Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 6)


Hi dear Devga,Roma,Aditi,Lakshmi,Hayathi and Anu..Thank u for following my story.

Recap:Indu calls Akash n Akash dropped Indu at her home on his bike.

Episode 6:

Scene 1:

Park arranged with red and white roses in the form of heart. Akash on his knees with red rose in hand and Indu infront of him.

Akash:Indu,I don’t know how to express my feelings in words.But,I love ur anger,innocense,purity,kindness and helping nature.I love you.Will u marry me?

Akash at once got out of his sleep and shouted loudly.


Vini,Viraj and Angel heard him and gathered in his room.

Viraj:Akash,what happened?

Vini:R u ok?

Akash:Yes,I am ok.I got a dream or nightmare.don’t know exactly.

Vini:Take some water.Then tell me wats dat nightmare.

Akash:I got a nightmare proposing Indu.

Angel:Wow..dats amazing.Its not a nightmare my brother.Its a swt drm.

Akash:It should nvr happen.Bcoz I love only my childhood frnd.Till now I nvr felt like dis for any girl.I don’t know wats wrong with me.I just like her as a frnd but…

Viraj:Akash,don’t worry.Take rest.Its just a drm n not true.b cool.

They left.

Akash should nvr come true.I thought to make her smile but i don’t know.I should stay away from her till I am clear.

Scene 2:Indu’s college

Indu saw Akash at college.

Akash:wats dis.I thought to avoid her but.

Indu to Akash: Why did u come here?I told u na not to bother me anymore? Y r u disturbing me like dis?

Akash:(in irritation)Stop it Indu.What are you thinking about urselves? Do u think I am a flirt?I made it clear to u many times dat i hav no intention of flirting you.If a boy talks to a girl n asks for frndshp,it doesn’t mean he is flirt or a bad person.Come out of ur bullshit imaginations.However I didn’t come here to talk to u.You know wat.I am not disturbing u but I am always disturbed by ur anger.I think u nvr consider feelings of others.Till now,I am so good to u but u nvr realise it.I am tired of u.As u wish,really its the end.I nvr bother u again.Good Bye.

Indu in tears as everyone r staring at them as Akash shouting on her.Just then her Princi came over there.

Princi:Indu,I came here to introduce Mr.Akash to u.(seeing Indu in tears)what happen Indu?R u ok?

Indu:Ya mam.I am ok.As i slept late at night studying,suffering with eye irritation.

Princi:ok fine.Go home n take rest.Don’t stress urself too much.By the way,he is Mr.Akash,sponsor for 25 poor students in our college,about whom u asked many times.Mr.Akash,She is Indu,our college Vice President and topper of college.She was so inspired by ur helping nature.She is also a sponsor for Shantinivas orphanage n CRY foundation.She used to sponsor them through part time jobs n by winning prize money in competitions.

Akash:Hello,Glad to meet u

Indu:Hi,Thank u n nice to meet u.

Princi left.Akash seeing Indu seriously and Indu still in tears coz of his words.Akash left from there in frustration.

Scene freezes showing Indu and Akash separation.

Precap:Akash’s interview on national magazine.His views on family,frndshp,love,society n nation.

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  1. Nice epi waiting 4 nxt part post it soon by the way what r u doing in studies
    Plz give me answer in next part as i don’t open it again

    1. Hi anu..thank u.I am preparing for Civil Services dear.

  2. Nice episode. Oh that was a dream .

    1. Hi Lakshmi dear.Ha ha ha..Ya,its a dream which is very scary.

  3. Wow!!! Akash was superb in this episode.. After reading the precap, think Indu will be impressed and understands Akash true intention and become his friend.. By the way his dream was killing one!!! Nice story.. Waiting for your next update and also for the beginning of Akadu’s ( Akash+Indu ) friendship..

