Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 7)


Hi dear frnds Hayathi,Lakshmi,Devga,Roma,Anu,Aditi,Adijo,Seema n other silent readers.Thank u for ur support.Anu dear,I completed my graduation and am aspiring for Civil Services.

Precap:Akadu’s (Akash+Indu) separation.Thank u Adijo for suggesting name Akadu for Akash and Indu pair.Tell me do u like the name “Akadu” or “Inash”(suggested by a frnd) for the pair?

Here comes the episode 7:

Indu’s college:

Harini:Indu,pls stop crying.Its ok,leave it.


Harini:Indu,Let me ask u something.Y r u so angry on Akash? Y don’t u like to befriend him?He was inspired by u coz u saved his life.Whats your prblm?

Indu:Harini,How can I befriend him?I didn’t know anything abt him.He is so frndly from day 1.I am so scared abt his behaviour.I didn’t mean he is a flirt or bad person but,I didn’t like to create complications in my life.As my duty,I counselled him and saved him.I couselled many persons till now as a team member,but it doesn’t mean I will befriend all of them.I am unsure how frndshps turns into,in the long run.Having intention of love and starting with frndshp,I hate such ppl.Everyone initially starts with frndshp because no one can ask directly for love.I didn’t want any divertions.I just want to reach my goal.Nothing matters to me.Anyways leave it.I need some rest.I am going to home.Bye.

Harini (thinking):Akash is a gud person Indu.I wish he loves u.I really wanna see u both as couple.

Scene 2: Akash’s home:

Vini:Akash,come lets have dinner.

Akash:No maa,I am not hungry.U all pls carry on.

Vini:Wat happen to u?U look so weak n tired.R u ok?

Viraj:Akash,Don’t worry too much abt the dream.leave it beta.come,lets hav dinner.

Akash:No.Not abt dream.Today I fought with Indu.

Angel:Ha,its common wenever u both meet,obviously u both fight.

Akash:Its serious Angel.I thought to make her happy but I myself made her to cry.I can’t have dinner today.Please leave me,I need rest.(he left to his room).

Vini:What should we do now,He nvr changes.Whenever he hurts a person,he skips food.I don’t understand y can’t he control his anger before.

Scene 3:Next day.Indu’s College.

Harini:Indu,Read this (handovered a national magazine “Young Talent”)

Indu:Whats so spl in dis Harini.

Harini:Read the interview of Akash in the magazine.You will get ur doubts clarified.

Indu reading his interview:

Reporter: Mr.Akash,Congratulations on ur success.You reached the peak of success and shaked the world with ur music in very younger age.As u r an inspiration to young generations,people r interested on ur views.Shall I ask u few questions on behalf of ur fans.

Akash:Thank u.Yes,please proceed.

R: Mr.Akash,We heard that though u r a world famous rockstar,U r so simple n very kindhearted.How can u be so generous?

Akash:Nothing spl in me.Its all because of the way,my parents grown me up.My dad always reminds me to remember the starting point of journey of my life n what made me reach this stage.He says we should b rich in thoughts not in the way we live.Being simple n humble increases our circle.I would be nothing without my family,frnds n gurus.I hav nothing to be proud bcoz I succeeded just coz of their support.There are many ppl who succeed in their life without any support.What am I before them? My mom says if u hav money just to live peacefully n respectfully in society without depending on others,its enough.Spend the remaining for the ppl who are talented,but had no support n make them reach their goals.Their words are my way of living.

R:Awesome sir.As u said frnds are also a part of ur success,Can u pls share ur views on frndshp n esp frndshp between opposite genders.

Akash:To me,frndshp is all abt sharing hpyness n sorrows,helping to be better though accepting as they are.Frndshp between opposite genders in modern world is nothing wrong.But,faking frndshp and having intention of love,is very bad.If you love a person,tell it directly.When ur love is true,definitly u will win their heart.But don’t mask ur love with the beautiful n purest form of bonding called frndshp.

R:Do u mean frndshp turning into love is wrong?

Akash:No.My point is don’t start frndshp for love with the person u love.However,if u love ur frnd,I mean in the long run of ur frndshp,by understanding each other,its really great.Aft all,its said,a person who is ur best frnd will surely b a good life partner.My point is very simple,be pure and honest in ur thoughts,words n actions.Don’t act n fake.

