Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 8)


Hi dear Roma,Devga,Lakshmi,Hayathi,Manha,Devi and unknown bro/sis(commented without name),Sreedevi(my frnd) n Sonika Rani (my sis) and other silent readers.Thank u all for ur support and feedback.Ur comments encourages me to write more.Ever grateful to u all.

Recap:Akash’s Interview n his views on love,frndshp,nation n society.

Episode 8:

Indu (thinking):

Akash is really a good person.I misunderstood him.May be my anger made him irritated n hence,he shouted on me.I think I should say sorry to Akash.Why I always behave like dis.Though,I think I should nvr hurt anyone,I always hurt everyone with my short temper.My mom n frnds likes me as they know wat I am.But,Akash doesn’t know me properly.I don’t know wat he is thinking now abt me.I will call him and say sorry.

Indu calls Akash.Akash cut the call as he is upset.

Indu(thinking): May b he is still angry on me.Hmm..ok..let me take some time n then call him again.

Akash at home:(Thinking)

Sorry Indu,I can’t talk to u now.I will meet u tomorrow.How can I hurt her? She is so kind n sweet.Its not her mistake to behave so.Because,I am unknown to her.She doesn’t know abt me anything.How can she befrnd me as soon as I ask.Though,I thought to make her happy with my frndshp,I made her to cry by insulting her infront of her frnds.How can I convince her?She is already very angry on me.Now,surely she nvr forgives me.But,I won’t give up.As its my mistake surely I will apologise her.

Next day:

Indu’s college:

Harini:Did u talk with Akash?

Indu:No.I tried calling,but he didn’t pick the call.I will later on.Leave this topic n talk something else yaar.


Indu:Pls dear,change the topic.

Harini:No..Akash came.Look there.

Indu saw Akash.Akash came to Indu.

Indu:Harini,tell him that Princi went to attend a meeting in University.If he needs to talk anything important n urgent,I will give Princi num.

Akash:Indu,today I came here to talk to u.

Harini:Indu,I have some work.I will b back in a moment.(she left)

Akash:Indu,I am sorry for hurting u.Actually,yesterday I am a bit disturbed.So,unfortunately I behaved rudely.But,Really I am not flirting u.I just asked ur frndshp bcoz I like ur kindness,innocense n goodness.But,I realised dat forcing u to be my frnd is really wrong.You didn’t know anything abt me.How can u befriend me? I am sorry,I didn’t understand dat.Now,I won’t bother u.I am saying this not in anger,but as I understand u.Bye.

Akash turned to leave.

Indu:Akash,one minute.


Indu:Actually,u got me crctly.I am scared to befriend u as I know nothing abt u.But,watever I am wrong in behaving rudely n showing my anger on u.I am sorry Akash.I misunderstood u,Sorry for dat too.

Akash:Its ok Indu.I am leaving now.


Akash:Do u have something to ask or tell me? (wishing Indu accepts him as frnd)

Indu:No.Nothing like dat.U can leave Bye.

Akash:Ok then,bye.

Indu:Don’t u have anything to ask or tell me?

Akash(smiling)(he understood her intention):Yes

Indu:ok.tell me.

Akash:If u consult psychiatrist anytime,pls inform me bcoz I think I can explain symptoms more appropriately than u as I experienced.pls don’t forget.

Indu:Akash,Actually I thought to befriend u,but now……


Indu:Oh shut.(realised wat she said)ok.Finally,I am accepting ur request of befrnding u.

Akash:But,give me sometime.Let me make some arrangements n take precautions first.

Indu:Arrangements n precautions for?

Akash:When we are entering into battlefield,we need to take some precautions.Right?

Indu:Akash…..(seeing seriously)

They both laughed at once.

Akash forwarded his hand for handshake as a symbol of starting frndshp.Indu accepted.

Guys,I know dis episode is very boring.I will try in coming episodes to make it more fun with Akash n Indu’s frndshp.Take care dears…

Precap:Indu at Akash’s home.

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  1. Atlast indhu ne smile tho kiya….

    1. Ya,from now her life bcoms beautiful coz of Akash’s frndshp….and love…

  2. Now both r friends it will be interesting. Nice episode ksv ,update next part soon.

    1. Ya..both r frnds now.Lets see hw their frndshp turns into love..

  3. Not at all boring it’s awesome ….. Really refreshing the way their cute convo went on to accepting them as FRNDS

    1. Thank u Devga…Lets see how Akash makes Indu life beautiful with his love..

  4. hi sindhu ur updates were awesome n inspiring n emitting full of positivity. U have a good point of view abt love life frndship family relations etc. n its reflecting in each n every words of ur updates. The interview of akash were really appreciable n i take it by heart, coz not even a single word is wrong in that. Ur point of view or akash’s n indu’s point of view in faking friendship were really superb. U have a good heart good thoughts good aim n superb writing skills, when all these combines it explodes into an amazing creation like this new story. I’m really thankful for sharing ur thoughts with us through this amazing story. I’m expecting more. Plz don’t stop writing. I’m gonna read this on daily basis. Now my university xams r going on, still i’m managing to read this just coz its an amazing work with full of inspiration n positivity n i’m addicted to it. Thanku once again. Wish u all success for ur aim

    1. Thank u dear Lachu..I too hav exams till late in updation of story.I am really very hpy to know that u liked my story.All the best for ur exams..Read it but aft ur exams pls..don’t waste time dear.story will b here even aft exams.but exams won’t for pls focus on ur exams.Good luck once again..

  5. ............... :)

    nicw epi ……………………. 🙂

    1. Thank u bro/sis..

  6. Its not boring at all di . its just very sweet

    1. Thank u my dear sis…Love u ?

  7. Very good episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u Roma dear..

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