u

  5. Do u also write other story in name of Sindhu ???? Sorry to ask as saw ur name as ksv Sindhu …. So asked …. Dnt mind …

    1. No dear devga..this is the only ff i am writing at present..This is my first ff too.

  6. Very gud dear love your story plz continue nd thnks u give importance to the name which I selected thanks a lot

    1. Thank u anu dear..This aarushi character had significance in the story..I loved the name u suggested..

  7. Hai KSV u are too good. I also agree with the comments. One should not judge a person based on their appearance…
    Keep going and update soon…

    1. Thank u ananya.Ya,We can nvr judge a person by dressing..lets see the gud side of aarushi in coming episodes…it explains more of this thought.

  8. (unknown (sis))............ :)

    this ff is really awesome .i love it soooo much . ur way of writing is too good
    . and u r right we must never judge A book by seeing it’s cover …………………………and sindhu ksv

  9. (unknown (sis))............ :)

    oops i did’nt complete my commment ………… and sindhu u r a really good writer

    1. Thank u my dear swt sis..

      1. hi sindhu u can call me” jwala “………….i will comment in this name

      2. when will u update the next part dear ????????????

    2. Hi jwala sis,actually I hav exams n at present I am not well..But anyways I will try to update story today or tomorrow.Sorry for the delay dear

  10. Wow Indus thoughts are amazing about dressing( wearing modern dress doesn’t mean she is bad or wearing traditional wear doesn’t mean she is good) each and every line is superb of indu……..and story is not boring at all …… each and every episode there is something to learn…..the one who reads the story shorely will addicts like me and other readers…post next episode soon sindhu

    1. Hi darling Sree.Thank u for loving my story.I love u all frnds n sisters..

  11. Hi sindhu
    I am a silent reader…..
    Ur story is just amazing…..

    1. Thank u dear Mira…

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