    1. Hi Adijo.Ya,any person can’t hav patience all the time n Akash didn’t visit Indu’s college for her.He is confused coz of his drm too.So obviously his reaction will b a bit opposite to his attitude till now.

      Actually Akash and Indu are similar to one another.Till now Akash admired Indu,we will see Indu admiring Akash in next episodes.But we have to see now how Akash reacts.

  4. Wow yaar u r killing me day after day by ur episodes ….. Really speaking I am not following ur story but truth is my heart strives to read it though I have eye pain for past two days ….
    And my mom strictly prohibited me frm gadgets …. But I somehow come to read ur story …..

    Just awesome yar … Love u ,…..

  5. Wow yaar u r killing me day after day by ur episodes ….. Really speaking I am not following ur story but truth is my heart strives to read it though I have eye pain for past two days ….
    And my mom strictly prohibited me frm gadgets …. But I somehow come to read ur story …..

    Just awesome yar … Love u ,…..

    And really thank u for the info abt master will …. Will surly chk

  6. I forgot to tell abt ur pic wat a creativity u have ,
    indu is inside Akash’s heart but the problem is she is still not able to understand it and Akash’s key of I love u WIL make her reach Akash’s heart ….

    She will soon come out from her lock ….

    Well done nice image nice idea ….. Good to have u as a frnd …. Ksv. ….

    1. Thank u dear Devga.Oh ur mom prohibited u from gadgets?do u hav exams dear? if yes,pls focus on ur studies bcoz I don’t want my frnd to divert just coz of my story.U can read all episodes at once aft exams or I will stop updating till u complete ur exams.

      Dear,do u visit doctor for eye pain.Don’t hurt urself.Take complete rest till u recover.Seeing screen of gadgets may hurt ur eyes more,so pls stay away for few days.pls tc.Love u too.

      Your imagination of the pic is simply superb.Image had a meaning.He frees her from all sorrows,restrictions n everything by using the key I Love You.You will see it aft few more episodes.

  7. its a nice story n love todays akash’s proposing style

    1. Thank u Seema dear.Its just a dream but wen its true,u will like his proposing style even more coz of his words n style.

    2. Seema,r u my sis Seema,actually i hav a sis with the name Seema..wanna know r u both one n the same or diff?

  8. Awesome yaar but I am sad DAT akash hurt indu I am in love with or ff

    1. Thank u dear Aditi.

    2. Don’t worry Aditi coz Akash was in bad mood coz of dream n want to avoid her.So,he behaved like dat.If Indu is always serious n Akash bares all the time,it will b a bit unrealistic.However he didn’t do anything intentionally.Lets see wat Indu will do now.Coz in love it is necessary to
      adjust for one wen another is serious.Till now Akash adjusted,now its Indu’s turn.

  9. Ohhhh helping poor students nice dr

    1. Thank u dear Hayathi…

    1. Omg..How sweet u r..Thank u so much honey..Luv u dear 🙂

  10. Wowwww, awesome episode, so it was a dream, but I wish it comes true and indu is actually his childhood friend…looks like he does have some connection with her in past, which his heart reconized it but his brain is not aware of it…ahhhhh the frustrating words from akash were heart touching, but it’s true he always behaved nice with her but she took it wrong…I hope this get sort out soon…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u Roma dear..Actually Akash was frustrated by his dream n not coz of Indu bcoz he likes her a lot.Lets wait now what Indu will do to convince him or again Akash convinces her.

      1. Thx ksv dearrr, it was cute when he woke up from dream n yelled noooooo…sooo funnny…loving it as they both helping humanity…thx ksv as you’re sooo humble and caring as you replying each of us individually…thx honeyyy…keep it up. you loads

  11. Both indu and akash has good habit of helping they both deserve to be friends each other

    1. Hi Sree..Ya they both hav many similarities.Will b revealed soon.Lets hope their frndshp blossoms soon.

  12. Sonika Rani Sharma

    That’s just awesome.. All I can say..

    1. Thank u Rani sis..

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