Love makes Life Beautiful (New Story) (Episode 5)


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As I mentioned earlier Willpower Now and Master Will episode is true.The team told me that new batch is going to start soon before new year.If anyone of u like to join,can apply by msging on Facebook page “Willpower Now”.Master Will choose team members based on answers to their questionnaire.if u go through that page u will understand abt them n their work.People who need guidance for their career,family n life problems can approach them n ur info will be kept secret n assured best guidance.

Lets go on with our story.

Recap:Indu saved Akash from suicide and Akash asking her for frndshp.

Episode 5:

Scene 1:

Indu’s home.

Indu thinking about Akash and his behaviour.

Jyo: Indu,r u ok?

Indu:Yes maa..but not exactly

Jyo:My dear,wat happened dear,Y r u not ok?

Indu:Maa,I hav something to tell u.

Jyo:Tell me dear

Indu said the whole story about Akash and his family.

Indu:I don’t like him n his behaviour.He is a bit too much.

Jyo:Indu,I don’t think so.I think he is a good person.Being a rock star,even after dat he remembered Master Will n U for helpig him.He is a humble,polite n down to earth person.He is not hiding anything from his parents and is so frndly with them.It shows that his character is also good.I am not advising u to befriend him,but I nvr want my daughter to comment abt a person wrongly.(Roma,I have used ur words here,thank u for ur valuable comments).Anyways leave it n come,hav ur dinner.

Indu:Maa,u r simply superb.I love you.U r always my guide.

Jyo:Love u too baby.

Scene 2:
Next day at Indu’s college:

Indu told everything to her friend Harini.

Harini:Wow,Akash is a rock lucky u are Indu.

Indu:Stop it yaar.I am happy dat he achieved his goal,but it doesn’t mean I like him to be a friend.

Suddenly there was a Hartal coz of the murder of a Politician.Indu and Harini went to bus stop and came to know,buses are not coming to that area.

Harini:Indu,now wat will u do?How can u go to ur home?

Indu:Thinking will u go?

Harini:I will call ur jiju (Harini’s hobby)to pick me.If u didn’t have objection he will drop u too.

Indu:No dear.My home is far away from your’s.And as there is hartal,u have to reach ur home asap.

Harini:But i can’t leave u alone one thing,use this chance to get rid of Akash.As he told if u take his help,he won’t bother u,call him and ask for help.

Indu:No way.I can’t.

Harini:This is the only way to cut his desire of befrnding u.Otherwise he may contact u again.Think once Indu.(thinking:Indu,Akash is the best n I want u to be his frnd).

Indu:may b u r right.ok done.

Indu calls Akash.

Akash:Hello,Akash speaking.May I know who’s dis?

Indu:I am In…Indu

Akash:Indu??? seeing the num once again n then…Wow,what a pleasant surprise.Actually,I am waiting for ur call.So r u accepting me as ur friend?

Indu:No.As u told u will not bother me if i accept ur help,Now i need ur help.

Akash:Oh,really.I don’t remember those words of mine,but its ok,tell me how can I help u?

Indu:If u don’t remember ur words then I don’t need ur help.Bye

Akash:Just a minute,ya ya,I remember my words.Tell me wat can i do for u?

Indu:There is a hartal near my college n had no transportation facility today.So,can u pls…………..

Akash:Sure Indu.Message me ur college address,I will pick u.

Indu:Thank u

Scene 3:

Akash came to pick Indu.Indu on his bike.

Indu:Drive slowly.U are on high speed.

Akash:Why?Do u wanna spend more time with me?

Indu:Shut up.

After 5 mins,
Indu: Why are you using brake many times.Don’t act smart.

Akash:Indu,how u ever consulted psychologist? I think u need medication.

Indu:What? Do u think I am mad?

Akash: Not at all.I mean I don’t think.Because I am sure.


Akash:Yes,tell me.

Indu:Nothing.Drive slowly and that too without using brakes.

Akash:R u sure?


A divider came n he didn’t use brake.Indu almost hugged him.She became angry and continuously advising him on driving.Akash stopped bike aside and asked her to get down.