R:Mr.Akash,I think ur words will help youngsters to frame their actions.As u got to the point love,can u pls say wat is love to u?

Akash:Love is a very sweet and special feeling.In my view,love is nothing but the promise u make to be together till the last breathe of life watever comes ur way and the trust on ur beloved which nvr fades away even the entire world stands against them.

R:What are the qualities necessary to make a relationship sustain forever?

A: 1. Understanding one another.Even their silence.Wen u understand a person truly,u will be a mirror to their feelings n thoughts.

2.Respecting the feelings n decisions of beloved.The one who loves truly can nvr disrespect n degrade them even in tough times or for fun.Show ur respect even in ur words,the way u speak to them.Show ur love in ur words.You can nvr talk recklessly to the one u love truly.

3. Support in hard times.

4.Trusting u even at times wen u lose trust on urself.

5.Inspiring n encouraging one another to be more better n successful in all aspects of life.

R:Whats ur opinion abt life?

A: Life is all about relationships.When u are gud at building relationships by sharing ur love n care unconditionally n expectations,life bcoms much easier n more happier.

R:Now lets change the topic to ur profession.Have u ever felt dat if u r born in another nation u would develop in ur career much faster? We heard rumours dat u r moving to US very soon.Is it for ur profession?
A:No.Because When u hav talent,u can succeed anywhere n India is a place where u can experience immense love n bonding from parents n frnds.It helps u ro be more n more successful.I didn’t have any idea of leaving my nation.This is my nation n I will be its citizen forever.If we feel our nation is not a gud place or not supportive,then do ur part to make better place n more supportive.If ur loved ones had few bad qualities,r u going to abandon them?U will surely try to change them,right? So if u love ur nation too,then change it n develop it,but don’t leave it.

R:Do u think change is possible in present society?

A:Yes,its possible.When u hav gud intention n are determined,u can bring the change u want to see in the society.As Mahatma Gandhi said,”Be the change u want to see in this world”.Then whole world joins u.

R:Ur views are really thought provoking.Thank u Mr.Akash.We are glad to hav ur interview.

Akash:Thank u.

Indu lost in Akash’s thought.

Harini:Indu,Wat do u think aft reading his views?Do u think he fakes frndshp for love?I don’t think he is of such kind.

Indu:Wait dear,I need time.

Precap:Indu calls Akash.Akash cuts the call.

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  1. Omg ksv, it’s superb, awesome, marvellous episode, I’m speechless…the way you described the true meaning of friendship and love is outstanding…me too lost in akash’s words a log with indu… I’m blessed to read such amazing story, im totally addicted to it, I’ve learned many good things and positive thoughts from you my dear friend ksv…thx a lotttttt for sharing these with us, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads, and yes, I like Inash name for this awesome couple. ..take care

    1. Thank u dear Roma..Next episode starting point of Inash..

  2. Nice interview dri an impress

    1. Thank u Hayathi dear

  3. Nice episode and ur thoughts r really amazing .

    1. Thank u Lakshmi dear..

  4. Superb one. Interview was just amazing. I mean u gave just superb def for all the feelings. I think this is the interview of k.s.v after getting selected for civil. I wish u success.

    1. Thank u Manha dear…

  5. Superb yaar

    1. Thank u dear Devi..

  6. ............... :)

    l love ur ff it’s cute and beautiful ,,,,,,,,,, indu’s character reminds me of my old friend

    1. Thank u

  7. I am just proud to read such wonderful thought provoking story ….. It’s not only a entertaining one but also very useful for life situations…..

    Omg really the way u explained wat is frndship and love …. Really my doubt is cleared on wat is love …

    Truth is I too have same thoughts on frndship but was very much searching on wat is love …. ? And u made me realise it…. Thank u is just small to explain my gratitude for u and ur story ….. U r really a grt person …. Hats off ..

    Wonderful job ….. Really thankful to u ..

    Live u and ur story …. Now I feel Inash as my knwn people , ur writing skills are as such tht everyone WIL feel ur characters as their own ones ….

    I would suggest INASH DEAR …. IT SOUNDS BETTER ….

    1. Hi Devga,I am overwhelmed with hpyness aft reading ur comments.Thank u so much yaar,ever grateful for ur frndshp..

  8. Wow Sindhu the way akash explained about love,frienship its really fantastic I loved the akash interview….

    1. Thank u sweety đŸ™‚

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