Akash(giving keys to Indu): Ufff..I am tired.Can u pls drive?Its better to drive than advising me.

Indu:I can’t drive.

Akash:So pls stop advising continuously.

Indu seeing him seriously.

Akash:I need something to eat or drink immediately.Otherwise I may collapse coz of u.Come,lets go to that restaurant

Indu:No,I am not hungry.I will wait here.U go n enjoy.

Akash:Y u will b hungry,already u had ur lunch by eating my brain.(in low voice)


Akash:Nothing.R u sure u want to stay here on the road.I am not responsible if something happens to u wen i leave.I am leaving.

Indu:wait,I will come.

Akash:please welcome.(smiling)

Indu and Akash in restaurant.His friend came over there.

Deep( akash’s frnd): Hey akash..hw r u?after a long time.(showing Indu) Is she ur wife?

Akash:no no,she is my friend.

Indu:no,I am not his frnd.

Deep looking at Akash suspiciously.

Akash to Indu:Then,r u my wife?

Indu:You…..(controlling her anger as his frnd is over there)

They 3 had lunch together and moved to reach Indu’s home.Akash dropped her at home.She is about to go and felt as if her dupatta was caught by someone.Indu thinking its Akash.

Indu:Wats dis?

Akash showed her dat duppatta caught in the wheels of bike through his eyes.He helped her to get free.

indu:Now its over.u helped me n repaid ur its the end.U promised dat right?

Akash:But generally I keep promises only wen I make promises to my friends.


Akash smiles at her,seeing her shocking face.

Scene freeze showing Indu’s shocking face and Akash smiling.

Precap:Akash proposing Indu.

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  1. Haahahaha very nice cute akash nd indu
    Love their cute nok jhok plzzzz post nxt part fast
    U r awesome dear

    1. Thank u Anu dear..I am happy that u liked it.

  2. It WS supeb yaar I luv ur off a lot keep going and plzz update one more chapter plzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Hi dear aditi..Thank u..Ya,sure.I will update it asap..

  3. Hey really nice episode .Indu instructing akash about driving cute and akash giving keys to indu to drive is really funny n about promise akash is very naughty .In Precap akash proposing indu ,he said he loves only his childhood friend …what about that , indu is his childhood friend or not..eagerly waiting for next update…
    About willpower now I will visit that page and think about it.

    1. Thank u Lakshmi dear.Suspense will b revealed in next episode.Lets see wat happens next..

  4. Pruposing that to indu it will go waste na

    1. Hi dear Hayathi.Actually its not waste bcoz this story is all about Akash’s love changing Indu.

  5. I loved the conversation between them.. But, not understanding why Indu isn’t interested in his friendship?? The gal who stopped one from attempting suicide, how can she ignore that person.. Think I’ll get all my confusions clear in the upcoming episode .. As you have updated next part, will read that and comment again.. Thanq for your updating 🙂 And Haan, I wish Indu to be Akash’s childhood friend.. All the best 🙂

    1. Hi Adijo.Thank u for ur feedback.I like ur questions.I will clear ur doubts in episode 7.

    2. K S V!!! Thanq for the piece of information given regarding “Master Will”… I’ll check it for sure.. 🙂

      1. You are welcome Adijo.Go through the page n u will understand more abt it.

  6. Awesome, lovely, marvellous episode, wowwww K S V it’s superb, I loved it very very muchhhh…SORRY for commenting late my dearrr, now I read this update and I’m on cloud 9…thx for using my words in your story…it feels really awesome…also thx honeyyy for info about Willpower Now fb page…coming to today’s episode…it’s really superb, indu n akash’s cute nok jhok was awesome…loved the last line, “I keep promises only when I make promises to my friends” What a dialogue, loved it…very smart guy…precap is very interesting…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank u Roma dear..I am waiting for ur comment..Next episode is already out dear..

  7. Really very excited what will be the next part post soon Sindhu by reading the story getting smile on my face with indu’s innocent behaviour you may believe it or not just enjoying the story its really awesome loved it

    1. Hey darling..Thank u so much..But I hav a lil doubt that as u r my frnd,r u saying these words wantedly to encourage me or are they true?episode 6 is already out

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